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Fascist Fraud Exposed: Syrian Democratic Forces Are NATO Wetworkers

Syria President Bashar Assad among his people - SAA - Damascus SDF iran

There is no such thing as the Syrian Democratic Forces, despite the Freudian moisture oozing from the NATO-run MSM.  The gang of terrorists given this name is a fascist collection of international mercenary savages. 

Though a few in this US created mercenary militia are actually Syrian, this sub-sect is a gaggle of traitors to the country of their birth, or shameless scum ungrateful refugees absorbed by the SAR, while fleeing genocide in other countries — such as Ottoman cum NATO Turkey.  The colonialist leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces is a gaggle of highly paid international wetworkers. 

Among this terrorist leadership are fascists from the USA — wretched soldiers who have breached International Law, attempting to carve out a niche in a foreign country that has done them no harm.

Faux independent media neurotically – or financially – also oozes pus in adoration of this gang, hired to further balkanize the Syrian Arab Republic.  Neo-lib sophists bleat over the puppet Ziokurds, demanding their fake freedom to help destroy a sovereign nation.

A simple look at the bogus leadership of the Ziokurds in Erbilistan, Iraq, is all that is warranted to see the colonialist truth:  Every country of the world that has a standing military has been ‘training’ these morons for an independence that might be compared to the freedom a goldfish has in a small bowl.

In addition to the massive international military presence – paid for by the theft of Iraqi oil funds – several private military contractors are also militarizing the region.  Will the failure of this training – since the Bush/Cheneyac regime obliterated Iraq beginning in 2003 – continue as long as Iraq has oil?

If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about  in helpless confusion.  Hence there must  be no arbitrariness in what is said.  This matters above everything. — Confucius

The obsession with the word “democracy” has become a geopolitical paraphilia, a grotesque, sexual fetish.  That this is not yet obvious to the peons of the world, suggests that the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird – along with similar operations by French and British intelligence scam artists – has been a demonic success.  In geopolitics, the keyword “democracy” equals genocide; it is the slimy cover story for creating US/UK/French fiefdoms where sovereign countries once existed.

The Syrian Arab Republic remains to stand, despite the most heinous and murderous international conspiracy against it, in the history of humanity.

As Mockingbird works, first came the demonization, with the same, boring, recycled lies, lies that the zombified masses ingest, and then beg, “Sir, may I have another?”  It matters not to them how often the incubator scams are pimped (against Syria came the nonsense of the Saydnaya jail.  Syria is the paradoxical utopia in which there are no criminals, just jails filled with fake political prisoners always being tortured).  Chemical — and bio — weapons used by US et al. funded and armed terrorists against the Syrian people were ignored.  Terrorists in al Ghouta blabbed they received CWs from ‘Prince Bandar,’  who neglected to teach them how to use them against Syrian soldiers defending their country within its legal borders.

Truth does not intervene into the western colonialist mindset; the Mockingbirds supported Obama’s threat to obliterate the SAR based on CWs provided by Saudscum (the genocidal lies of Blair, Bush/Cheneyac and Halliburton, used to destroy Iraq, were long forgotten).  When the SAR joined the OPCW, this monstrous project was thwarted — temporarily, of course — and there was much belly-bumping and high-fiving among the western countries that have led the world in genocide.

US joined OPCW in ’97. In ’13, it still had not turned in 3,100 tons, yet no world power has threatened to obliterate America.


As with Iraq and Libya, the agreements that Syria made with the genocidal bullies running the show have the worth of soiled toilet paper.  One year after the SAR joined the OPCW, the new excuse to breach International Law by bombing this small country, was pimped out, courtesy of the deep state msm.  Various illegals in the SAR, intelligence operatives working with the FSA branch of the al Qaeda created by the US to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, received center stage by becoming the orangette group of fake martyrs (these US and UK terrorists were killed off camera.  The drama of the faux beheadings was needed to inflame western emotions to support war crimes against Syria).

American terrorist James Foley was illegally in Syria. His pre-orangette journalism consisted of retweets from the State Dept.
American terrorist cum orangette in Syria, Peter Kassig.
American terrorist cum orangette in Syria, Steven Sotloff discussed getting kidnapped by al Nusra with American terrorist VanDyke.
American terrorist in Syria, ‘disabled’ Eric Harroun slaughtered Syrians with FSA and Nusra before returning home to overdose on heroin.
Screengrab from YouTube censored video: Terrorist Harroun was in the vehicle involved in shooting down SAA helicopter. French Mandate FSA flag stamped on windshield.

The deaths of US  and UK terrorists in Syria was the geopolitical perverse excuse used to bomb Syria, despite the SAR joining the OPCW. Along with their Levantine and Gulfie underlings, the trio of the world’s leading genocidalists created a killer coalition of 66 criminal countries bombing, as fake revenge for the deaths of the western illegal terrorists in Syria, by the ISIS faction of al Qaeda – also created by the US, when it released al Baghdadi from an Iraqi jail, gave him millions, and sent him into the British satrap Jordan, where US marines recruited and trained ISIS recruits.

Two years after Syria joined the OPCW to prevent being annihilated, the re-rounding of wretched, criminal lies of secret CWs re-rounded.  Not the deep state msm, nor the neolib perverts, nor the right wing, nor the faux independent Vichy urinals uttered a word of complaint that the OPCW lied (and admitted lying), that the al Nusra faction of the US created al Qaeda was the source of the newly recycled lies against the SAR.

The Nuremberg Statutes involving “Crimes against Peace” can be used to indict, convict, and hang deep state msm operatives.


As Mockingbirdbrains are notorious for their very short memory spans, we remind our readers of the whoredom of the fraud-neutral msm.  The propaganda against Iraq was beyond depraved; Matt Lauer grew a public lump in his pants the day his show held a smarmy fashion show of members of the US military working for Halliburton, to crush the sovereignty of Iraq.  In this world of sadistic geopolitical irony, Lauer was never condemned for his role in crimes against peace; instead, he recently lost his job and his reputation for ‘sexual misconduct.’

That no condemnation of such a disgrace came from other fraud-neutral msm was the signal for acceleration of war crimes.  There was a moment of respite, a collective sigh of relief when Barack Obama was sworn in; who could have imagined that Obama could continue and speed up the horrors of Bush/Cheneyac?

Where was the prophet to warn us that the liberal activists on the streets against war crimes in Iraq would fall into a Rip Van Winkle type coma during eight years of Obama’s record breaking bombings of other countries?  How were the liberal activists blinded to the Obama-Clinton-McCain support of al Qaeda against Libya, the kidnapping and brutal rape and murder of Gaddafi, and al Qaeda’s slaughter of black African migrant workers labeled “Gaddafi loyalists”?  Who could have imagined that they would be suddenly awakened, and transformed into small fascists pouring into the streets of the US to demonstrate against the 2016 election?

Fake neutral NBC brayed the Susan Rice ‘Viagra’ lies; why has it self-censored its propaganda?

These are thoughts to be considered, as we return to the savage topic of this analysis.


Operation Mockingbird soared to new levels of depraved and corrupt orwellianism, as Syria continued to protect itself from the 350,000 foreign invaders deployed by NATO and its Gulfie and Levantine underlings.  As Hollywood ‘drama’ churned out television and big screen entertainment supporting police state-ism and foreign invasions, deep state msm goose-stepped, issuing anti-Syria propaganda, and attempting to legitimize war crimes.

As noted above, after the tactic of the SAR joining OPCW to prevent its Libya-like obliteration, Obama waited one year before launching the satanic “coalition” of war criminals to bomb the Syrian Arab Republic, under the guise of retaliation of the orangette deaths of American and British terrorists illegally in Syria.

Alas, there could only be a finite number of ‘beheadings’ of UK/US terrorists before the audience gets bored, and before wetworkers go on strike, not wanting to also lose their heads.  And so, one year later, the foreign wetworkers were assigned a new name, for a fake indigenous gang:  The Syrian Democratic Forces.

This is an early photo of the moron-terrorists too stupid to realize they were peons of the US-created Syrian Democratic Forces.  Petty greed and childish jealousy over US preference to the Ziokurd faction, resulted in a bit of fratricide among them.

Lowly US wetworkers.
Greed plus stupidity = forgetting first rule of empire is “divide and conquer”?
Teacher’s pet Ziokurds given looting privileges in Afrin, Syria.

In October 2015, under the leadership of Obama, foreign terrorists illegally in Syria were given the English orwellian name of the Syrian Democratic Forces, instead of Hezen Suriya Demokratik — its accurate name whose language is Azeri-Turkish.

Flag of the US created foreign wetworks gang.  Giving it an English name is fraud enhancement, despite its new “inclusivity” of petty traitor-whores.

Azeri is the official language of Azerbaijan, a country of the South Caucasus.  Population only 9.4 million, it plays a disastrous role in extended geopolitics, making it no surprise that its tentacles also reach into the Syrian Arab Republic.

Azerbaijan map.

In 2012, it signed a $1.6 billion weapons deal with Israel.  It is the 3rd largest gas supplier to Erdoganstan.  Russia has sold it $4 billion in weapons.  Its Silk Way Airlines has been exposed for transporting weapons with diplomatic clearance, to Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Congo.

“Under an estimated $4 billion worth of deals over recent years, Azerbaijan bought tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and artillery systems from Moscow.”
Azerbaijan arms terrorists.

I just got fired for telling the truth about weapons supplies for terrorists in Syria on diplomatic flights. — 24 August tweet from Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.  Non-NATO Azerbaijan demanded NATO Bulgaria shut her up.  Bulgaria also sends weapons to terrorists in Syria

US weapons gifts entered via Erdoganstan

In March of this year, the ultra-posh, deep deep state medium, The New Yorker ran a lengthy  faux investigative piece on Azerbaijan.  Long on word count, short on any bit of evidence, it spun a tale of reputed corruption that included government officials, “oligarchs tied to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard” (uncorroborated, surprise!), and both Donald and Ivanka Trump (Ivanka also had her 15 minutes of deification, when msm credited her for convincing her dad to join ISIS in slaughtering Syrian soldiers, defending their country within its recognized borders).

Increasingly blatant impunity of deep state msm noted in use of possibilities. “Appears” in sub-headline is cause to see fraud in such ‘investigation.’

The New Yorker propaganda is filled with subtle threats that Ivanka is at risk for criminal charges.  Though Trump’s base might consider this a ‘eureka!’ moment, in its potentially being a ‘sword of Damocles,’ it is more likely that Trump simply drained the swamp into his circulatory system, and that the Trump-ish looking man who offered entente to the world, was someone from The Twilight Zone.

Untangling the morass of Azerbaijan geopolitics helps solve the mystery of Azeri Hezen Suriya Demokratik being translated into Newspeak Syrian Democratic Forces.

In facile fashion, deep state msm promoted the lying claim was that this hodge-podge of skilled wetworkers, psychotic foreigners, traitors, and separatists was led by the “Kurdish” minority in Syria (yearning to breathe free — because the tyranny of subsidized food, free education, and nearly free health care was simply unbearable) — and that the US was simply helping.  No mention of the various breaches of international law has ever been offered.

The goal of the US invading force backed by Kurdish ethnic separatists from Iraq and Turkey that are mostly composed of Peshmerger militiamen and PKK terrorists, is to secure both Raqqa and the surrounding platforms to their use as a permanent foothold to divide Syria across the Euphrates…

DW brags about Germany funding of terror in Syria:  “Peshmerga fighters in northern Syria received German guns last year.”

The Syrian Democratic Forces thug gang is the property of the US, and deep state msm have pimped them out like sadistic johns.  They were fraudulently cheered for kafkaesquely liberating the Tabqa Dam from ISIS.  Deep state tossed the truth of al Tabqa into the orwellian memory shredder; it was in February 2013 that the US armed and led FSA invaded Syria’s largest dam.  NATO operatives have been holding this key water facility hostage since that time.

NATO wetworkers have occupied Syria’s largest dam since Feb. 2013, giving ‘credit’ to FSA terrorists.

There is no ‘liberation’ by thieves, of that which has been stolen; this is a fact of life in all things.


This tweet is from yet another American terrorist and illegal in Syria.  The Twitter account name is fakery; not only is there no US Embassy in Syria, the US shut down the Syrian Embassy in DC in 2014.

American terrorist Bryan Dillon is still in Syria. Imagine the US being illegally entered and occupied by a foreign military force. Would msm normalize such a criminal aggression?
Terrorist/illegal Dillon runs “Inherent Resolve,” whose website proudly markets perpetual war: “..and the wider international community.”

Imagine a foreign military anywhere in the USA, training other terrorists to destroy America.

American terrorists in Syria training its fake Syrian Democratic Forces.
American terrorists audaciously complain of Syria defending Syria within its legal borders. H.E. al Ja’afari described this aggression as “state terrorism” against his country.

In May, terrorists videoed themselves thanking the US for military equipment they planned to use to slaughter Syrian soldiers, in Deir Ezzor.  On 18 October, Syria’s legendary military leader, Issam Zahreddine was martyred by one of these terrorist gifts from the US.

Takfiri savage carried manpad and extra missile, thanks to US.

Here we have non-Syrian, British terrorist Joshua Malloy.  He was detained for a few nanoseconds in Iraq, after illegal entry into that country.  Mockingbird deep state msm cheered his release, and considered throwing him a parade for having engaged in terrorist acts against the SAR, with other US-hired wetworkers.

Brit operative ‘joined’ the US wetworkers called Syrian Democratic Forces.

UK msm got out the violins to report on the British short-order cook cum terrorist illegal in Syria, with the bathetic story that he committed suicide to avoid being kidnapped by ISIS.

No mention of him being armed in a foreign country.

This Swedish terrorist in Syria is Jesper Soder.  Being Swedish means he is not Syrian.  As a non-Syrian Swede terrorist, he bragged about being made a spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces.  Note the balkanized map of Syria in front of which the Swedish wetworker stands.

Among the foreign mercenaries of the HSD is its new spokesman, Swede Jesper Soder.

This is British terrorist, Oliver Hall, 24.  According to The Geryon’s  bathetic backstory from 30 November, he died trying to ‘rescue’ a boy who had wandered into a ‘booby-trapped’ building, somewhere in al Raqqa.  No mention of what happened to the child was given.  Geryon may have taken a new step in orwellian language:  Instead of calling him a “fighter” — western terrorists illegally in Syria are never called “terrorists,”  but “fighters” — he was given the softer image of “volunteer.”

British terrorist-illegal Oliver Hall.

Volunteer-terrorist Hall will be sorely missed by British volunteer-terrorist Kevin Benton, and German volunteer-terrorist Jan Lukav, both of whom described him as loved by all, a really sociable dude.

Genocidal UK brags of spending tax money on creating its terrorist police force in Syria.  On 27 January, Trump cheered Erdogan’s similar invasion & occupation of Jarabulus, with foreign ‘police.’
Will the next EU policy paper on their terrorists returning home be further euphemized to “Foreign Volunteers”?

Though The Geryon was quick to note that volunteer-terrorist Hall had no military training, it neglected to mention how many Syrians Hall may have murdered, and what part he took in the destruction of Syrian infrastructure in al Raqqa.

For the Mockingbirdbrains cheering the colonialist attempt to carve up the SAR.


Despite his aberrant acceptance speech of statesmanship, on election night, Donald J. Trump has broken the White House record for from inauguration to [always unindicted] war criminal.  On 27 January he cheered the Erdogstan invasion and occupation of Jarabulus. Thirteen days after taking office, he criminally bombed two bridges in al Raqqa (Obama had obliterated Syrian bridges in September 2016, soon after slaughtering 83 Syrian soldiers — via accidental bombings to protect the  US ISIS assets).   In early February, Trump dispatched Pompeo to present an award named after an American traitor, to a member of the Wahhabi Saudi family – occupying Arabia, courtesy of the British empire – the savages who dumped an entire jail of  death row inmates into Syria (full letter, here.).

Terrorist Saudis dump death row inmates into Syria

Scant weeks later, terrorist supporter McCain was dispatched to pay homage to the tyrant Saudis occupying Arabia — followed by the full monty, in May, when the once proud Donald Trump humiliated his nation by bowing in the fashion of a well trained monkey, before his Master king Salman.

From the ever prescient Goya, “tu que puedes.”

On 7 April, Trump solidified his allegiance to ISIS when he slaughtered Syrian soldiers (and some negligible bits of Syrian “collateral damage”) because the al Qaeda Nusra faction created the GB hoax in Khan Sheikhoun (the GB scam was originally born in Jerusalem, April 2013.).  For this war crime, Trump received immediate, and international deification from NATO msm and NATO’s Gulfie underlings.

UK medium called him “savior” for his war crime.
Jeddah-based paper owned by Saudi tyrants who hold weekly public beheadings.

The loudest version of Gloria in Excelsis Deo came from “fake news, CNN.”

Transcript of Amanwour’s “Finally, action against Syria’s [un] chemical weapons…” does not capture her unbridled joy at Trump’s war crimes.
This consumptive was so tickled pink he looked as though he’d had a blood transfusion when cheering his support of Trump’s war crimes.

Pathetic, shameless, childishly hypocritical, and ongoing, is the refusal of both teams in the Trump divide to acknowledge that Trump followed ‘fake news! CNN’ to bomb the Syrian Arab Army.


Historically, women’s bodies have been used in sales marketing since the creation of the paintbrush.  Nowhere have these bodies been pimped more than to promote the destruction of the Syrian Arab Republic.  Prior to the American terrorist creation of the fraud Syrian Democratic Forces, photographs of women in the Syrian Arab Army were stolen.  The true SAA emblems were erased, replaced with the YPG terrorist flag (“YPG” is the illegally armed wing of the separatist ZioKurds).  Such photos were used to promote support for the destruction of the SAR, erasing war crimes and replacing them with the mythology of beautiful women acting as courageous ‘freedom fighters.’

The filthy gas station Gulfie toilet, Qatar, has more recently pimped out a new whoredom of women.  Pronounced “gutter,” this toilet bragged — in 2013 — of spending more than 3 billion USD toward the final solution against Syria.

Qatari terrorists and illegals were responsible for the slaughter of Syrian men in Latakia countryside, and the kidnapping of the women and children of these villages.  They were held captive for more than 3-1/2 years (Gutter’s al Khanzeera, beloved by the neolib Mockingbirdbrains helped in the murders and kidnappings).  Fifty-eight of them were liberated in February, when the government traded these hostages for terrorists. On 15 April, Qatari savages, in alliance with other foreign takfiri, massacred upwards of 130 Syrians in al Rashidin.  These people – again, mostly women and children – had been held hostage for upwards of 4 years, and were to be exchanged for terrorists.

Given the murderous and rape history against Syrian women of this infected toilet – 2/3s of which are US military bases – it is particularly odious that it was Qatar’s al Khanzeera that pimped out Iraqi women in marketing foreigners butchering Syrians, a smarmy script picked up by NATO msm.

Ambassador al Ja’afari’s reports on the rape of Syrian women by foreign terrorists have been ignored by the UN.

The backstory was the Sinjar Massacre of 2014, during which ISIS/DAESH slaughtered the men of the region, and kidnapped the women, to be abused as sex slaves.

Sinjar is in Iraq, not Syria.

As scripts require the suspension of disbelief in their audience, no one questioned why ISIS in Iraq would transport their kidnapped victims into Syria, to further abuse them.

Suspension of disbelief also extended to these women – who were unable to escape their tormentors in their home country, Iraq – magically escaping captivity in Syria, and forming militias aligned with the American-run terrorists Syrian Defense Forces.

Yazidi-Iraqi women became US wetworkers, then pimped as freedom-fighters.

This is Syrian Arab Army First Lt. Imama Yousef.  She was martyred in a terrorist car bombing in Homs.  She never invited Yazidi-Iraqi women to join the US in destroying her country.

SAA soldier Imam Yousef’s martyrdom ignored by NATO media.
Who wept for these Syrian women, massacred in al Zahra, whose corpses were then abused?

Six of Syrian mom Souri Habib Ali were martyred defending their country from foreign invaders.  She did not invite the Yazidi-Iraqi women to join the US in destroying her country.

The face of dignified grief. Syrian mom, Souri Habib Ali holds the names of her 6 children killed while defending their country from NATO-backed terrorists.

Upon the liberation of Aleppo, this Syrian woman reported on her own torture, and the torture of others, under the FSA rebels.  Ignored by NATO msm, she also did not ask Yazidi-Iraqi women to help destroy her country.

Deep state msm ignored this Hayat’s report on torture under FSA.

Western deep state msm that had self-enucleated during the 2013 slaughter and kidnapping of Syrians in Latakia countryside, these Vichy scum that made a “hmmm” statement over the massacre of mostly women and children in al Rashidin, did not ask why the Yazidi-Iraqi women chose to remain in Syria, deployed by the US, instead of returning home to fight the terrorists who had brutalized them.

It is irrelevant how they got into Syria; what they have done there are war crimes.

Colonialism at its most malignant: Propaganda to appeal to mockingbirdbrain audiences.


CNN cheers destruction as far as the eye can see. This is al Raqqa, courtesy of the US-led war criminal coalition. “Obliteration” is not a synonym for “liberation.”

In this photo, CNN’s double plus good Newspeak adds a touch of sadism:

US Humvees driving in circles by US foreign merc militia whose Newspeak name is Syrian Democratic Forces.

Surprisingly, CNN’s cheering of the obliteration of al Raqqa did not include unbridled joy over the Trump regime coalition having bombed this city with white phosphorus (for geopolitical excuses, this chemical weapon is not on the official list of chemical weapons).

Forces loyal to ISIS recruit Trump also bombing civilians with P4

From the early days of the foreign-imposed Syrian crisis, when Anderson Cooper was crushing on terrorist ‘activist Danny’ (born in the UK), CNN has been consistent in proving itself to be the terrorists’ most trusted name in news.

In August 2011, Cooper interviewed Syria’s diplomat, H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari.  Dr. Ja’afari explained that Syria was fighting foreign terrorists who had invaded his country.  Cooper retorted, that’s not true! and has never apologized, even while CNN’s subsequent reporting has proven the ambassador’s words as completely accurate.

CNN appears to have censored its own video report, though its written one is still available.  Note, also, terrorist al Qaeda named “militants.”

Terrorist-lover Clarissa Ward of Death (who bragged about illegally entering Syria on more than one dozen occasions) received orwellian journalism awards for interviewing the foreign takfiri in Syria, terrorists that Cooper claimed did not exist, in his rude interview of H.E. al Ja’afari in August 2011.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward, right, has illegally entered the SAR multiple times, embedding herself with takfiri

CNN’s anti-Syria criminal propaganda is too extensive to include in this report.  Among its most smarmy:  Kate Bolduan squeezed out  fake tears as part of the Omran emotional war porn propaganda (she was mute over Eva Bartlett’s interview with his father);  Hala Gorani interviewed American terrorist Bilal Abdul Kareem as the ‘last western journalist in Aleppo;’ idiot Jake Tapper twit-ted that his audience should follow the fraudulent Bana account, ignoring the fact that her dad was a terrorist.

CNN now cheers the genocide of Syrians in al Raqqa, by the US-created geopolitical wetworkers of the orwellian Syrian Democratic Forces.  Back in 2015, in a pretense of objective reporting, Andrea Mitchell interviewed Dr. al Ja’afari on al Raqqa.  He emphasized the fact that this city of 800,000 Syrians was being held hostage by 3,000 foreign and foreign-backed terrorists.  For this reason — for the lives of the 800,000 Syrians — he told Mitchell that the Syrian Arab Army and its air force was taking great care to protect the civilian population against the savages.  Mitchell could barely contain her snickering.


Though likely begun as a tactical bargaining chip to be used to charm terrorist Erdogan from NATO into a Russian sphere of influence, Moscow’s pimping of the armed, separatist, Ziokurds gave them a strategic make-over for US war propaganda (as noted above, there is a finite number of wetworkers who can be sacrificed as orangettesbefore the employment pool dries up).

On 5 February 2016, Russian media announced the opening of a consulate-y office for Ziokurds the Kremlin called “Syrian.”

TASS announcement of impending opening.
Ziokurd media — generally limited to cheering reports of slaughter of Syrian & Iranian soldiers — went into a swoon.

March was a rather busy month for Russian media support of Ziokurds.  On the 10th, FM Lavrov confirmed the importance of the Ziokurds in “intra-Syria talks.”  This TASS report included an interview with a Randa Kassis.

TASS report seems to have disappeared into the orwellian memory hole.

Kassis, reputedly born in Damascus, spent most of her life living in other countries — a strict requirement for the leadership of the US/EU/Gulfie funded, anti-Syria SNC, of which she was a member at the time of this interview.

Israel immediately amenable to a Ziokurdistan in Syria.

Throughout March, Sputnik ran a series of psyop demoralization attempts — via website and tweets — promoting a Ziokurdistan in Syria, an imminent balkanization of the Syrian Arab Republic.  It shed multiple crocodile tears that Syrians have no say in this.

Sputnik propaganda supporting balkanization.
Attempt to demoralize Syrians via support of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The Obama regime kept missing its cues, obtuse to the makeover the Kremlin was giving its US foreign mercenary terrorist militia in Syria.

On 20 April 2016, the terrorist YPG slaughtered 8 Syrian soldiers, kidnapped one dozen Syrian soldiers, and occupied a government building, in Qamishlu, Syria.  On 22 April, the US State Department was still not using Syrian Democratic Forces, as  press liaison, Elizabeth Trudeau instead cheered “the Kurds [as having] some of the most effective fighters on the ground against ISIL.”

State Dept. neglected to call the terrorists ”Syrian Democratic Forces.”

RT gave another nudge to Washington, in a headline so vile it could have been written by the State Department, CNN, or Fox News.

An honest headline: “US backed terrorists kidnap and murder Syrian soldiers, confiscate prison.”

On 26 May 2016, Sputnik included terrorist Mohammad Alloush in a report on the “Moscow Opposition Group.”  Alloush’s terrorist brother, Zahran, supported the extermination of the Alawite and Shiite minorities, and was the mastermind of the 11 December 2013 massacres in Adra.

26 May 2016: Terrorist Alloush was part of the “Moscow Opposition Group.”

Alloush is no longer part of the “Moscow Opposition Group.”  The terrorist head of one of the infinite numbers of al Qaeda sects — Jaish al “Islam” — should not have ever been part of them; there is no diplomacy to be made with savage killers, killers who kidnap Syrians, put them in  cages, and use them as human shields.

A more accurate portrait of terrorist Alloush.
Terrorist Alloush was a member of the Astana FSA Opposition delegates. Graphic courtesy of Professor Tim Anderson.
September 2016, Sputnik was still making suggestions of bantustans for Syria.
Antidote to any demoralization campaign: There is no soul more courageous, more intrepid, than the Syrian soul.


Deep state msm throws so many geopolitical curves to make the appearance of change; the script, though, remains one of perpetual war, no matter how many rhyming scenes are added.

In 1993, colonialist-lite journalist Robert Fisk, sang the praises of Osama bin Laden, as peacemaker, statesman, and city-builder (during her SoS confirmation hearings, Clinton stood by the US creation of al Qaeda as a good thing).

Fisk 1993 Ode to Osama.

Since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Fisk has supported NATO terrorism against Syria.  Not infrequently, his chutzpah in unprofessional attacks on President al Assad has involved chatter from his fetid friend, Walid Jumblatt (when it comes to war criminal lying, gossip becomes “investigative journalism”).  It is of no importance to Fisk, that Jumblatt called for the slaughter of all Syrian Druzi patriots (video with English captions has been censored by YouTube, which has come out on the side of terrorists, by tossing evidence of their atrocities into the orwellian memory shredder.).

Syria-hating FP’s rhyming scene, returning al Qaeda to peacemakers.
FP juggling support of al Qaeda terrorist ‘rebels’ with trashing Trump’s Pentagon.
WaPo happy about US TOWs to al Qaeda terrorist rebels, in 2014.
WaPo’s Sly Liz trying to complain about coalition bombing that WaPo supports. Terrorist slaughter against Damascus was ignored.
WaPo also juggling support of war crimes against Syria & antipathy toward war criminal Trump.
24 July ’17, bin Laden-lover Fisk reports that Russia & Syria are working with US owned Syrian Democratic Forces…
…no matter that the YPG is part of the Syrian Democratic Forces, nor that SDF murders Syrian soldiers?
In September, WaPo began fretting that the US would abandon the US’ Syrian Democratic Forces.
In November, Sputnik repeated Fisk’s claim, inferring its report came from a lone source.
Malcolm X’s quote is still applicable.


The anti-war movement took its last breaths during the Bush/Cheneyac/Halliburton regime, before going into a Rip Van Winkle coma during the eight years of Obama war crimes.  The actual death throes came under the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, when the deadly rattle came in the form of cheering of the faux liberal community, supporting the inherent right of out gay folk to invade foreign countries — Muslim majority, people of color majority — slaughter their populations, destroy their homes, destroy their infrastructure, in the name of the geopolitical paraphilia, democracy.

Barack Hussein Obama My Work Here is Done

The corpses of hundreds of thousands of dead activists were exhumed, made to wear pink pussy hats, and sent into the streets throughout the US…to protest against the outcome of the presidential election, with the pathetic irony unnoticed.


The pussy-hatters were joined by violent children in adult bodies, on the streets to “fight” against the right of various conservative groups (on the streets to support the election results.  Is there any comment to appropriately describe a gang/countergang op?).

The pussy-hatters and the fake antifascists have been mute over Trump’s war crimes.  To speak of them might let the cat out of the bag, that Trump has continued the savage work of Obama.

The pussy-hatters were joined by violent children in adult bodies, shamelessly calling themselves “antifascists.”  Actual anti-fascists would be on the streets, demanding US out of Syria.

The success CIA’s Operation Mockingbirdbrain is most grotesquely noted regarding Syria, the country remains the standard in all things decent, and indecent.  As though NATO msm getting away with breaching Nuremberg statutes prohibiting crimes against peace were not gruesome enough, these media sources have added pandering to various sects of malignant narcissists.  Is there a better way to legitimize war crimes than opening the door so that every bit of colonialist scum gets to share in inclusivity –whether in real life, or in voyeuristic sadoerotic porn fantasy?

The following photo has been viralized.  Though not known if the rabid dog holding the Antifa flag is a wetworker of the US-owned Syrian Democratic Forces, or an American terrorist illegally in Syria, the fascist Antifa have added their support to NATO’s intended destruction of Syria.

Fascist US wetworkers of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Those of lilliputian intellect in support of foreign invasion have never bothered to look at Iraq, where the US hacked off a chunk, and named it the autonomous Kurdistan region.  This US satrap steals Iraqi oil, needed to pay for the dozens of government military “advisors,” and various private contractors for independent military training of the Ziokurds — still, and intentionally incompetent after almost 15 years of US occupation.

Kurds, or speakers of Kurdish language have lived ever happily in their communities and never felt being isolated or marginalized until the United States and its minis started destroying Iraq.  Kurds, for those who insist on ignoring history, have reached leading posts over their neighbors in their history.  I can easily name Saladin, the great Islamic caliph who fought the Crusaders, and of Kurdish origins.  How would he become the leader of a vast empire of mostly Arabs and other ethnic groups if his ‘people’ were marginalized or isolated.  I will leave this answer to the western media gurus inciting this narrative.

Where was the outcry when Sheikh Muhammed Saeed Ramadan Buti — of Kurdish ethnicity — was blown up after calling the FSA “scum”?

On Valentine’s Day, the fraud leftist Rolling Stone ran a piece in support of American terrorists in Syria.  In its opening paragraph, Stone attempted to romanticize having the shits and filthy personal hygiene with support of war crimes.

Perverse report on American scum who illegally entered Syria to join the US Syrian Democratic Forces in slaughtering Syrians.

The deviant report focused on Brace Belden, the epitome of what Syrian Ambassador Bashar al Ja’afari has called human garbage.  Before joining the wetworks operation against Syria, this bit of slime mold was a teen drunkard, junkie, and ‘petty criminal.’

“Then we just bombarded the shit out of it [Raqqa].” “I’ve literally done nothing in my life but jack off before I came here.” — American terrorist & human garbage.
Thucydides’ quote applicable to those supporting terrorists of Syrian Democratic Forces.

In July, NATO msm Newsweek upped the war-pimping, pro-terrorism ante, cheering the first LGBT unit created to fight ISIS in Syria. 

Newsweek applied Operation Mockingbirdbrain to the ‘LGBT community.’

In its opening paragraph, this Vichy urinal incited support for atrocities against Syria by inferring that the SAR was responsible for the massacre in the Pulse club in Orlando Florida.  No mention was made that the killer, Omar Mateen was a native New Yorker, a wife-beater on the down-low, who had frequented the club on many occasions.

A statement posted by the [terrorists] on Twitter said its members ‘seek to smash the gender binary and advance the women’s revolution…”’.  Obviously, Newsweek and its Queer Insurrection are ignorant about women’s rights in Syria, which date back to  Queen Zenobia.

Here is a map for warmongering Newsweek, recruiting for the US Syrian Democratic Forces.
No, Mockingbirdbrains: These fascist “faggots” are wetworkers, hired to kill Syrians.

The US funded the terrorist FSA — over $800,000 during the time that Clinton was still Secretary of State.  All NATO media used Newspeak to describe the atrocities against the Syrian people.  As 350,000 foreign terrorists were dumped into Syria from all corners of the world, various gangs branched off into more than 100 sects of al Qaeda, whose ISIS wing was actually launched in ’06, when the US let al Baghdadi out of an  Iraqi prison, gave him $10 million to train terrorists in Jordan.

Though the inbred terrorists and separatists are too stupid to know it, all branches are armed and funded by the US and its fascist coalition cohorts of the EU and Gulfies petro toilets.

‘Cessation of Hostilities’ agreement between US mercenary Syrian Democratic Forces and US mercenary ISIS.

The US’s two teams agreed not to engage in fratricide for a period of one month.  Of course it allows for the slaughter of members of the Syrian Arab Army, defending their people and their homeland within their sovereign borders.

CoH between US foreign mercenary gangs in Syria.

Nowhere in the heinous history of the Syrian crisis, do the words of Imam al Ghazali ring more true, than regarding the US-owned Syrian Democratic Forces.

image-"It's not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them; it's enough to be a fool." ~ Imam Ghazali
“It’s not necessary to be an agent of the enemy to help them; it’s enough to be a fool.” ~ Imam Ghazali

Miri Wood

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  1. Miri

    In the early days of the foreign war of terror against Syria, the Obama State Department gave frequent press conferences in which the criminal attacks against the State by the YPG would be cheered. Given the YPG is ‘military arm’ of the PKK which is actually on the US terror list, United States Special Forces Commander Gen. Raymond A. Thomas declared the name change was required (the various flags of the many armed terrorists against Syria, here. They include photos of US-approved terrorists with US-unapproved terrorists.).

    The re-marketed, YPG-cum-SDF Obama regime creation was such a hit with western colonial serfs that they missed the fact that Obama actually put together a NATO wetworker run SDF — advertised as a ‘minority’ fighting against the also the US – created ISIS terrorists


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