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Israel Bombs Syria: Murders Child, Wounds Several in Baniyas

Child Martyr Diana M Sabbagh Murdered by Israeli bombing of Baniyas Syria 29 May 2024

Israel bombed a residential neighborhood in Baniyas, Syria, on 29 May, at approximately 1930, Damascene time. The rogue state, shortly after making its ‘tragic mistake’ of bombing a ‘safe’ tent encampment in Rafah, leaving several corpses in pugilistic attitude, doubled its war crimes by breaching Lebanese airspace for this most recent bombing of the Levantine Republic.

At this writing, Israel’s most recent war crime has resulted in the murder of a young Syrian girl, injuries of undisclosed levels of ten Syrians, and ”material damages.”

Child Martyr Diana M Sabbagh Murdered by Israeli bombing of Baniyas Syria 29 May 2024

NOTICE: We are NOT sorry for showing the above image and your discretion was not advised, you should see the crimes Western taxpayers fund with their hard-earned tax money and what their ‘democratically’ elected leaders are supporting, and the same applies to the citizens of countries that continue to maintain any relation with the pariah ‘state of Israel’. ~Arabi Souri

Western readers of Syria News may recognize Baniyas: On 22 June 2019, Syrian engineers discovered that six undersea pipelines at the Tartous Marine Terminal had been sabotaged; on 27 January 2020, state-sponsored terrorists or outsourced mercenaries planted and detonated undersea bombs, to destroy the terminal and create an ecological disaster for the region.

Also at the time of this writing, the NATO junta ruling the United Nations has been mute. Nato-affiliated media reports have been negligible, with Reuters stealthily continuing to normalize Israeli war crimes against Syria in its claim that “[the] attacks [are] against what it has described as Iran-linked targets in Syria, where Tehran’s influence has grown…”.

Reuters continues to surreptitiously normalize Israel's war crimes against Syria.

Israel engages is plausible deniability.

Israeli media has continued its plausible deniability by reporting on Syria’s official statement. Israel is also playing a new game of phony distancing itself from the UK/EU fraudulent Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, founded by three time felon Rami Abdul Rahman who jumped bail during his fourth trial – in 2000 – ‘fleeing’ to Britain. Israel has now come to call the SOHR “a British-based war monitor of unclear funding” while claiming the one-man band has a “network of sources inside Syria” (a mere twenty – four years after jumping bail), citing claims that “three pro-Hezbollah Syrian fighters” were killed in a “parallel” nearby bombing, and whining about “Iranian influence.”

For the record: There is no such thing as “pro – Hezb Allah Syrian fighters” in Syria. There is conscription. There is also International Law, which states that sovereign countries can invite the militaries and militias of other countries to assist in self – defense against all terrorist foreign invaders.

Syrian Arab Army SAA

Since 5 May 2013, when Israel committed itself to being al Qaeda’s first air force, bombing Damascus countryside while FSA terrorists preserved the Kodak moment with pristine video of the war crimes, while cheering, NATO and Gulfies killers in Syria increased their acts of terrorism; one day after the bombing of Baniyas, cowardly terrorists remotely detonated a car, injuring three tourists in the vehicle, in the al Shammas neighborhood of Homs.

How many more Syrians will Israel murder, and with impunity?

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  1. Huda Hajjar

    Terrorists coming from all sides of the world and sponsored by the most evil people in the world just to kill us and destroy our future.


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