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The embattled democratic dictator Obama orders Youtube to implement American democracy and remove videos revealing the truth

Miri Wood, R.N.,c.

Under the cowardly cover of darkness, the night of 11 December, 2013, began one of the most hideous massacres against the Syrian population, in the industrial city of Adra, 30km from Damascus: The blood-lusting savages started by attacking the police station, murdering and martyring all within the building.

Next, the Obama-McCain-Kerry-Saud death squads (bipartisan, and globalist) moved to the Public Clinic, where they immediately beheaded a “shabiha” nurse, and hung his severed head from a tree in the market — because that, as any State Department mouthpiece will tell you, is what every self-respecting freedom fighter will do. Several other severed heads joined his, in that tree. Soon, other decapitated heads joined that of the nurse, in that tree.

Adra Massacre - Another Black Stain in the Humanitarian Bastards' Register
Adra Massacre – Another Black Stain in the Humanitarian Bastards’ Register

Adra has a population of over 100,000, and houses 600 manufacturing industrial plants and grain silos. It is part of the Ghouta province, the Ghouta in which the barbarians launched their most recent chemical weapons attack on the Syrian people (after which, because some of the savages killed themselves, while attempting to launch the missiles, they blabbed that they acquired the CWs from our friends, the fascist Sauds [1]).

Unraveling the levels of hideousness in this most recent atrocity against the Syrian Arab Republic, is like peeling layer after layer from a pungent, yellow Spanish onion; by the time you reach what should be the inner circle, you are weeping, emotionally, and physiologically: Adra has been acity of hope, within an invaded country. On 2 May, of this year, Ziad Badour, Director of Adra Industrial City, told Syria Arab News Agency (SANA), that creative responses to U.S. unilateral economic attacks against Syria, had given rise to more than 48,000 job opportunities in that region [2]. Adra has both received workers from different parts of the country and absorbed internal refugees from Douma, Yabroud, and Nabk — farms of Ghouta — who had been terrorized by the mostly foreign mercenaries funded and trained by NATO, GCC, and related Mafiosi members. The Syrian government has built 1200 housing units for its internally displaced people, in Adra.

Among the relocated were 500 sleeper cells joined by another monstrously depraved 2,000 barbarians, from outside Adra’s city limits. Those within had transformed themselves to a look of ordinary normalcy; they shaved their lice-infested Wahhabi beards, trashed their demonically medieval Seventh Seal garb, and donned the costume of human being, with plans to quench, temporarily, their insatiable blood lust.

By morning, what should have been a gift of poetically sonorous snow brought by winter storm Alexa, non-melting snow that Syrian children should have been playing in, had been perversely violated by liters and liters of human blood, blood caused to rain down by the skank immorality of monsters whose depravity knows no bottom. Mood music was the reverberation of blasphemous Takfirist blood curdling screams of takbeer…

Though some reports claimed that the swift brutality with which the al Qaeda monsters launched their attacks in Adra was “payback” for their losses in Qalamoun, caused by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the complexity of their nocturnal movements belie this oversimplification; these nocturnal movements exuded the horrific stench of the Nazi Kristallnacht. [3]

The atrocities against the people of Adra, continued into daylight, frenzied: Families have been kidnapped. Families have been incinerated within their homes, as the [primarily] U.S. and Saud backed sociopaths contained them, and set fire to their houses (the Saud Wahhabi sex jihadists have a history of watching children die in fires; in 2002, the sexual deviants of the Authority for Prevention of Vice and Promotion of Virtue, proved its own virtue by allowing 15 girls to die in a school fire, because they were not “properly covered.” It took ten years for any story about this fire to not be prefaced with “it was reported.” [4]). One man, Nizar Hassan, in fear for what might become of his children — given that most of the kidnapped become “disappeared,” and that children in Turkish and Jordan “Syrian refugee camps” become sex slaves to the world’s affluent pedophiles, and that little Syrian boys have their tongues cut out, before being shot in the head — blew up himself and his family.

The daylight saw no respite from the infinite brutality of the monsters that CNN and the NYT call “freedom fighters.”

Syrians going to their bakeries, for morning bread, became burnt offerings during the time it took to stuff them into the large ovens, and burn them to death.

The holocaust has been brought to Syria.

The holocaust has been brought to Syria, yet where are the western media to report on this? Where are the shameless Amanpours and Sangers, who harangued their audiences with the Brun lies of sarin use, offering President Nerobomba the kafkaesque excuse to bomb Syria — which was sabotaged in the 11th hour? How is it possible for them “to sleep at night,” having not uttered a monosyllable of condemnation of these Syrian people as burnt offerings?

We know where that U.S. senator, McQaeda McCain, is, right now. The politician who cynically ignores the economic plight of both his constituency and the entire population of the American population, is in Kiev, working on his third coup, in the last few years. He has also been silent on the holocaust brought to Syria.

As of this writing, the only person who has even mentioned the massacre against Adra, is the MI5/6 dog in London, British intelligence’s mouthpiece who runs the Syrian Observatory for Human Rites [sic], and the report is the propaganda of “sectarian violence,” now being floated by a handful of blogs, by a handful of writers who ignore the fact that most of the Syrian population’s religious persuasion is Sunni Muslim — including the martyred Sheikh al-Bouti, blown up in mosque with 52 of his students while teaching real Islam.

The SAA is fighting to liberate Adra from the 2,500 invaders.

Blood still stains the snow in Adra.

Soon, perhaps, the severed heads will be removed from the tree.

[1] This article was referenced in Ambassador Ja’afari’s 12 December speech to the United Nations.
[3] Small wonder, as both those fascists and the fascists unleashed to destroy Syria, were funded by the same London/Wall Street financier interests (subsequently to ascertain that their Frankenstein monsters no longer heel.

The embattled democratic dictator Obama orders Youtube to implement American democracy and remove videos revealing the truth
The embattled democratic dictator Obama orders Youtube to implement American democracy and remove videos revealing the truth

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  1. Martin

    The Us government is the real agressor in our world !

    They talk with a snake tongue ! putting there nose in others business only for getting more power !

    The game they are playing is so dangerous , all over the world people starting to hate each other ,muslims agains cristians ,cristians agains muslims , west against east , people are blinded by a big lie !
    All we see on tv is created to blind us , in the meanwhile they deliver many weapons to terrorists !
    Trying to control the whole world

    Slowly the world turns against the Us government , all whe need is peace
    People are getting tyred , Big Brother has to be stopped !
    Pure evil they are !

    I wish you all the best and peace ( people from all over the world )

  2. Ivan88

    Who in the Syrian government is helping the terrorists to waltz around Syria and attack almost any place at will?

    How else can this attack be explained?

    Now HATO’s beloved Talmu-“Islamic” terrorists are in position to block the main highway from Damascus to Homs, and the highway to Baghdad.

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