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Israel Assassinates IRGC Commander in Syria, Russian Consent!

Israel Assassiantes Iranian IRGC Commander in Syria Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi

US-sponsored Israel assassinated the commander of the IRGC – Al Quds Forces in a bombing that targeted an Iranian diplomatic building in the Syrian capital Damascus, the Israeli bombing led to the destruction of the building which also houses Syrian civilian business offices.

The Israeli bombing in the late afternoon follows a heinous Israeli war crime bombing of the Syrian Scientific Research Center in Jamraya in Damascus countryside the day earlier, and a widespread coordinated Israel and Al Qaeda aerial bombing of Aleppo two days ago.

A Syrian military spokesperson said in a statement conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At approximately 5 pm today, the Israeli enemy launched an air aggression from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, targeting the Iranian consulate building in Damascus. Our air defense forces intercepted the aggression’s missiles and shot down some of them.
The aggression led to the destruction of the entire building and the martyrdom and injury of everyone inside. Work is underway to recover the bodies of the martyrs, treat the wounded, and remove the rubble.”

The video is also available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

Local sources reported that ‘the commander of the Quds Force in Lebanon and Syria in the IRGC, Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, was martyred in the Israeli aggression against Damascus.’

Yesterday Sunday 31st of March evening, at approximately 9:30 pm, the US-sponsored Israel bombed the Scientific Research Center in Jamraya in the western Damascus countryside. To make it understandable to our US readers, this is akin to bombing the Berkeley scientific centers of the University of California, the destruction of which is paid for by the US taxpayers with US-made bombs and fighter jets, facilitated by US spying satellites and capabilities, and protected diplomatically by the ‘democratically’-elected US officials.

it’s a war crime to bomb a diplomatic facility disregarding who is in it at the time of the bombing, diplomatic facilities across the world are protected by international law and the relevant Geneva Convention, Israel bombing the Iranian diplomatic facility gives Iran the right to retaliate in kind anywhere in the world bombing Israeli diplomatic facilities.

It’s a war crime to bomb scientific research centers, Israel’s repeated bombing of Syrian research centers including Syrian research centers for medical and other civilian purposes has given Syria the absolute right to bomb all of Israel’s research centers including those used for medical and civilian purposes at any given time and these Israeli war crimes do not have a statute of limitation.

If Western citizens do not approve of the war crimes sanctioned by their ‘elected’ officials and committed by their armies, their allies, and their proxy terrorist groups, they should immediately hold their ‘elected’ officials accountable before crying when retribution commences. There is absolutely no power that ever existed on the planet throughout the history of mankind that shields the people of evil countries from retribution, and it always comes when they are at their weakest stages.

When prioritizing the destruction of other countries over the welfare and well-being of their own, the US taxpayers need to keep in mind that Karma serves its plates cold and when they are in dire situations, and it never fails.

The people of the countries invaded by the US military to protect its Israel project hold the USA directly responsible for all the war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocides committed by Israel.

The Russian role in Israel’s war crimes continues to puzzle the Syrian people, despite the overall support for the Russian people and their fight against neo-Nazism by the vast majority of the Syrians.

The Syrian people cannot help but wonder why Russia insists on supporting Israel directly and indirectly, Russia withheld the deliveries of weaponry including at the time modern S300 air defense systems to Syria in the year 2010 upon instructions from Israel’s current PM Netanyahu to the Russian President Putin paving the way for the US-led war of terror and later the US-led bombing campaigns of Syria, and Russia has an active military agreement with both Israel and the US to coordinate their aerial movements in Syria’s skies!

Russia commitment to Israel Security - Lavrov - Putin

Russia, whose top officials including President Putin and his Foreign Minister Lavrov never failed to express their commitment to Isreal’s security at a time when Russia’s only proven real ally throughout its modern history, Syria, is being bombed by Israel, the top Russian officials never fail to remind the Syrian leadership that their help in Syria is limited to combating terrorism.

Israel’s bombing of Syria and the assassination of Iranian officials in Syria will not go unanswered, even if the current Israel genocide of Gaza stops and even if there is a peace treaty signed across the region, very highly unlikely, but even then, there’s a price that will be paid by Israel and its sponsors for the war crimes they have committed and continue to commit on behalf of the Anti-Christ.

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  1. D Allam

    Do you recall the United States paid for the immigration of many Jewish people from Russia to Israel. Therefore there may be cooperation between Israelis of Russian background and the current Russian government. The United States supports Israel openly and Russia supports Israel covertly. Just putting this out for discussion.

  2. Julius Caesar

    There are evil competing factions creating illusions of division but the goal is world domination. Europe’s SMOM are the architects of war, the Nero Aristocrazia and Holy Roman aristocrats like the Habsburgs from Austria, the Hohenzollers and Hesses from Germany, the Orsinis and Medicis from Italy and the Savoias from Switzerland. They have created a web that bridges to evil all around the world, and not just Baltimore or Crimea, and use whatever they can to weaken humanity.


    “He who hesitates is Lost”

    Reply to ISRAEL where it hurts the most and such that the Israelis CANNOT prove who did the deed, we call JUSTICE.

  4. Muhammad Turkmani

    A war criminal entity created by former colonizers to get rid of their own citizens who they dislike and place them in the middle of hostile environment to sow division and chaos through killings and mayhem, sponsored by every former colonization and murderous regime in the world for the same purpose, what do you expect from them other than fulfilling the mission tasked by their sponsors, the servants of the AntiChrist and breaching every international law in doing so with impunity as they are protected by those same sponsors?

  5. Liz

    As to, “servants of the AntiChrist”, yup; that’s my whole family and former friends; must have been something they ate or stepped in.

  6. Liz

    You can’t accept gift card payments? Why not? In the USA just donating can cost us our lives. So you need to know all about who loves ?

    • Arabi Souri

      Dear Liz, you can safely donate to Syria News via PayPal using your PayPal account or any credit card supported by them as the site is based in Germany and has no connections to Syria, you can send us crypto currency, Amazon US gift cards – share the coupon code through our Contact page, and you can always support us by subscribing to our Patreon page monthly or a one off.

      Details are on the Donate page ( and message us (the

      Thank you.

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