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Bureau of Non Aligned Movement at the UN Condemns Israeli Aggression on Research Center in Jamraya

Feb 05, 2013

NEW YORK, (SANA)- Coordination Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement at the UN in New York condemned in the strongest terms the Israeli Aggression on one of the scientific research centers in Jamraya, Damascus countryside, calling on the UN Security Council to shoulder its responsibility and condemn this hostile act.

In a statement adopted on Tuesday, the Bureau said ” the Coordination Bureau condemns the aggressive act committed by Israel against the Syrian Arab Republic on January 30th, 2013 when Israeli warplanes violated the Syrian airspace and raided the research center in Jamraya. The attack resulted in the death of two Syrian civilians and the injury of five others, in addition to material damages and destruction of the building.”

The Bureau considered this act as a grave violation of the international law as it infringes the Syrian sovereignty and constitutes a flagrant violation of the principles of the UN Charter and the Disengagement forces Agreement of 1974.

“The Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement, while expressing solidarity with Syria and holding Israel responsible for this hostile attack and its repercussions, calls on the UN Security Council to assume responsibility and condemn this aggressive act,” the statement added.

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