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Wahhabis Continue Destroying Syria’s Infrastructure – Al Kindi Hospital in Rubble Now

Jolani alQaeda destroyed cancer hospital.

The government of Syria which all the west and their regional stooges are fighting to take down provided its people free essential and subsidized services including free healthcare from attending headache to nuclear cancer treatment, such free services contradicts with the ‘standards’ the west provide their people and pose as a threat to their blood-sucking capitalism and herd-control system.

Al-Kindi Hospital in Aleppo, a pride for the healthcare system in Syria before the anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists invaded the country in tens of thousands of suicide bombers funded, trained, sponsored and controlled by the US, UK, France regimes, is the latest to join the list of destroyed infrastructure the Syrian people paid to build with their sweat and blood over decades of self-dependence due to western sanctions.

Al Kindi Hospital 'liberated' by the Obama thugs
Al Kindi Hospital ‘liberated’ by the Obama thugs – photo by SANA

The hospital in Syria’s second city was offering state of the art medical treatment to its patients equipped with one of the most advanced nuclear medical systems for cancer treatment, all free of cost to citizens and residents including hundreds of thousands of Iraqi, Palestinian and Lebanese refugees. In a first wave attack against the hospital praised by the western mainstream media at that time, the first thing the Wahhabi ‘freedom fighters’ did was dismantle this device and ship it to the thief Erdoğan, the Muslim Brotherhood prime minister of Turkey.

Two days ago, the western sponsored Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists in the Levant carried out a twin suicide attack against the hospital driving two huge lorries packed with explosives and blew them up in the hospital building, then waves of other suicide attackers raided what’s left of the hospital building to continue the Anti-Christ task.

Initial reports by western mainstream media praising the attack claimed 35 Obama regime thugs were killed in this heinous attack, and the building totally destroyed to the pleasure of the ‘humanitarian bastards’.

The cost of the damage caused to the hospital is estimated at 1.5 billion Syrian Liras (approximately $30 million by the prices of pre-crisis). The hospital was established in the year 2003 and was affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education, meaning it served also as a university hospital to educate Syrian physicians in addition to providing free healthcare and medical services to all.

The following video clip contains the original video clip filmed by Obama thugs showing the suicide bombings of the hospital (YouTube Removed the video because it exposes the ‘moderate rebels’ reality, so we uploaded to our channel on Dtube):

Al-Kindi Hospital Destruction by Terrorists uploaded also to Google Drive:

GRAPHIC: The terrorists who blew up Al-Kindi Hospital and took its garrison hostages execute them before camera:

Did you hear any condemnation by the self-called ‘international community’ or any of the ‘democracies’ in the west against this act of terror against humanity? Did you hear the UN chief Ban Ki-Moon express his ‘concern’?

Not the first hospital of its kind to be targeted by the terrorists in Syria, punishing the majority of Syrians, the 19 million proud Syrians who refused to join the CIA led ‘peaceful revolution’ continues with the ‘lethal aid’ received from US & UK Taxpayers, Al-Biruni Hospital near Damascus was and is the constant target of the terrorists like when they ‘succeeded’ in closing it early June 2013. All national hospitals in all cities infested by terrorists were attacked, so were schools, electricity power stations, oil and gas wells and pipelines, libraries, transportation systems, even crops and ancient bazaars were burnt, factories dismantled and sold to Turkish merchants loyal to the thief paranoid Erdoğan and his buddy the former emir of Qatar (pronounced Gutter).

Video also available on BitChute:

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