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Syria Chastises the USA for Blocking Palestine’s UN Membership

Syria Chastises the USA for Torpedoing Palestine's Membership at the UN

Syria strongly condemned the continuous support Israel receives from a handful of mostly Western countries with the USA at the forefront aiding the Zionist entity in its wars against humanity and the genocide it’s committing in Gaza and chastised the United States of America for vetoing the bid for Palestine’s state membership at the UN Security Council.

Failing to obtain statehood membership at the UNSC, the matter of joining the United Nations was referred to voting at the non-binding United Nations General Assembly where 143 countries voted in favor of granting Palestine’s state full membership at the UN with 9 countries voting against including the Zionist Biden’s United States of America, and the abstention of 25 countries.

Following the overwhelming vote in favor of the Palestinian people, the Syrian representative to the United Nations Ambassador Koussay AlDahhak delivered Syria’s statement condemning the criminals Israel and its backers, the video with English translation followed by the statement’s transcript:

The video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and YouTube.

I thank you, Mr. President,

Thank you for resuming the emergency special session of the general assembly which is being held as we witness the continuation of the humanitarian suffering in the Gaza Strip as the result of the wars of genocide, the war crimes, and the crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinian people, these crimes have led to the martyrdom of over 35,000 Palestinians most of whom are women and children.

The pain and suffering of the Palestinian people under the yoke of occupation have been met with widespread international solidarity and were accompanied by strong demands to put an end to the genocide being perpetrated by Israel and to give the Palestinians legitimate rights as affirmed by the principles of this organization and relevant resolutions.

My country, Syria voted along with over 140 states in favor of the resolution just adopted by the General Assembly to ask the Security Council to favorably reconsider Palestine’s application for full membership in the United Nations in a manner that would support this membership and would do justice to the Palestinian people who are suffering under the occupation.

Mr. President, granting Palestine full membership in the United Nations is an entrenchment of the principles of international law and the principles of the United Nations, it is an achievement of rights and a recognition of an inherent and inalienable right of the Palestinian people and the fact the majority of member states voted a few minutes ago in favor of this resolution clearly shows their call for lifting the oppression that the Palestinian people have been subject to for almost eight decades.

The lies, the claims, and the shows that the representative of the Israeli occupying regime puts on will not succeed in hiding this truth.

Syria confirms that the fact that the United States and some of its allies attempt to stop the establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state on Palestinian soil and their use of the veto last time against granting Palestine membership will only contribute to prolonging the lack of security and stability that was created by the Israeli occupation of the lands of several Arab states in Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon.

Syria confirms that its vote for the resolution is an expression of its firm and principled position that strongly supports the Palestinian people and their legitimate rights and this in no way means a recognition of Israel or removing its attribution as an occupier, and here we renew our demand for putting the United Nations resolution of relevance into action to put an end to the occupation and to guarantee a full Israeli withdrawal from occupied Arab territories including the occupied Syrian Golan, and until the 4th of June 1967 lines.

Mr. President, Syria condemns in the strongest terms the barbaric Israeli attack that continues against the sisterly Palestinian people and the accompanying and repeated attacks on Syrian land and our people in the occupied Syrian Golan, we demand an end to this aggression.

Syria condemns the unlimited support that some Western states are offering with the United States at their forefront, we condemn the support that is being given to Israel as it perpetrates violations crimes, and aggressions in Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon and we condemn that it prevents the Security Council from upholding its responsibilities to maintain international peace and security.

This shows this Western support for Israel by a handful of Western states, this support shows the hypocrisy and double standards in dealing with matters of human rights and with matters on the maintenance of international peace and security and the noble principles and values that have been upheld in the Charter of the United Nations.

Syria reiterates its support for the Palestinian people as they struggle to liberate their occupied land, we stress the need to immediately stop the Israeli aggression to offer urgent humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza and to stop their forceful displacement and eviction and we warn of the dangers of attacking Rafah, which is the last resort for the people of Gaza.

My country confirms the need to hold accountable Israeli war criminals for the crimes that they have perpetrated and to guarantee that they do not enjoy impunity.

I thank you, Mr. President.

End of the Transcript.

Worth noting that Palestine does not need a new resolution from the United Nations to establish its state nor obtain membership in the United Nations, the very same Resolution of 1947 that recognized the establishment of the so-called State of Israel as a result of dividing Palestine recognized the State of Palestine on the leftover of land after the victors of inter-European World War II decided to get rid of their Jewish populations and expel them to Palestine.

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  2. Doug

    FYI the United States is occupied by Israel especially the Congress, Senate and White House. Has been for decades.

  3. Muhammad Turkmani

    As long as the evil powers controlling the United States and its poodles in the UK and Western Europe are in power, there’s no hope from the United Nations and its numerous bodies, or any international agreement or convention involving any of those criminals.


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