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ISIS Attack Kills and Injures 21 Syrian Soldiers, SAA Retaliates

US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq - file photo

Throughout the vast Syrian desert and from areas protected by illegal American military bases, especially in the Syrian Al-Tanf region, the terrorist organization ISIS is expanding its attacks against Syrians, both civilians and military, ongoing terrorist attacks are being currently repelled after a bloody day in which 8 soldiers and a civilian were murdered, and 13 others injured.

The Syrian Ministry of Defense said in a statement carried by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“Eight soldiers and a civilian were martyred, and thirteen others were injured, including two civilians, as a result of a terrorist attack with an explosive device (IED) on a military accommodation bus in the Syrian desert south of Tadmor (Palmyra) this afternoon.”

The short statement by the Ministry of Defense did not elaborate on the nature of the terrorist attack whether the IED was planted on the bus or the roadside and detonated when the bus was passing by, our local sources were also unable to clarify these details, by the time of this report.

A US official earlier stated in a TV interview with Al Mayadeen news channel that at least 120 attacks were carried out against the US Army bases in Syria and Iraq in the period between 17 October 2023 and the 7th of January 2024, referring to the bombing of the illegal US Army bases in the two countries by the Syrian and Iraqi Resistance in retaliation to the Israeli bombings of Syria in the case of the Syrian Resistance and to exert pressure on the USA to stop its support of the holocaust of Palestinians in Gaza with the help of Israel by the Iraqi Resistance factions.

In response to today’s ISIS terrorist attack, and the expanding of ISIS operations in the Syrian desert, the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian air forces carried out a wide-scale campaign against the terrorists destroying their vehicles as they were trying to move around and against dens used by the terrorists especially near Tadmor.

The Pentagon has threatened to revive ISIS (ISIL – Daesh) and managed to do so at the end of 2019, Syrian observers and military analysts confirm that groups of this terrorist organization are commanded from black op rooms within the illegal US Army bases that have protected them, trained them, armed them, and are now unleashing them to ease the pressure off Israel.

Syria not only rejected the US plea which swiftly turned into threats, thrice already, not to aid the resistance groups fighting Israel; most of the weapons of the Palestinian and Lebanese resistance groups are either provided directly by the Syrian Arab Army or by Iran through Syria.

Upon their defeat in their last stronghold in Daraa Balad in southern Syria, remnants of ISIS who refused to join their brethren in Idlib in the northwest, they fled to the Syrian open desert, especially the so-called 55 kilometers protected by the illegal US Army base in the Al Tanf area on the Syrian – Iraqi – Jordanian border junction.

Other ISIS groups who were defeated in the Deir Ezzor area fled to the US-controlled regions in the open desert between Syria and Iraq, some of them were sent to rehab spas under the control of the US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatists and were released in batches under the guise of ‘prison escapes’ whenever the Pentagon needed to exert more pressure on the Syrian leadership, like what is happening now.

This latest attack is in continuation of the US-led war of terror waged on the Syrian people and has escalated in the past few months after the failure of the NATO-sponsored regime change series of operations dubbed the Arab Spring that swept across the countries that already have parliaments and opposition parties in the Arab world.

The Arab Spring avoided the fiefdoms that do not have a constitution, or parliaments and have never seen a political debate as opposition figures, even if they spent their entire lives promoting their rulers, dare to advise without being instructed to do so disappear, sometimes chopped up to pieces in one of their country’s consulates abroad, or get lengthy imprisonment sentences of 15 years and above dare they write a poem against the dictatorship of their emir who sits on one of the world’s largest gas facilities.

These fiefdoms masquerading as countries are immune from any US-sponsored democracy or US-sponsored ‘moderate rebels’ and serve at the same time as breeding farms to produce savage radical terrorists for the likes of Al Qaeda and its ISIS offshoot.

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