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The Vatican Refuses to Receive Syrian Opposition for Supporting Terrorism Against Christians in Syria

A Media source close to Pope Benedict XVI has revealed, a request made by the French Ambassador to the Vatican for a meeting with Head the ” Doha Coalition”  Maaz Khatib and his deputy George Sabra, has been rejected by the Vatican..

The French Ambassador to the Vatican, Bruno Jouber last week formally requested a meeting for the so-called preacher and Sabra with the Pope, but was denied, with the Vatican stating they did not support Terrorism.

The source explained that the Frenchman guaranteed the intentions of Khatib and his deputy, and had explained the position of the opposition represented by the situation of Christians in Syria, and recounted by the news media the persecution they are exposed to at the hands of affiliated Armed groups.

But the position of the Vatican Secretariat, which was officially informed of the French ambassador, stressed that this will not be determined before the issue of the Syrian opposition  represented by Khatib’s formal position on condemning the suffering of Christians in Syria at the hands of Insurgents.

The source said that Secretarial Vatican was keen to remind the French Ambassador that this opposition represented by Khatib expressed clearly their support for Al-Qaeda, represented by “Al-Nusra Front” which plays a large part in the attacks being waged against Christians in Syria, as well as play other Armed Groups of the Muslim Brotherhood, which form the backbone of the coalition.

The Vatican is not alone in their conclusion of the “Syrian Opposition”, with prominent and respected Muslim Scholar Sheikh Imran Hossein also describing the “Syrian Opposition” as Terrorists:.

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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