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FSA or Free Syrian Army is an umbrella name for all sorts of armed groups fighting for the US and its allies to topple the Syrian state and replace it with a western-friendly group of smaller states segregated into ethnic and sectarian basis.

Other names of the FSA are ‘Freedom Fighters’, ‘Moderate Rebels’, ‘Jihadists’..

Known leading groups of the FSA include but not limited to: Farouq Battalion, ISIS, Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant, Noureddin Zinki Group, Ahrar Cham (al-Sham), Southern Front, Syrian Turkman Battalions, Sultan Muhammad Opener (Fateh) Brigades, Mujahideen Army, Jabha Shamiya, Sultan Murad Brigade, YPG, YPJ, SDF, Seljuq Brigade, Liwa Ahrar al-Raqqa, White Helmates, and some tens more of them..!

Most of the terrorist groups, sorry FSA branches, keep changing their names after their crimes become exposed and impossible to cover, most of these groups are based on foreign fighters and some local thugs as a face to show it’s a ‘grassroots’ movement with full overt support from the USA and whoever pays.

In any country, any individuals or group of individuals who receive any type of assistance from a foreign party or country are labeled: Traitors.

Any individual or group of individuals targeting any state facility, state forces or people who are supportive of their state or even on the sidelines, are considered terrorists.

FSA is a collection of groups of local traitors and foreign terrorists. The natural punishment of any traitor in any society is the capital punishment.

In Syria we are supposed to call them countrymen, including the foreign elements of them, and allow them to share the power ruling the country the way that pleases their backers and financiers, otherwise, we are labeled ‘oppressors, autocrats, authoritarians, dictators and dictator apologists..

Whenever the Syrian Armed Forces eliminate any of the FSA Traitors and Terrorists, the Syrian government is described as ‘killing own people’..!

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