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3000 Tons of Croatian Weapons Given to the ‘Rebels’ in Syria

The Jordanian plane that shipped weapons from Croatia on 14/12/2012,
intended for the terrorists in Syria
Nov 2012-Feb 2013 Croatia had received 75 cargo and passenger planes from Jordan and Turkey. They took 3000 tons of Croatian weapons to the Syrian ‘rebels’. USA had organized the operation (arming FSA), KSA paid the bills, Turkey & Jordan moved the weapons through the Jordanian borders to Syria. The operation included taking weapons from other EU countries, like UK. 
According to videos some of the weapons have reached the hands of AlNusra Front. ‘Luaa Shuhada AlYarmouk’ the FSA group that kidnapped 21 UN peacekeepers have received its share from the weapons as well.
Videos of the FSA ascertain that they do own the following: recoilless gun M60, grenade launcher RBG-6, anti-tank grenade launcher M79, and the hand launcher RPG-22. The Croatian Armed Forces have & is still using all of these weapons.
Videos showing the proud ownership by FSA of some of the Croatian weapons:

– The above information were posted by real Syrian activists from Syria & around the world, not by western intelligent post offices duped activists.

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