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Syria and the Humanitarian Bastards

Children victims of alleged chemical attack

A crime against humanity similar to an attack using weapons of mass destruction against civilians will draw a humanitarian intervention by the already bankrupt on all scales western powers. No, not talking about using depleted uranium against civilians in Fallujah, Iraq twice by the US occupying forces, and not talking about the apartheid Israel attacks against Gaza with the same uranium.

Again not talking about dropping nuclear bombs over cities done by the USA, or invading sovereign countries based on lies. We are talking about an ‘alleged’ attack using chemical substance yet to be known of which grade and which components against unknown civilians including children in Damascus countryside by yet to be proved the Syrian Arab Army.

That’s no fantasy, but who sponsors cannibal mercenary foreign terrorists dubbing them as ‘armed opposition’ against a member state of all international organizations and even founding member of many of them including the United Nations itself, who sponsors the same groups in Syria they claim they fight elsewhere in the world due to their terrorism and the crimes against humanity they commit has no shame when wanting to commit a crime themselves in the name of humanity.

Turkish fanatic Muslim Brotherhood prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan introduced the culture of kidnapping to the region by allowing groups of terrorists to kidnap civilians to sell them in exchange of political goals or just for the sake of terror after he was promised by his masters in NATO to become the new Ottoman Sultan or the NATO appointed anti-Islam Islamist Caliph. Erdogan who robbed with his Qatari buddy the factories of Aleppo and burnt the city, has turned his country into a brothel for all types of lice-infested bearded radical Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists coming from all sides of the world to fulfill his sick promise.

Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdoğan
Islamist Caliph wannabe Erdogan

Saudi and Qatari democracy promoters in the region outside their family cantons paid billions of their people’s wealth to finance horrific crimes against humanity and against history, using their extra wealth not to help house their own people where over 3 million Saudi families do not own houses, or to help other Muslims in other countries, but to kill people in other countries to satisfy some of their sadist minds.

Qatar KSA Competing on Killing Syrians
Qatar KSA Competing on Killing Syrians

Old colonial empires dreaming to revive their failed empires and their failing economies by destroying other countries instead of building bridges between cultures and helping grow economies, are working hard to take out one country after another, countries which central banks are not under their hegemony, and where riches exist and new findings are discovered that make the leaders of these rogue states drool after, have sponsored the same terrorist groups in Syria to commit all types of crimes with impunity.

Middle East Trio Terror Sponsors
Middle East Trio Terror Sponsors

The USA, the hurt beast in Afghanistan and Iraq, not forgetting the biggest humiliation to its elite Marines in Beirut 1983, is working hard not in the interests of its people or merely to revenge for their lost men and money, but as the US secretary of state Kerry put it today: ‘to secure Israel from Syria’s weapons’.

All the above bastards have not only sponsored the Wahhabi Cannibal Sex Jihadists, but also set new standards in the international law by introducing new means not limited to creating, funding and supporting ‘armed oppositions’ in the likes of the ones who behead and eat the flesh of human beings against sovereign states. Making Syria and other countries obliged to help found, sponsor, finance, train and arm militia oppositions against all the countries members of the ‘Friends of Syria’ alliance.

What’s worse is using the huge assets they have in corporate media to justify the crimes committed by their thugs and demonize the victims trying to defend themselves. In the following video clip uploaded to YouTube by Al-Qaeda fighters, a reporter for the Qatari Jazeera TV channel from Latakia countryside promoting a series of crimes that included attacking villages and towns in the region because they support their state, and killing a large number of men whom in the same clip he interviews a terrorist commander who claims the men they killed as the Jazeera reporter bragged in his intro have fled and left their wives to be taken as ‘prisoners of war’ with their children, whom the Libyan terrorist commander promises to ‘treat better than their own fathers and sons’ they slaughtered and ask to exchange them with terrorists arrested by the Syrian Arab Army and security forces.

‘Video can be viewed also on BitChute: since YouTube and for no valid reason terminated our channel for the 2nd time.’

Activists are relaying that a number of these children whom never returned to their families and reported killed appeared on another report but about 350 kilometers away in Damascus countryside ‘Ghouta’. Their family members identified the children appearing in the report of the victims of the alleged attacks as those kidnapped in Latakia countryside, killed and piled to be used to blame the Syrian state for a chemical attack. The same ridiculous claim that the Syrian Arab Army is killing their families to save the ‘regime’ which most of the previously corrupt officials have ‘defected’ to outside the country via Qatar after receiving their payments there.

We cannot confirm the same awaiting results from official Syrian state sources, but this would not be the first time the NATO-backed terrorists slaughter civilians and use them in the Syrian state demonizing policy, Houla Massacre is one of those infamous crimes.

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  1. Ch burger

    Usa please leave them and spend your money on poor children that need’s food in Africa, this lot don’t worry about there own so why will you, if you ask them proof they also can’t give to you proof off who killed all that children and you will always be the wrong one. and stop give money to all this country’s for food they don’t want it. lets ask chine and russia to explain how that children died and if they made a lot off profit from they arm deals. PLEASE BREAK UP THE UN THEY ARE ONLY EATING MONEY TO SIT AND LOOK AT HOW ADDER IS SUFFERING AND THEY DO NOTHING. DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT.

  2. Kurt

    The cameraman Al Jazeera works together with (!) is German “Reda Seyam”.
    He lives on social welfare= financed by German government (!) and was connected with filming massacres back to Bosnian war, since then producing propaganda videos. He was a suspected of connection with Bali bombings too.
    No way he could have escaped surveillance without German authorities not knowing where he moves to.
    And German authorities now accept videos as a “proof” of gas attacks by Assad.


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