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NATO Landmine Explosion Murders 12 Syrians, 11 of them Women

Landmine explosion murders 12 Syrians 11 of them women, 8 other wounded

At least 11 women were killed, and 8 others injured in an explosion of a landmine planted by the NATO-sponsored freedom fighters of Al Qaeda Levant and ISIS in the countryside of Raqqa province, northern Syria.

One man was also killed in the massacre, the group of farmers were collecting truffles in the southern Raqqa countryside yesterday, the Governor of Raqqa province said in a statement.

Governor Abdul Razzak Khalifa said in the statement that was conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“12 citizens from the village of Al-Sharida Al-Gharbiyah, including 11 women, were martyred, and 8 others were injured when a mine left by terrorist organizations exploded in the Rajm Al-Ajouz area in the southern desert of the governorate, while they were searching for truffles.”

For an unknown reason, the Syrian state news agency did not elaborate on this horrible news, there were no names of the victims, follow-ups on the statuses of the injured, or proper details on the site of the incident.

US-led NATO-sponsored terrorists were shipped from across the globe from the early days of the so-called Arab Spring and smuggled into Syria after further radicalization by Saudi and Qatari anti-Islamic Wahhabi clerics, and after receiving training on all sorts of killing tools and weapons including their favorite Suicide Belts, IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) and landmines.

These terrorists commit their crimes of unspoken ugliness with no remorse being zombified by the stimulus drugs and different substances developed by the CIA-run Pentagon-funded labs having Captagon as one of the widely used substances by these radical terrorists.

UNMAS, the United Nations Mine Action Service has heinously failed the Syrian people throughout this force-exported European and US values onto the secular Syrian people in the past decade when the problem of landmines and IEDs became widespread.

The USA and its European cronies, the so-called self-proclaimed ‘free world’ are deliberately rejecting repeated calls to handover the maps of the landmines and explosive devices planted by their ‘freedom fighters’, on the contrary, the ‘collective West’ have increased their sanctions on the Syrian state and the Syrian people to continue with their Satanic de-population agenda of the world.

Tens of thousands of Syrians, mostly children, and women, have been killed, maimed, lost limbs, and injured with shrapnel and burns all over their bodies from the landmines and IED explosions ever since the USA failed in toppling the Syrian government and replaced it with anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabi, and radicalized fanatics serving its Zionist agenda.

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