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The Death of Abbas Khan, The British Doctor

Abbas Khan a British doctor arrested among a group of terrorists in Syria

The International Committee of the Red Cross said that on Saturday the body of the British doctor Abbas Khan is to be delivered to the British embassy in Beirut from Syria, where it was announced on Wednesday the death of a doctor in a prison after his arrest for more than a year.

A Representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Damascus Simon Schorno said that the committee will receive the body of a doctor from a hospital in Damascus and will be heading out towards the border with Lebanon, which is supposed to be reached by before noon ( 10:00 GMT) .

At the border , the body receives a delegation from the International Committee of the Red Cross in Lebanon , to be handed over later to the British authorities represented by its embassy in Beirut .

Damascus announced Wednesday that the doctor ‘committed suicide by hanging himself in prison’, pointing out that he was imprisoned for doing illegal business.

And noted the Syrian Foreign Ministry in the medical report that the cause of death was ‘asphyxia by hanging’ and that the hanging was self- that is to say who did it is the same person with intent to commit suicide, ‘confirmed the absence of ‘any traces of violence or intensity or resistance’ on the corpse.

Abbas Khan a British doctor arrested among a group of terrorists in Syria
Abbas Khan a British doctor arrested among a group of terrorists in Syria, he hung himself in his prison

The deceased entered the country illegally and was embedded with terrorist groups sponsored by the west and their regional stooges to destroy the secular state of Syria and turn it into another Somalia. His role was very much equal to the Zionist Israeli doctors treating Alqaeda FSA members in hospitals in occupied Palestine then sending them back into Syria to continue their terror against the civilians and the state facilities.

Entering Syria illegally itself is a crime the Syrian law punishes for at least 5 years in prison followed by deportation, and supporting terror is punished by the capital punishment in Syria and in most of the countries worldwide, something the Syrian government has not yet implemented since the start of the western-led riots in March 2011 that led to over 120,000 dead and times more wounded, millions displaced and a huge destruction to the country’s infrastructure. His death coincided with a triple suicide attack on the country’s leading Al Kindi cancer treatment hospital in Aleppo..

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