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Sex Jihad

Sex Jihad (Sexual Jihad, Sex Warriors) a total direct breach  and violation of Islamic teaching as in the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad PBuH Hadiths (sayings) was first invented by Wahhabi scholars whom one of them who stood out more called Arifi, although he denied later after an outbreak by most scholars and mainstream Muslims, to urge low-level unfortunately poor educated Muslims from rural and rugged deserts and mountains in Saudi, Qatar, Libya and as far as Pakistan, Afghanistan, even from China to join the Jihad (holy war) against Syrians and Iraqis in order to get their women as bounties of war.

In Arabic language it is pronounced as: Jihadul-Nikah (جهاد النكاح). All branches of the FSA including Nusra Front, ISIS, Jaysh ul-Islam and others practiced this satanic Sex Jihad rituals throughout the Syrian crisis since the early days as activists report.

The term Sex Jihad itself is horrible by all means to listen or say especially among oriental and people of civilized cultures, maybe it’s accepted by Western taxpayers who financed it and other crimes, but for the people of the world’s oldest civilizations in Syria and Iraq it was as striking and horrific as butchering them into pieces, bagging them and sending the pieces to their families as they did with thousands of Syrians.

Sex Jihad managed to lure thousands of Tunisians, Libyans, Saudi, Qatari and even Lebanese suicide bombers, it refers to both current life and the life hereafter when it comes to the bounties with anti-Islamic Wahhabi scholars pornographically describing the bodies and beauty of enslaved women in the Levant and Iraq and also those 72 promised virgins in heavens, not available in any Islamic scripture but exists in Wahhabi books all over.

The idea of having free temporary sex with hardened warriors has also lured hundreds of sex-deprived and sex-hungry women from western Europe and other regions to offer their ‘services’ to the ‘holy’ fighters.

Main notable victims were the Yazidi women kidnapped from their cities after slaughtering their men in front of them then sold or gifted to terrorists for as cheap as a cigarette. Hundreds of women and their children were kidnapped from Latakia countryside in coastal Syria and ended up in the Eastern Ghouta near Damascus and later used as victims of the infamous false-flag chemical attack on the area to drag the USA and its buddies in the West to attack Syrian Arab Army and the Syrian state. (Syria and the Humanitarian Bastards)

"Sexual Jihad"
“Sexual Jihad”

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