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NATO’s Israel and Al Qaeda Bomb of Aleppo Murdering Syrians

Israel and Al Qaeda Bomb Aleppo and Damascus Murdering Syrians

In a coordinated aerial bombing campaign, the US-sponsored genocide Israel and NATO proxy Al Qaeda Levant terrorists carried out an intensive aerial bombardment campaign targeting several posts in Aleppo province, the aggression by the tools of the collective NATO ‘defensive’ alliance resulted in the murdering and injuring of Syrian civilians and military personnel.

The Syrian military spokesperson said in a statement conveyed by the Syrian news agency SANA:

“At approximately 1:45 a.m., the Israeli enemy launched an air aggression from the direction of Athriya, southeast of Aleppo, targeting several points in the Aleppo countryside, in conjunction with a drone attack carried out by terrorist organizations from Idlib and the western Aleppo countryside in an attempt to target civilians in the city of Aleppo and its environs.” Pointing out that the Israeli aggression resulted in the martyrdom and wounding of civilians and soldiers and the occurrence of material losses to public and private property.”

SANA concludes the above report with a one-line sentence about the Israeli aggression that preceded the bombing of Aleppo and which targeted an apartment building in Damascus countryside without much elaboration:

“Two civilians were martyred and material damage was caused as a result of an Israeli aggression that targeted a residential building in the Damascus countryside yesterday.”

Shortly after 1 am, Damascus local time, we started receiving reports from local sources on the ground in southern Idlib of attempts by the terrorists to wage a large-scale aerial bombing from their posts in Idlib toward the cities in southern Idlib and northern Hama countryside which was then followed by the beginning of the terrorist bombing of Aleppo from the west of the province in coordination with the Israeli bombing of the city coming from the south of the province.

During the bombing, the different ‘activists’ and media channels of Al Qaeda terrorists were cheering the Israeli bombing of Aleppo, and previously of Damascus countryside, with amplifying their propaganda campaign to include claims of destroying Aleppo International Airport and other major infrastructure facilities in northern Syria.

The Israeli fighter jets that carried out the bombing of Aleppo used an air corridor provided to them by the illegal US military base in the Al Tanf region in the furthest southeast of Syria on the border junction between Syria, Jordan, and Iraq. The USA and Israel have agreements with Russia to coordinate their aerial movements over Syria!

Israel and Al Qaeda Levant (aka Nusra Front – HTS) carried out their bombing of Aleppo and Damascus after the US bombing of Syria a day earlier which followed the bombing of the illegal US air base in Kharab Al Jir in Hasakah province by the Syrian and Iraqi resistance, the US bombing was avenged by the resistance factions bombing at least 2 US military bases in northeastern Syria inflicting direct damage in the bombed bases, our local sources confirmed.

NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda Levant and its various offshoots and affiliated terrorist groups, especially in Idlib and northern Hama, have been further escalating their terrorist attacks against all the towns, villages, and cities, in addition to engaging the Syrian Arab Army units defending those urban centers ever since Israel seemed to be losing the genocidal war it started in retaliation to the humiliating defeat it sustained in the 6-hours war the besieged Palestinian factions in Gaza waged against it to break out of the world’s largest and last concentration camps.

Meanwhile, Israel’s genocide of the people of Gaza continues despite the United Nations Security Council resolution demanding a ceasefire only because of the control of the anti-Christ preaching political Zionist movement and its mega Evangelical Church over the decision-makers in Washington and Western Europe and shamefully, the silence of the rest of the world.

Watch 20.000 Orthodox Jews in New York protest against Zionist Israel and its military – 13 June 2017, real Jews consider the creation of a state for their religion as blasphemy:

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