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US Bombs Syrian Soldiers, Aiding al Qaeda, Again

Miri Wood

Just 6 days after commemorating the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the US has bombed a position of the Syrian Arab Army, near the Deir Ezzor Airport.

Sixty-two (62) Syrian soldiers were martyred in this attack. 

The General Command of the Army and Armed Forces “said that this act is a serious and blatant aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic and its army, and constitutes conclusive evidence that the United States and its allies support ISIS and other terrorist organizations, stressing that this act reveals the falseness of their claims of fighting terrorism.”

At the time of the US bombing, Israel was busy, again, aiding the takfiri by bombing Khan Arnaba, in Quneitra. Casualties are unknown at this writing.  On 13 September, Syrian air defenses shot down an illegal Israeli bomber jet, and an Israeli drone, when Israel attacked a Syrian military position in southern Quneitra province.


The US and Russia brokered a new cessation of hostilities (“truce regime”), effective 12 September.  As of this morning, the (again unilateral) ceasefire had been breached by the terrorists of various “rebel contras” gangs, 199 times.

The first Russia-US brokered “cessation” resulted in terrorists adding 7,000 to their ranks, and acquiring arms and munitions, according to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, as reported in RT on 15 August.


As horrific as this war crime is, it does not come as a total surprise.  On 8 August, during yet another anti-Syria meeting at the UN (in a very long list of anti-Syria meetings), Samantha Power oddly noted that three days earlier, the terrorist Jabhat al Nusra had joined armed “opposition” gangs in the launching of a counter offensive against the SAR in Aleppo — just days after CNN, Terrorists Most Trusted Name in News, gave a public relations make-over to al Qaeda in Syria, providing an international audience to an Australian takfiri in Syria.

In July 2014, an al Qaeda insider gave an extensive interview to al Maydeen TV, in which he reported that the US has always known it was supporting terrorists against Syria.

The US CENTCOM  issued a FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE statement claiming that “the Combined Air Operations Center has earlier informed Russian counterparts of the upcoming strike…as a professional courtesy,” and that it halted “airstrike in progress” when Russian counterparts informed “that it was possible the personnel and vehicles targeted were part of the Syrian military.”


Russia denies having received this “professional courtesy.”  

If Russian officials are smart they should take advantage of this incident to ask for the total halt of US activities within Syria due to lack of coordination with the Syrian government and the Syrian government should ask for explanation, expulsion of US and other troops, and compensation. 

CNN‘s Barbara Starr has tweeted that “US official says condolence payments to Syrian families of troops killed in airstrike will be considered based on claims presented.”

On 5 May 2012, Ambassador Bashar al Ja’afari’s request for a moment of silence for Syrian martyrs was rejected.


Might he receive one, now, with the slaughter of 62 Syrian soldiers?

His diplomatic colleagues still have not called upon the State Department to release him from the 25mi/40km mobility restriction imposed upon him in early 2014, as means of censoring his successful Town Hall Meetings across the US.

On 10 September, the Syrian statesman addressed the Schiller Institute September 11 Memorial Conference, in Manhattan.  He described the “tragedy of 9/11” as the “one of the most sad and grievous days in the whole history of United States.”

Countries of the world should join in Syria’s mourning, Syria which has been fighting terrorism on behalf of all of humanity, for more than five terrible, dark, years.  Were our leaders not murderously complicit in the most heinous international conspiracy in the history of the human race, international landmarks would be lit in the colors of the Syrian flag, in solidarity with the grief of the Syrian people.

righteous world
In a righteous world

This writer extends her deepest condolences to the Syrian Arab Republic; may the memories of your beloved martyrs be for a blessing.


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  1. dontgetfooledagain

    ON AUSTRALIA’S ROLE IN THE MASSACRE OF SYRIAN SOLDIERS – Questions to Ms Bishop, Australian Foreign Minister

    (HTML source code is at: . Please feel welcome to republish if you think it will be of interest.)

    The Syrian Arab Army is the army of the Syrian state. On 17 September 2016 eighty SAA soldiers were killed in an airstrike by American and Australian forces which did not even have permission to be in Syria. Australia is not at war with Syria. Here is a personal letter, followed by a statement from Hands off Syria, Sydney. Marlene Obeid declares her shock at hearing of Australia’s participation in the deaths of Syrian soldiers. She asks for an explanation of the Australian government’s condolences, given that Australia is part of a Coalition illegally invading Syria. Tim Anderson, speaking for Hands Off Syria Sydney, asks, “Will the Australian Government hand over to the Syrian authorities or the International Court of Justice those Australians who were accomplices in this atrocity?”

  2. rymerchanthotmail

    Israel and America is the biggest terrorist hub on this planet and want to destroy everything whom he does not like it. America is also playing in the hand of Zionism and what his Boss order and obey his order. American government is characterless, they think that Jews are godfather and giving new technology to prepare terrorist groups and send to other part of the world. President Obama don’t call Islamic state (ISIL) say American and Israel State of Terrorism Group (AISTG). Kill innocent people on this planet and enjoy. The whole American govt. and armies are playing in the hand of Zionism. Shame shame super power.
    This war will take to Iran. Syria, Iraq and Iran will be destroyed completely to form Greater Israel State on the Arab land. Monarchs of Arabs become the slave of Zionism. They are enjoying with beautiful girls of Mossad and CIA, because they are in Heaven. You (Syria, Iraq and Iran) should thing of the future of Arab. We condolence Syrian, Iraqi people and armies who are killing in these terrorist attack…Rafat Yusufi


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