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Beyond Kafka

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“it is not necessary to accept everything as true, one must only accept it as necessary.” ”A melancholy conclusion,” said K. ”It turns lying into a universal principle.” — “The Trial”


by Miri Wood, R.N.c.

Vichy urinalists around the world have been all aflutter over ex-president Bill “I Destroyed Yugoslavia” Clinton seducing the ever-coquettish Barack “The Droner” Nerobomba into overtly arming the Free of Syrians Army, that he has been covertly arming for more than 26 months, by calling him a wussy. Also in attendance at this closed press event was the US senator who hates all illegal aliens except himself, John “I Love Kidnappers and Cannibals” McCain. Considering that no press were allowed into this event, unconfirmed high level officials report that Edgar Cayce was summoned to pass the message to the Droner-in-Chief. And to the Vichy urinals. And to the o’baggers* who are placing blame for Obomba’s many atrocities, elsewhere, as always.

This meeting came just 8 days after the Syrian Arab Army liberated al-Qussayr from NATO’s Wahhabi Sex Jihadist savages (which, of course, had nothing at all to do whatsoever, with the secret meeting being necessary, according to another high level unconfirmed source). The Vichy urinalists are really jonesin’ for a sudden “no fly zone” decree, or maybe even a present of a nuke, to the NATO mercenaries, but, while they premeditatedly and vehemently ignore both the atrocities of the foreign invaders, and the fact that France, Britain and the U.S. have a history of genocide, not humanitarianism, the atrocities ignore them, back, and continue: In a three day period, two women were targeted for assassination.

On June 18, Dr. Seham Dannoun, Faculty Deputy Dean of the Arts and Humanities for Science, at Damascus University, was targeted for assassination by F/UK/US friends, the savages, when an IED attached to her car, was remotely — cowardly — detonated. Though she survived, surgeons were forced to perform bilateral above the knee amputations. One of her students described her as “awesome,” and expected her to become “a minister” in the government.

Her crime? Providing a future for the minds of her students.

Three days later, barbarians of the Free of Syrians Army shot and killed Roula Adnan, 24, on her prayer rug, in her home.

Her crime? Adnan was an administrator of the FACEBOOK page, “Yabroud News,” which documented the heinous atrocities of the monster mercs.

Sane people of the world must wonder how the Syrian people continue to survive; it is more than twenty-six (26) months since the NATO triad of terrorists — France, Britain, and the ‘United Slaves of Britain’ — began its in-name-only covert op to turn Syria into Libya, Part II. Yet, Syrians audaciously continue to live, despite their students being murdered, despite their top Muslim cleric being blown up in mosque, despite their archbishops being kidnapped, despite the savagery of not mere beheadings, but severed heads then being grilled, despite the continued looting, despite being murdered by weapons grade chlorine in missiles, despite being forced to watch your 14 year old child murdered by foreigners .

Syrians audaciously continue to live, despite an infinite list of acts so grizzly that the Marquis de Sade would surely die of envy over.

Syrians audaciously continue to live, though they live with bombs (a Syrian friend out of the country hears them, with each of his calls home), hypervigilant hyperinsomnia, and the also vigilant rumors, some originating in facts, and then branching off, and some born of the most basic part of the human brain being forced into constant, high alert.

What must it be like to wonder if your child will be coming home from school? What must it be like know that most people in the world are against your right to live, though you have done them absolutely no harm?

How would you feel if, after a suburb in your country had been hit with one or more chemical bombs (as Khan al Assal was, March 19th), people in different areas of your largest city heard explosions, and then smelled some putrid odors? This is what happened to the people of Damascus, on May 26, between midnight and four: “there is a weird odd smell spreading in some parts of Damascus and no one knows what is it for sure yet some says it’s chemical or poisoned gazes ,and some say it’s gunpowder smell a lot of people are panic no one is confirming anything but i can confirm to you, that the smell is awful!”

How would you feel, after surviving such a night, seeing all the journals of the world, in the morning, reporting lies about chemical weapons, based upon the writings of someone who admitted having sneaked into your country, and having lived there, illegally for two months?

Under such circumstances of constant siege, what would go through your mind, if you heard that a large amount of matteh was laced with arsenic, and many people were injured (even though this could not be)? How would you cope, if your children were hungry, but you had just heard that the milk you had to buy from Turkish importers (because Syrian farms had been destroyed) was rumored to contain Hepatitis B (which is impossible, though you have no way of knowing that)?

What kind of people are we, in the non-Syrian world, who allow our leaders and journalists to lie to us, to tell us that, for instance, the Syrian Arab Army is massacring the Syrian people, even though it is made up of the Syrian people? By allowing our mass-murdering leaders to lie to us, we must assume the responsibility for the lies, and for the consequences of the lies that kill maim and murder and cannibalize.

Meanwhile, where is the reporter to witness the words of the very young Syrian soldier who asks, “What else could be the purpose of an army if not to defend the country and its people? That is what we soldiers live and die for, our lives are less important then [sic] the country or our people.”

Dear Non-Syrian Readers: Please try on these Syrian shoes of facts pertaining to the Damascus countryside area, and walk around for a bit, and see how they fit.

The following statistics are from Al-Watan newspaper, citing Qassem Suleiman, head of the National Forum of Homat Qasion, the National Reconciliation Commission, and Public Defender, Ahmad Bakri, and have occurred over the past 26 plus months, since NATO and friends began its “covert” invasion.

Thirty-seven thousand (37,000) rapes have been committed (many moms and daughters have been raped in front of their families. Exact numbers are not surprisingly unavailable).

One thousand (1,000) women have been kidnapped.

Divorce has increased one hundred percent (100%). This nearly impossible jump is attributed to the massive unemployment caused by the invading mercenaries destroying factories and other businesses, with despair most likely also entering the equation.

*as the mentally ill of the U.S. right wing are called “teabaggers,” the delirious who continue to support the U.S. president, in his every genocidal act should also be known by their mental diagnosis, which will be in the next edition of the DSM-R.

NB: This short was submitted for publication before I saw the heinous photograph that savages friends of savages McCain and other NATO members and friends sent to the family of the martyred Sergeant Youssef Qaiss Abdin. May his memory be for a blessing. May his parents not loose their minds with grief.

Terrorists production line
Terrorists production line – Credit (Global Public Alert . Unite Yourself Together)
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  1. karin

    May his family forget the image, somehow. Remember their beautiful brave son as he was in life.

    My heart goes out to them and all of Syria and the refugees outside their Home Land.

  2. Elizabeth Bourne

    My heart goes out for people caught in the nightmares of the Mideast. You are correct in saying that our politicians lie to us, the American people, and the media is complicit in their lies. But do understand that most citizens do not support what the President is doing and many more simply do not know because information is controlled. By the way, “teabaggers” is a homosexual action name that the left wing (liberals) bestowed on a group called The Tea Party because they sought to discredit them with lies. The Tea Party is all about holding our government accountable to our Constitution which is our foundation of Law in the US. Becareful not to paint all Americans with such a broad or wrongly applied stroke. I pray for peace for you all. I know no one here who wants anything to do with supporting genocide or terror anywhere. Live in peace.

  3. miri

    Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your prayers.

    Though the ‘baggerism’ has its root in a generic ‘guy thing,’ I hope you will enjoy it being flipped onto those who adore the current president, in his every war crime, while continuing to condemn the previous one, for his.


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