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Syria: Busy Day of Slaughter for NATO Moderates

by Miri Wood

Monday 3 October was an assiduous day for the moderate and immoderate terrorists against Syria.

Rocket attacks (“rockets” are bombs, let us not ever forget) injured 5 when their homes were attacked, in neighborhoods of Aleppo.  Two persons were injured when rockets were launched at homes in three neighborhoods in Damascus.

These rocket attacks come just one week after the moderate savages of the FSA bragged about their brand new GRADS gift from NATO Bulgaria (most likely sent in the UN “humanitarian” convoys via Turkey), which were immediately used to fire upon Syrian soldiers in Aleppo.  These rocket attacks came just five days after the US moderately bombed and destroyed the al Ashara and al Mayadeen bridges in Deir Ezzor, used by hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians.  It would appear that the war criminal bombings of these bridges was the US’ means of apologizing for having massacred 83 Syrian soldiers, at their military positions in al Tharda.   The hour-long attack of the Syrian Arab Army soldiers provided evidence that al Qaeda in Syria now has two air forces:  That of the US, and that of Israel.

The day’s horrific slaughter, though, came when a bit of human garbage blew himself up at al Sanabel wedding hall, in al Hasakah province, on the Hasakah-Qamishli highway.  Thirty people were murdered, and 90 were injured.  Journalist Haval Issa was among the wounded; he is reported to be in stable condition.  We make a conscious decision to mention Mr. Issa by name, as a reminder that NATO msm ignores attacks on journalists unless they are US/UK/French mercenaries who have no histories of reporting, until used for propaganda against Libya, against Syria.  Consider the paltry reporting of the assassination of Nahed Hattar, under the watchful eye of Jordan security forces, in a sadistically perverse poetic inversionMr. Hattar was murdered by four bullets fired into his head, on the steps of the Palace of Justice. 

The barbarity of destroying the joyful beauty of marriages at this wedding hall is nothing new, among the inbred Saudi anti-Islam wahhabi sex jihadists.  Some of these gangs have forbidden them, condemning bliss, and music, and happiness.  For these human beasts, not only is a thing of beauty not a joy forever, it is something that must be destroyed.*

Archive:  Wahhabi human garbage
Archive: Wahhabi human garbage

One of the most famous obliterations of a wedding party, took place in the Philadelphia Ballroom at the Grand Hyatt in Amman, 9 November 2005.  The slaughter appears to have been a joint effort of Saudi-Jordan, to kill Syrian film-maker Mustapha al Akkad, who was on the Saudistan hit list.  Though al Akkad was most known for his “Halloween Massacre Movies,” his artistic dream was to build a bridge between the west, and Islam, via historical, epic movies.

al Akkar

These wahhabi demons that are funded, armed, trained by the west, and their Gulfie and Levantine underlings, abhor the senses of love and marriage, while supporting rape and murder.  Years before inbred Saudi camel beastialist and pedophile Muhammad al Arifi legitimized rape (“jihad al nikah,” which does not exist in the Holy Quran), the wahhabi Saudis were spending billions every year, in teaching its geopolitical desecration of Islam to impoverished villages of Indonesia.   Ambassador al Ja’afari described the horrors of Saudi wahhabi creationism in these small villages, at his presentation before the Schiller Institute, 10 September:

But all these women happened to fall victim in this way:  There are Saudi business people and Saudi religious clerics who come to Indonesia for business, for short periods of time — they spend twenty days, up to one month maximum over there.  So because they are so religious, they need to have sex with women in Indonesia.  How can they do it?  They go to the small villages in Indonesia, of very poor people–extremely poor people, but real, honest people; and they marry young girls, twelve years old or thirteen years old, and their dowry is only $100.  So they give the father $100 and the father gives them his daughter, thinking that giving his daughter to somebody coming from the Holy Land of Islam is itself a treasure… **

One bit of good news arrived, also on 3 October, albeit from foreign takfiri sources, claiming that Ahmad Salamah Marouk — a.k.a. “al Masri,” “the Egyptian” — was killed with two other terrorists, when their car was bombed.  al Masri, one of 360,000 foreign terrorist invaders of the SAR, has an interesting background.  It has been reported that he was incarcerated in Egypt, in Russia, and in Guantanamo, before discovering his raison d’être in murdering Syrians, in Syria.   More recently, the Egyptian was a member of the al Qaeda Jabhat al Nusra, given a whitewash, first by Clarissa Ward, via CNN, terrorists most trusted name in news, and then by UN Ambassador Samantha Power, when she cheerfully noted that JaN joined with US-supported terrorists to fight against the Syrian Arab Army, in its plans to liberate all of Aleppo from the child-beheaders holding it hostage.

We assure the world that we are taking back Aleppo  Every other country has one capital, but Syria has two:  Damascus and Aleppo
We assure the world that we are taking back Aleppo Every other country has one capital, but Syria has two: Damascus and Aleppo



Endymion, by John Keats

** In his advice to The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli describes how invading pathogens always pick off the most backward factions of the population of the countries they wish to conquer.

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    Request the editor of “Syrian News,” to please publish this petition on your front page and keep it there. We need to push against these policies of terror and deceit.

    “. . . the United States was seeking to push Russia into a hard situation to shoot down a civilian airliner by mistake to let Washington use such an incident as a pretext to create bad publicity against Moscow.” source:

    The US also has stated that covert action are on the table.


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