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Jaafari: End the Terrorist War Imposed on the Syrian People

by Miri Wood

On 29 September, after yet another “hysterical” meeting against Syria, by high-level UN officials, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, addressed the media — the western portion of which consistently neglects to report on his briefings — to again expose the complicity of UN member states in acts of terrorism against his country.

They got hysterical trying to mislead the public opinion.

His Excellency Bashar al Ja’afari began his statement by announcing that the “illegitimate” American forces had just bombed two bridges in Deir Ezzor, along the Euphrates River.  al Ashara and al Mayadeen bridges, used by hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians, were “bombed and destroyed completely.”

Deir Ezzor is spelled "Dyr az Zawr" in this map
Deir Ezzor is spelled “Dyr az Zawr” in this map

As these war crimes against Syria were not deemed newsworthy by US media, in an effort to provoke some sense of the daily life of Syrians, into the American psyche, what would be the international reaction if, for example, Britain had demolished the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, which connects Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Camden, New Jersey?

ben franklin bridge
Franklin Bridge

Dr. al Ja’afari stated that America is “obsessed with the city of Deir Ezzor,” as the destruction of these two bridges was a repeat criminal act of the bombing of the Syrian Arab Army military position at al Tharda, Deir Ezzor, 18 September.  The use of the word “obsessed” was no hyperbole, as 83 Syrian soldiers were massacred in that bombing, after which the “ISIS” gang the soldiers were fighting, immediately moved in to attack survivors — giving ISIS two air forces.  

This act confirms what we have repeatedly said that the American administration policy toward my country is not based …on humanitarian assistance…and combating terrorism.

Terrorist acts “have spread all over the world” since the US decided to illegally bomb his country.  The ambassador publicly humiliated John Forbes Kerry, for his absurd complaints that the US is having difficulty separating the various sects of takfiri:  There is no difference; all these labels apply to same kind of terrorists — al Qaeda.”

These people change their labels every day like the skins of snakes.*

Syria’s few allies in the ISSG had asked the US to “separate” these genetically modified terror gangs, one from another, almost one year ago [Ed. note:  Jordan, specifically, was placed in charge of ‘vetting’ the various gangs.  This is the same Jordan that had journalist Nahedh Hattar assassinated on the steps of the Palace of Justice, one week ago. Also noteworthy is that Jordan — and Turkey — delivered 3,000 tons of Croatian weapons to the “FSA” takfiri, between November 2012-February 2013.].

The Syrian government has the obligation to combat the terrorists wherever they are on the Syrian soil and to free this land from the bloodthirsty groups.

Dr. al Ja’afari reported that the 9 September Russian/American cessation of hostilities (authorized by his country) was rejected by ISSG members Turkey, Qatar, and the Saudis (these three have led the terrorist assault against the SAR, since the beginning of the crisis).  On the same day, 20 terrorists sects in Aleppo and Idlib signed a joint statement refusing to adhere to the agreement.

In response to an idiotic question — one that demonstrated the western reporter had ignored the diplomat’s entire statement — Syria’s ambassador answered that 250,000 Syrian civilians are being held hostage by the terrorists in eastern Aleppo, that the government opened four gates for the civilians, but the terrorists are blocking those corridors.

He added, emphatically, that the “issue is bigger than of ceasefire,” the issue is to stop the terrorist war imposed on the Syrian people:  “This war against us is unprecedented, as you know.”

The main issue for us is how to stop this terrorist war against our country.  We did not chose this war.

He reminded the reporters that Syrian refugees, both external, and the more than 8 million internally displaced, are forced to move because of the destruction of Syrian infrastructure, because of the coercive economic measures by the US and EU, against 23 million Syrians.  “They are leaving because they need to survive.”

On 5 May 2012, the UN rejected Ambassador al Ja'afari's request for a moment of silence for Syria's martyrs.
On 5 May 2012, the UN rejected Ambassador al Ja’afari’s request for a moment of silence for Syria’s martyrs.
We assure the world that we are taking back Aleppo Every other country has one capital, but Syria has two: Damascus and Aleppo
We assure the world that we are taking back Aleppo Every other country has one capital, but Syria has two: Damascus and Aleppo

Addenda:  H.E. al Ja’afari did not report on the recent shipment of GRAD missiles from Bulgaria, to the takfiri in Idlib, nor al Khanzeera’s most recent anti-Syria propaganda Orwellian news story.

In March 2014, the State Department attempted to demo[n]cratically censor Ambassador al Ja’afari’s cross-country educational Town Hall Meetings, by limiting his mobility to a 25mi/40km radius from the UN.  His most recent public engagement was in Manhattan, 10 September, when he addressed the Schiller Institute.  Video, and transcript, here.

July 18/19, the US and France criminally bombed Toukhan al Kubra and Manbij, massacring more than  200 Syrian civilians.

*On 1 August, CNN, terrorists’ most trusted name in news gave its international audience of 400 million households, to an Australian terrorist who has been illegally in Syria, for 5 years, to rehabilitate al Qaeda.  On 8 August, Samantha Power followed up on the bleaching of blood, by inviting several terrorists to speak at yet another anti-Syria meeting at the UN.  In her opening statement, she noted that Jabhat al Nusra — still on the US “terror list” — was fighting with non-terror list armed gangs.

In August of 2011, Ambassador al Ja’afari was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.  When Dr. Ja’afari stated that his people were being murdered by foreign terrorists, Cooper responded, “that’s not true!” and has never apologized for his criminal lie.

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