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What Did Syrians Do to Deserve the Hatred of the Whole World


Miri Wood and Arabi Souri

Syrians invented the Alphabet, taught the world how to read and write, how to settle in communities that were later converted to the first and continuous cities, taught the world the 3 divine religions, taught the world how to tame cattle and use them for food and transportation, taught the world music, shipbuilding and sailing, merchandising and trade, diplomacy and wisdom, how to receive and host millions of refugees throughout their history from all sides of the old world..

Syrians stood by each oppressed nation in the planet, all liberation movements from the colonial powers had their main offices in Syria, including South African anti-apartheid party…this is how the colonial powers revenge.

It is beyond kafkaesque to realize that virtually the entire world chants its enmity against the Syrian people, and their country, and that the rest have not even noticed.

On 2 September, “greatest psyop of the last century,” al Jazeera, degraded a photo of a drowned Syrian boy, into an emoticon, to use for a new round of imperial malfeasance against the SAR.  It seems to be of no importance, that al Jazeera (renamed “al Khanzeera,” “the pigsty,” by Libyan patriots, during the destruction of their country), is owned by the absolute monarchy Qatar — “pronounced ‘gutter'”), the little Gulfie gas station that has spent over 3 billion dollars in looting and bombing Syria.  Twenty-four hours later, a Google search of “drowned Syrian boy” yielded over 10 million ‘hits’ (a number which has jumped to over 14 million URLs, 48 hours later), reports which neglect to mention there was no Syrian refugee crisis before the mass-murderers of the colonial powers, and their Levant and Gulfie rabid dogs decided to “arab spring” Syria.

The drowned Syrian baby cum emoticon was further desecrated, in that his lifeless body had been choreographed to look like every parent’s precious, sleeping child:

Death, pre-lascivious posturing

Immediately, war criminal David Cameron — who sent 100 SAS to invade Syria, because a terrorist had killed 30 Britons, vacationing in Tunisia — belched that Syria’s President Dr. al Assad was to blame, after which a war criminal of The Telegraph a Lie called for [more] military action against the SAR.


A nanosecond after immediately, a US-based neolib online journal appeared with the prepared statement of the barrel bomb obsessee head of Human Rites Watch, also blaming the Syrian government for the Syrian refugee crisis that did not exist 5 years ago (no matter that the “barrel bomb” fraud has been exposed, several times over, as an inefficient, unguided, jerry-bomb flying IED — which was developed by the US, and used as an incendiary device to burn down villages in Vietnam — the obsession continues).

Pinocchio “Mr. Roach”

In July, Mr. Roach “marketed” ISIS as “a safe haven,” after which he engaged in lamentations over such a “safe haven;” Huffington Poo nonetheless published his entire diatribe.

An invisible dead Syrian baby, among more than one dozen slaughtered in Latakia and Homs, by Obama/Cameron “rebels.”

While the body of the drowned Syrian baby was in its nascent steps of defilement, on Wednesday, 2 September, the previously safe seaside city of Latakia again felt the savage wrath of Obama’s moderate death squadswhen a white van filled with explosives was detonated in front of Imad Ali school at al Hamam Square, martyring more than 10 people, and wounding dozens of others, many critically.

Imad Ali is a public secondary school, in one of the poorest neighborhoods of Latakia. 

2 sept 2015 outside imad ali school al hamam sq latakia
Obama and Cameron hitman “rebel” still at large

A Google search, “Latakia bombed” not only yields a paltry 372,000 ”results,” but the top results consist of demonizing headlines, anonymous dead, and reek of sadistic gloating:  “Car bomb kills 10 in coastal stronghold of Syria’s Assad;” “Syria crisis:  Latakia blast rocks Assad stronghold;” “Trouble in Assad’s Alawite heartland as bombs hit Latakia;” “Car bomb kills 10 in Syria regime bastion;” ad nauseum.

No heart-wrenching photo of Sidra Ahmed, killed on her way to her very first day of school; no interview with her injured mother; no international outpouring of grief, for this Syrian child.

Her death remains uncondemned by fraudulent human rights talking mouthpieces for mass murderers, and continues to employ the brutal war propaganda of unterrorist “rebels.”

No public grief over the martyrdom of Sidra Ahmed, blown up by moderate rebel, on her way to her very first day of kindergarten

I’m really disappointed with what the whole world used to preach about humanity and what they are doing now.  The words:  human rights, humanity, humanist and all derived idioms are lies.  In Macedonia, they sent few people holding the flags of Islamic States to walk among the Syrian refugees so they find a mean to shoot them dead.  In Germany, they take the babies from their families to orphanage so they find better life than the bad circumstances they are brought up in camps, so Germany is having a new young generation (away from the thoughts of their original parents).  In Austria they found a refrigerated truck full of dead Syrian bodies…who lost some of their body organs.  In Greece special boats help the refugee boats to sink…so they are dead bodies at the Italian and other neighborhood shores.  And we shall not mention what the Turkish barbarians are doing… — a friend, in Syria

With the world busy with the refugee crisis, the Damascus major cities received another heavy barrage of shelling with all types of ‘Hell Projectiles’ and mortars by Western and regional stooges backed ‘Moderate Rebels’, terrorists managed, with intelligence info from anti-Syrian regimes, to destroy gas pipelines feeding the main power station near Damascus causing severe rationalizing in electricity power up to 20 hours off out of 24 hours daily.

Go back as far as you will into the vague past, there was always a Damascus.  To Damascus years are only moments, decades are only flitting trifles of time.  She measures time not by days, months, and years, but by the empires she has seen rise and prosper and crumble to ruin.  She is a type of immortality.  She saw Greece rise and flourish two thousand years, and die.  In her old age she saw Rome built, and she saw it overshadow the world with its power; she saw it perish. […] Damascus has seen all that has ever occurred on earth, and still she lives.  She has looked upon the dry bones of a thousand empires, and will see the tombs of a thousand more before she dies.  Though another claims the name, old Damascus is by right the Eternal City.  

— Mark Twain
Syrian allegory. Syrian patriot.

On Sunday, 23 August, the city of Damascus came under massive mortar and missile attacks by the Obama-Cameron moderate death squads.  Seven days later, the Syrian Arab Army Facebook page posted the following:

“The city of Damascus had 4.5 to 5 million inhabitants in 2011. Today and due to the war there are over 8.5 million inhabitants in the city; most of which were forced outside of their homes by the “moderate rebels” backed by NATO in general specifically the U.S. Turkey and France; also backed and financed by the terrorist nations of the Gulf.

“Today, as this post is being written, terrorists of Damascus countryside are shelling with mortar fire the civilians in Damascus, shelling a city where almost 9 million people live under the name of what they call freedom.

“These Saudi/US backed terrorists are using civilians and people they kidnapped from the industrial city of Adra as human shields, but that will not last long.

“While the Syrian National Defense Forces are evacuating their women and children, the terrorists of that area are launching mortars at the most populated cities in Syria.

“We promise our Air Force and artillery regiments stationed around Damascus will show them just the right amount of freedom they deserve.”

Rabid war whore media hookers — and allied war pimps of hoaxes parading as human rights NGOs — paid scant attention and directed the world to condemn the SAR’s killing of takfiri malignant sociopaths, in Douma, from where the assorted lethal bombs landing in Damascus, came.

These same rabid dogs of war enrapt with the drowned Syrian refugee baby, have ignored the increased attacks against the City of Jasmine.   On the now infamous 2 September, moderately terrorist rebels killed two university students, in Damascus, with their moderate missiles and mortars.   Touni Naqul and Rakan Slaiman were martyred when mortar bombs exploded on the Mechanical Engineering Faculty, bombs which wounded 15 other students.  A Google search yielded one report of their deaths, from a Chinese website.


3 September, moderate bombs launched by moderate rebels hit Fares al Khouri Street (named after the Syrian prime minister who served from 1944-45), in the Abbasid neighborhood, moderately murdering three, and wounding 11 people.  A Google search provides a result of nothing.


shelter in the Adawi neighborhood was bombed by moderate takfiri hitmen.

shelter in adawi neighborhood bombed 3 sept 2015
Firefighters on the scene at the Adawi neighborhood shelter, bombed 3 September by Obama’s moderate terrorists

Jaramana, near Damascus, was also shelled, yesterday; no reports of injuries available at this time.

Homs continues to be a recipient of the benevolence of NATO operatives.

The cacaphony of murderous silence among the Vichy media and sham activists and NGOs has increased, exponentially, in perverse rhyme, with the increase in the bombings of the villages of Kafraya and al Foua, in Idlib countryside.  In mid-August, the Syrians of these villages had been the beneficiaries of more than 1,500 missile attacks — from moderate rebel mass murderers — that have destroyed 60% of their houses.   A handful of the unterrorist rebel missiles that have been useful in unbombing these homes, can be seen, here, in al Akhbar‘s report.

Just hours ago, a massive car bomb was detonated in al Sweida, followed by a second bombing, near to the hospital where the injured were being taken.  More than 26 Syrians were slaughtered, and upwards of 100 have been injured.

al Sweida, a town of predominately Druze minority, is near the border with Jordan.  Over the past weeks, members of the National Defense Forces (NDF, Syrian voluntary militias under the coordination of the Syrian Arab Army, who fight the takfiri and manage checkpoints) and SAAF have battled hard to prevent the various al Qaeda branches of terrorists from capturing the Tha’lah Military Airport.

Such fiendish barbarity is punishment for the patriotism of the people of this town and was likely an attack jointly coordinated by the twin turds shat out by the BM, Jordan, and Israel, both of whom have engaged in massive war crimes against the Syrian Arab Republic, over the last 4-1/2 years.

Israel, though not an overt member of the fascist coalition of war criminals breaching International Law by bombing Syria, has bombed Syria, on multiple occasions, and has even coordinated the mini-nuking of Damascus countryside with the takfiri savages, so they could video the “Kodak moment.”  Israeli media has also bragged about providing free trauma care to wounded terrorists, both in MASH tents on the occupied Golan, and in Israeli hospitals.  Recently, Israel was planning a short invasion of Syria, to “rescue” Syrian-Druze, but found itself having to recede from the idea, after a mob of Syrian-Druze demonstrated their disdain for the idea, by attacking two IDF ambulances on the occupied Golan, removing wounded terrorists from them, beating one to death, and critically injuring the other — in addition to clobbering the medics and soldiers.

Jordan is an overt member of the fascist coalition, having engaged in many bombings of the SAR, in attempts to protect the terrorists from the SAAF; it has been a training ground for terrorists; it set up tent compounds for Syrian refugees, during the nascent stage of the international attacks against the SAR.

25 March was one of the darkest days, in Syria, since the international attack on it, began.  Two hundred thirty Syrian soldiers were martyred in a coordinated blitzkrieg attack by 10,000 terrorists — thousands of whom came from Jordan — in Jordanian tanks, with Jordanian jets flying overhead, in the ancient town of Bosra al Sham, a town so rich in cultural history that it is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

At this time, only one US medium has reported the carnage in al Sweida and has based its war propaganda announcement (which includes the Orwellian claim that the Syrian government is responsible) on the convicted felon cum oracle asset of British intelligence, and good friend of war criminal Foreign Minister William Hague.  Added to the smarm of this lone US news, are the condolences from the criminal liar, Walid Jumblatt, who, in June, called for the slaughter of all patriotic Syrian-Druze.

The punishment of the Syrian people for refusing the Obama plan of regime change cannot be missed in this organized ongoing assault by NATO and stooges for the past 4.5 years.

The blood-lusting colonial powers have sought revenge in the export of tens and tens and tens of thousands of terrorists into Syria to wreak havoc under the guise of protecting Syrians from their own sons in the army and impose sanctions against Syria and against Syrians then refusing to receive Syrian refugees and who’s receiving them is very far from how there was never a single tent for a refugee in Syria.


The Final Battle of Armageddon continues.

الله، سورية، بشار وبس

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