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Largest Cancer Treating Hospital in Syria Closed ‘Temporarily’

Al-Biruni Hospital

Al-Biruni University Hospital near Harasta, Damascus countryside, was closed ‘temporarily’ last Wednesday 29 May 2013 due to the security situation near the location, the patients were discharged, 2 only were transferred to Public Muwassat Hospital for monitoring.

Aliqtisadi news site expects the hospital to resume working today Sunday, but previous experiences do not encourage any optimism in such matters, one of the main targets of the FSA terrorists on the infrastructure list they had were hospitals, National Hospitals in Homs, Qussayr, Daraa, Hama were just examples of hospitals stolen, booby trapped and destroyed by the ‘peaceful protesters’ seeking to establish ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ in the country, or that’s what NATO officials and their propaganda mainstream media promote them as.

Al-Biruni University Hospital
Al-Biruni University Hospital

The hospital staff were kept for late hours before being able to get back home end of the day on numerous occasions, the situation just got too intense and hospital guards were directly targeted by ‘freedom fighters’.

Al-Biruni University Hospital established in 2006 by a presidential decree is the largest specialized hospital to treat cancer in Syria, diagnosing, medical treatment and follow ups are presented FREE of Cost to Syrians and residents in Syria, in addition to serve as an educational and research venue for doctors and nurses.

Syria's first lady Asmaa Al-Assad in a visit to a child cancer patient
Syria’s first lady Asmaa Al-Assad in a visit to a child cancer patient

Syria offers free healthcare to all its citizens and residents in a large network of hospitals, clinics, mobile clinics and health centers treating from headaches to complicated surgeries and cancer chemical treatment with the cheapest subsidized medicine in the entire region.

Government owned Tameco Pharmaceutical Factory was directly targeted on Friday 31 May, 2013 by NATO backed Wahhabi Sex Jihadists aka Nusra Front aka FSA with ‘non-lethal’ rocket launchers, paid for by western countries citizens suffering austerity measures, in their own countries to ‘free’ and ‘democratize’ it. The factory produces most of the medicine and medical consumables used in the country.

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