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Killers of Top Muslim Scholar Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Buti


Top Muslim renowned scholar-teacher of real Islam Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Buti, of Kurdish origins, born in Turkey 1929, studied Islam and taught it to over a million students, of course, the real Islam and not the Wahhabi one that supports Al Qaeda.

Top Muslim Scholar
Muhammad Saeed Ramadan Buti

In the 1980s wave of terror by the Muslim Brotherhood (Al Qaeda’s political wing) the FSA then known as Vanguard Fighters assassinated Dr. Buti’s son. Now they sent him a suicide bomber who killed him inside a mosque while he was teaching Islam to his students and the blast took the lives of 49 students, per the latest toll, in addition to himself and his grandson.

Suicide Bombers do not represent Islam even if they claim so as Islam prohibits suicide to start with, and prohibits killing innocent people with no reason, and their claim they do it in the name of Islam is just to distort the real image of this religion and the Sheeple fall for it.

Watch the Wahhabi clerics responsible for his deaths, GRAPHIC Images included:

His funeral was attended by tens of thousands, and if all of those are Shabeeha (regime thugs), then where are the ‘oppressed peaceful protesters’?!

Buti funeral

As Arabi Souri kept saying for the past 24 months: They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable.

The real terrorists
The real terrorists

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  1. Douglas Chalmers

    Note the FSA flag behind the crazy sheikh Adnan Aroor when he is standing @ 2.17+ [its the French colonial-era flag used by the FSA… which should tell you something about their backers, uhh]


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