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The Pentagon Threatening to Revive ISIS

ISIS - Daesh Terrorists- America's Heroes

ISIS and the Pentagon Coincidences: Do you believe in coincidences? If you do, at which number of repetitive coincidences you’ll start to see a pattern and even worse: a plot?

Former top al-Qaeda commander said: ISIS is the creation of the USA, just like how it created al-Qaeda before. This insider reported that the US released al Baghdadi from an Iraqi jail, gave him $20 – $30 million and helped with military training camps in Jordan. Here’s his interview about this from more than 5 years ago:

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry, the man who during his time ISIS grew and was wandering around open deserts in large convoys of hundreds of brand new machine-gun mounted Toyota pick-ups and 4 x 4 SUVs said: ‘We saw ISIS growing, we thought Assad was threatened and this will push him to negotiate’, ‘ We spent a lot of money’, or in whatever words he put it, listen to him and how at the end he equates Syrian opposition with ISIS not sure whether deliberately.

And the same John Kerry during a Homeland Security Briefing tries to play down the role of radical terrorists claiming most are ‘moderate rebels’ as he calls them:

The air forces of the US-led illegal coalition bombs a Syrian Arab Army site at the Thardeh Mountain killing 84 SAA officers and soldiers in a bombing that lasted 55 minutes which allowed ISIS groups to run over the base that was protecting 120,000 Syrian civilians in Deir Ezzor. The Pentagon later said it was a mistake and offered an apology but only after they made sure ISIS took over that base.

Iraqi local media confirm seeing US helicopter drop food and medicine over to ISIS camps in Anbar desert to the west of the country.

Locals from Deir Ezzor countryside saw US helicopters airlifting ISIS commanders hours before the group’s defeat at the hands of advancing Syrian Arab Army and their allies, especially near Bu Kamal and its surroundings.

Kurdish separatist SDF militia, already branded as a terrorist group by the Syrian state, didn’t engage in real fighting with ISIS over the city of Raqqa, after the US-led illegal coalition obliterated it to the ground and rendered over 90% of it inhabitable, SDF took over the city after ISIS fulfilled their task in what many observers called it a ‘change of flag‘ operation between ISIS and the SDF.

ISIS-affiliated group Maghawir Thawra works hand in hand with the US illegal military base which also keeps thousands of Syrian civilians as human shields in At-Tanf, the farthest remote area in the Syrian – Iraqi – Jordanian joint border deep in the desert. A video of its terrorists thanking the US for new vehicles as well is there, guess what: Brand new Toyota pick-up trucks…!

ISIS-affiliated Khalid Army operates not only free in the border area with the Golan occupied by Israel, not only have their backs to Israeli IDF terrorists, not only the latter was bombing Syrian Arab Army posts when it was confronting that terrorist group, but also its injured terrorists were receiving state of the art medical care from Israeli hospitals on the account of US taxpayers.

The US maintains troops in Syria just in front of the advancing Syrian Arab Army and its allies who were pursuing ISIS in the northeast of the country and especially in the vast swathes of oil-rich, agricultural rich east of the Euphrates region.

Trump announces the defeat of ISIS and then the withdrawal of his troops from Syria and suddenly the ‘danger of ISIS re-emerging’ is there.

Is there any further proof that ISIS works for the US if we don’t want to say that it’s a US asset?

Oh wait, Trump threatens to free ISIS terrorists from their ‘prisons’ in areas under his forces and the Kurdish SDF terrorist separatist militia and push them to invade Europe if the latter doesn’t repatriate ISIS members of European citizenships, and ‘coincidentally, ISIS threatens to free its prisoners from prisons under US forces and the Kurdish SDF terrorist separatist militias…!

The original source of this news is the Institute for the Study of War, a tax-exempt 501(c) “nonprofit” charitable think tank whose donors also get tax relief. Founded in 2007 by Dr. Kimberly Kagan with the assistance of General Jack Keane (US Army, Ret.) who remains ISW’s chairman, this charity made some controversial headlines when its press liaison, Elizabeth O’bagy was fired having lied about her education. O’bagy the liar was cited by SoS Kerry, Sen. McCain, and various media, involving anti-Syria propaganda.

Among ISW’s corporate sponsors are several manufacturers of weapons of war.

Perhaps the breaking news coming on the heels of Trump’s alleged intention to cut back on illicit US military occupiers in Syria, is Dr. Kagan’s pushing for an Iraqi-type surge, instead.

I mean we all know the US population, in general, are not that bright when it comes to foreign policy, not that a considerable majority of the western Europeans, how many coincidences will take them to wake up? Do they think the rest of the world is as dumb as their Sheeple are? If so, they’re very much mistaken.

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Do we need to remind you about the other terrorist groups and the coincidences with the US’s ‘agencies’?

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