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Syria: al Qaeda Now Has Two Air Forces

by Miri Wood

Updated to include videos of Ambassador al Ja’afari’s statement to the UN, 21 September.  Arabic follows simultaneous translation.

Two days ago, the coalition of 66 countries led by the US, bombed a Syrian military position at al Thardeh Mountain near Deir Ezzor airport, slaughtering  62 Syrian soldiers [official number now 83], injuring more than 100, and destroying essential military equipment.  Almost simultaneously, Israel bombed Khan Arnaba, Quneitra.  Though Israel is not an official member of the criminal “coalition,” it has come to the rescue of al Qaeda in Syria, on multiple occasions.  On 13 September, Syria shot down an Israeli bomber jet, and a drone, after the bomber had attacked a military base.

al Qaeda now has two air forces attacking the Syrian Arab Republic

These bombings were intentional, coordinated, and meant to assist the terrorists in Syria.  Immediately after the slaughter at al Tharda, takfiri launched an attack on the Syrian soldiers not injured by US bombings.  The criminal assault on Syrian troops within their own country reportedly lasted one hour, before the US CENTCOM issued a statement from Qatar, claiming the slaughter was accidental.  Coalition drones had been seen on 16 September, gathering the necessary intelligence which surely showed the positions of the military base of the Syrian Arab Army, and the locations of the terrorists.

Within minutes of the slaughter of our soldiers, US backed “ISIS” shot down a Syrian war plane, martyring 3 Syrian pilots.

The CENTCOM statement claimed that Russia had been notified of the planned bombings — as a professional courtesy.  Russia made an immediate denial and called for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

What the fascist coalition did 18 September 2016.

The meeting was contentious, as the Russian ambassador walked out, and both he and the US ambassador addressed reporters, afterward.  Warmongering Ambassador Power was so enraged at being called to an emergency meeting on Saturday, that she made no pretense at diplomacy, and used her time before the press to malign the Syrian government; Power prefers her professional time be used to give the UN audience to terrorists and anti-Syrian propagandists.

We warned them that a quick regime change in Syria was not going to work. — Vitaly Churkin, Russian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, to reporters

Virginia State Senator Dick Black, a US Marine Corps veteran, a passionate supporter of Syria, and of its soldiers, sent a letter of condolence to UN Ambassador Bashar al Ja’afari.  In it, he notes that the aircraft involved in the attack are equipped with GPS tracking devices:  “I am sickened by the possibility that the attack may have been deliberately launched to support ISIS troops to overwhelm the valiant defenders of the city.” Senator Black further writes that at times, “the State Department has found ISIS to be a useful tool in the cover U.S. war against Syria…Furthermore, my travels beyond Palmyra…left no doubt that the U.S. – led Coalition deliberately allowed ISIS to cross over 100 miles of open deserts without dropping a single bomb.” [emphasis added] [1]

Sen. Black letter
Senator Black letter

I was embarrassed by her callous attitude toward the death and wounding of so many innocent men. Sadly, her attitude is all-too characteristic of the bloodthirsty nature of some members of this administration.  — Sen. Dick Black, apologizing for the “disgraceful behavior of Ambassador Samantha Power

At the time of this most atrocious war crime against his country, Ambassador al Ja’afari is in Margarita, Venezuela, attending the meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement.  From the Syrian Arab News Agency report of his address:

He added that regrettably, some member states of the Non-Aligned Movement have never respected the principles of the Movement, particularly the regimes of Qatar and Saudi Arabia which have worked on spreading the Takfiri Wahhabi mentality across the world over the past five years in a way that distorted the image of Arabs and Islam, and they interfered in other countries’ affairs under flimsy pretexts the violate the UN Charter, the international law and the principles of the movement.

Though Denmark, British, and Australian governments subsequently have reported being part of this massacre “accident,” the news of the fatal bombings of Syrian soldiers barely made a burp in US msm, conveniently and coincidentally being overshadowed by pipe-bombings in both Manhattan and Seaside Park, New Jersey.*

Does the deadly effectiveness of US air strike on the Syrian troops in Deir Ezzor match any of its claimed strikes on ISIS?

This short video clip is testimony given by Syrian soldiers who survived the massacre:

  • We first thought the aircraft are to support us after the first two shots, but we quickly found out that they are targeting our forces aggressively, while we were fighting IS terrorists.  The aircraft used cluster bombs against us.
  • A day before the airstrikes, the drones were flying and scanning all the area.
  • The US airstrikes destroyed all our equipment and defense points.
  • IS fighters attacked us immediately after and during the US strikes.  Some of them were laughing.
  • US drones and helicopters opened fire from machine guns on our retreated forces.
  • It is for sure was not a mistake; they targeted us intentionally to help IS.
  • America is ISIS itself.

Let us not forget that Hillary Clinton reported that the US created al Qaeda to fight the Soviet Union, in Afghanistan. She claimed this was an essential component in the collapse of the USSR.  Clinton said we left al Qaeda fully armed, and gave details of the massive weaponry the US gave to them.**

Clinton with takfiri
Then Secretary of State Clinton with Libyan al Qaeda terrorists, in Tripoli, 2011.

Let us also be cognizant of the fact that there was never a “moderate opposition” in Syria that did not engage in savage acts of barbarism, no matter what name it carried.  What is “moderate” about throwing mailmen from a rooftop?  About turning the al Kindi University Cancer Hospital in Aleppo, to rubble?  About baking Syrians in ovens? About murdering a Syrian soldier and then cannibalizing his heart, his lung?

Lord God give us the strength that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children’s children, not only for ourselves, but also for the other people around the world, this time not only for our Syrian people alone, it is a war for all of Middle East and with it, in the long run for all of mankind. — Syrian soldier in Deir Ezzor

Syrian soldier
caskets prepared for the martyrs

[1] On September 10, Ambassador al Ja’afari and Senator Black spoke at the Schiller Institute September 11 Memorial Conference.  Dr. al Ja’afari’s powerful presentation to the audience can be seen, here.

*The suspect has been caught, by local police, in a “firefight” with no fatalities.  Neighbors are shocked, as he was known for flirting with women and talking about cars, in the family business where he worked.  Media is braying about his ”radicalization,” noting that he is a naturalized US citizen, born in Afghanistan.  The same media that ignores the fact that secular Syria is 90% Muslim (as secular Italy is 96% Roman Catholic), mentions the suspect being Muslim, in every report.  International msm is running this story.

It is onerous to compare the reporting of this pipe bomb in which there were no casualties, to the same media reporting on the 9 missile attacks in the sea city of Latakia, 17 August 2015, in which —- were murdered.  Msm gloated about the “Assad bastion” being attacked by “rebels.”  War criminal Canada is doing its part in ignoring the massacre of Syrian soldiers, by being abruptly compelled to report on the appalling extraordinary rendition with “Syria” in its headlines, as its method of demonization of this republic.

**In September or October of 2012, during the presidential campaign, in an interview that was subsequently removed from YouTube, Barack Obama stated that al Qaeda in Afghanistan is bad, but al Qaeda in Syria is good.

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  1. Barbara McDonald

    I’am very sorry that the soldiers lost there lives my deepest condolences to every one.
    It saddens me that these terrible things happen I live in the USA and no what’s going on.
    Well I kinda do. And from my Heart I wish I could stop this but I can’t.I pray that all this stops.
    So sorry.


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