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The truth about the Death of al Bouti

Top Islamic cleric martyr Bouti with president Assad

Mohamed Said Ramadan Al-Bouti was a notable Sunni Muslim scholar (“Shaykh of the Levant”). He was killed on 21 March 2013, during the Syrian civil war, reportedly in a bomb explosion though “many questions about the death” have been raised by videos of the scene.
his family immigrated to Damascus when Al-Bouti was four years old.Al-Bouti was soon enrolled in religious education in Damascus.
In 2010, Al-Bouti narrated a dream he had to his students, and it was “the first time he gets out of scientific context and talks about such a thing” according to them. He said he had dreamed of “a great divine anger represented by a black cloud over Syria and spreading diseases and blood like cancer does”, unless The Government and people of Syria “renew the pact with Allah”. And later on, during the Syrian uprising in 2012, he narrates another where he was “boded” with the end of the Fitnah (trial from God) in an unknown date
Following the outbreak of the Syrian revolution in March 2011, Al-Bouti criticized anti-regime protests and urged demonstrators not to follow “calls of unknown sources that want to exploit mosques to incite sedition and chaos in Syria He accused “International Masonry” and “Christian Zionism” of causing the events in Syria and the Arab world behind the curtains and called it “a hidden war against Islam” rather than a revolution.
Al-Bouti was killed while giving a religious lesson to students at the Iman Mosque in the central Mazraa district of Damascus. The bomb attack reportedly killed at least 42 people and wounded more than 84. It marked the first time during the civil war a suicide bomber detonated explosives inside a mosque. Al-Bouti’s death is said to have removed “one of the few remaining pillars of opposition to the uprising.Bal-assadal-boutiut who really killed him and why and what truly happened….?
Al-Nusra-Affiliated Terrorists Confess to Assassination of Sheikh al-Bouti
An armed terrorist group affiliated to Al-Nusra front confessed to the assassination of Sheikh Mohammad Said Ramadan al-Bouti at al-Iman Mosque in Damascus after it was ordered by the leader of the front, according to SANA.

Terrorists confessing (SANA)”After that Sheikh al-Bouti criticized al-Nusra operations in Syria we were ordered to kill him due to a fatwa by the legislative general official of al-Nusra front , nicknamed Abu Khadijeh al-Ordoni, ” the armed terrorist group said in their confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Saturday.

The terrorist group said it was planned to assassinate Sheikh al-Bouti at al-Hamidiyyeh Souk after he finishes a Friday sermon at the Umayyad Mosque while his car passes across the Souk.

“The plan was changed after we get information that Sheikh al-Bouti addresses a religious lesson every Thursday at al-Iman Mosque so the assassination took place at the Mosque,” the terrorists said.

They said that the plan of attacking Sheikh al-Bouti car by a person wearing an explosive belt was changed for fears that the car could be armored.

The terrorists added that al-Nusra front did not adopt the assassination as it was strongly condemned and rejected by the Syrian people because the assassination targeted a religious figure and a big number of worshipers.

On March 21, a suicide bombing targeted Sheikh al-Bouti while he was addressing a religious lesson at al-Iman Mosque.

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