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The Pentagon Unleashes ISIS in Syria, Ambushes and Massacres

ISIS ISIL - Daesh the Pentagon Proxy Army in Syria and Iraq - file photo

The US Ministry of War aka the Pentagon has unleashed its savage proxy army in the Levant and Iraq known as ISIS in response to the accumulating failures by it and its ‘unsinkable aircraft carrier’ Israel are sustaining in the region.

As it threatened before, and in the same context of its pre-7 October terrorist attacks which only accelerated after that date, the date of the Palestinian 6 hours war defeating Israel and the ensuing Anglo-Saxon Zionist ongoing genocide, especially in Syria, the Pentagon seemed determined to defy logic and strategical reasoning and extend its illegal presence in West Asia, namely in Syria and Iraq, at all costs instead of focusing on the wellbeing of its people.

A series of heinous terrorist attacks carried out in the southern and eastern regions of Syria were attributed to ISIS (ISIL – Daesh), the US-founded, funded, trained, armed, and commanded terrorist organization, the latest was an ambush carried out earlier today against Syrian policemen in Daraa.

Local sources reported that a Syrian police patrol was ambushed on the Damascus – Daraa International Highway resulting in the martyrdom of Police Honorary Major Muntajab Mohsen Al-Baribdani, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in the city of Izraa in Daraa northern countryside, and the injury of four policemen with him in the vehicle.

Syrian Martyr Police Honorary Major Muntajab Mohsen Al-Baribdani murdered by US-sponsored ISIS

The martyr’s body and the injured policemen were rushed to the National Hospital in Daraa, the Syrian news agency SANA reported without elaborating on the medical status of the injured.

A terrorist group opened fire on the police patrol while performing their duty, the statement mentioned above said.

ISIS remnants are active in the open areas in the southern, central, and eastern regions of Syria, coincidentally, these regions are connected by the open Syrian desert and somehow are infested with illegal US Army bases.

This terrorist attack comes within the series of similar attacks attributed to ISIS, like the one that killed and maimed over 200 Iranians in the city of Kerman in Iran; in Iraq pillaging the remote towns and villages of the country; and in Syria against the Syrian Arab Army and Syrian police patrols across the country.

ISIS affiliate Maghaweer Thawra receive vehicles and weapons from Trump

Some might doubt that ISIS works for the USA and claim that the US Army is deployed, though illegally in Syria and Iraq, to combat the terrorist organization, we can’t blame those too much, they are consumed by their daily lives trying to make ends meet to cover the costs of the lavish lives of the Israeli settlers and the corrupt Ukrainian officials, those US taxpayers who have merely a few hours a week to follow up on the world news only to be bombarded by the Pentagon’s stenographers in the Western mainstream media who paint the USA as the leading democracy in the world needing to force-export the surplus of that democracy onto nations around the globe who never asked for that type of wokeness and will fight to keep it out of their borders on moral basis.

For those doubting the US and Israel’s relation with ISIS, and other terrorist groups in Syria, we can ask them to name one incident in which Al Qaeda or ISIS attacked US Army bases, columns of military vehicles, or any target in Israel, and why all their attacks are targeting Syrians, Iraqis, Lebanese, Palestinians, and Iranians, the members of the Axis of Resistance? Those need to either wake up and challenge their politicians or admit they are racist genocidal sociopaths aspiring to be like their Israeli buddies who they fund with their hard-earned tax monies.

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