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Obama’s ‘Rebels’ New Low: Beheading Children on Camera

Moderate Cannibal Rebels Increasingly Depraved

by Miri Wood, RNc

Another takfiri offshoot of the fecund takfiri FSA mass murderers, proudly uploaded its heinous video of the savage decapitation of 12 year old Abdullah Issa, displaying it to the world, on 20 July.

Twelve year old Abdullah Issa’s malignantly sociopathic execution was the result of the boy having been accused of being a “soldier” in a militia aligned with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

Al Qaeda FSA/Zinki branch kidnapped 12 yr old Abdullah Issa & proudly videoed themselves carving off his head.

The SAA does not commit the war crime of conscripting children.

This viciously unspeakable horror has garnished world coverage, by msm, “independent” online journals, and bloggers — most of which have spent the past five plus years cheering every atrocity committed against Syrians as part of some glorious, orwellian, uprising.

Though this is the first time a child beheading has been flaunted by the takfiri, it is not the first hideous barbarity to be committed against Syrian children, nor against young university students:  School buses have been bombed, primary and secondary schools have been bombed, universities have been bombed, and cars near to children’s schools have been remotely detonated.

Sidra Ahmed was martyred outside the Imad Ali School, 2 September 2015, when a car near the school was remotely detonated.

In December 2012, there was no massive msm condemnation when young Mohammed Bader — Abdullah Issa’s age – – was forced by the FSA savages to hack off the head of a Syrian man, whose hands were tied behind his back, and whose shoes had been stolen.  In the video of that horror (which SyriaNews chooses not to post), the young boy is seen struggling with the hatchet.

Mohammad Badar Deir el Ezzor
Young Mohammed Bader forced by FSA to behead Syrian man. December 2012

This short news report (Arabic, only) contains an interview with Mohammed, months after he had been rescued by the SAA, and had been receiving intensive psycho-therapy for his ghastly trauma:

According to one Syrian source, this boy was only one among many children in Deir el Ezzor — Syria’s 7th largest city, and ‘home’ to endless bombings and other savagery — “trained by cannibals of Obama and MacCain [US Senator John McCain, who illegally entered the SAR in May 2013, to meet with various terrorists] ‘moderates’ of the FSA and behead and cut the throats of the SAA prisoners.”

Do you see the French opposition combating the French army or attacking the Tour Eiffel [Eiffel Tower]?  If this happens in France then what is happening in Syria could be considered normal.  However, it does not happen in France, and what is happening in Syria is not normal.  It’s abnormal; it violates international law, and it violates United Nations resolutions. — Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, in an interview with al Ahram Weekly, 20 March 2014


In the early days of the Syrian crisis, prior to the arrival of US TOW missiles, and an abundance of “non-lethal aid,” such as remote detonators, the terrorists functioned under one gang of domestic criminals and tens of thousands of foreigners who invaded the SAR:  The FSA (which continues to carry the neo-colonialist flag of Sykes-Picot French Mandate occupation).  This gang of demons carried out their atrocities in the most primitive forms — kidnappings, beheadings, suicide bombings, use of weapons grade chlorine in chemical attacks (the most primitive of chemical weapons) and baking Syrians in industrial ovens. 

  • FSA was on a beheading spree, within a short period of time, in 2013.
  • Islam scholar Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al Bouti was blown up in mosque, during prayer, in March 2013, not long after calling the FSA “scum.”
  • Syrian bishops Boulous Yazigi and Yuhanna Ibrahim were kidnapped by FSA terrorists one month later; their driver were murdered and dumped onto the street.
  • On 19 March 2013, FSA takfiri killed more than 25 Syrians, in Khan al Asal, with bombs containing weapons grade chlorine.
  • In December 2013, the FSA slaughtered more than 200 Syrians, in the industrial city of Adra.
  • In April 2013, the FSA decapitated two Syrian soldiers, and then grilled their heads.

The question has appropriately been asked, “with ‘moderate rebels’ like these, who needs terrorists?”.

On 21 April 2011, peaceful Arab Springers attacked vegetable deliveryman, Nidal Jannoud, in Baniyas. Jannoud was literally sliced to death. View Original (GRAPHIC)

Western msm, mouthpieces for their various countries’ war-mongering, did not report on the hundreds of vicious atrocities of the FSA; they only began reporting on such heinous actions after the arrival of ISIS takfiri, as with the brutal death of Dr. Khaled al Asaad, Director of Antiquities in Palmyra.  Professor Asaad had refused to leave his beloved Tadmor when it was safely evacuated by the SAA, in May 2015, and in August, was kidnapped by ISIS, who tortured him, beheaded him, hung his body to a street lamp with his severed head at his feet, wearing his glasses.

Consider, inversely, how the barbaric FSA cannibal was treated, after the video of him savagely cutting out the heart, lung, and liver of a murdered Syrian soldier, and eating his organs, went viral, in May 2013:  This monster was romanticized as some rancid “allegory of war,” and was literally wooed for interviews by multiple, “respectable” msm, including the skank BBC.

Cannibal Abu Sakkar, whose perverse deviance was romanticized by ‘respected’ news media. View Original (GRAPHIC)


Though no medium reported when the boy was savagely murdered, the massive news coverage came on 20 July, just one day after msm began publicizing the slaughter of more than 200 Syrian civilians, by fascist war criminal “coalition” bombers, the US (in Manbij, 18 July), and France (in Toukahan al Kubra, 19 July).  The US criminal bombings were immediately excused as accidental, and France’s criminal bombings were excused as kafkaesque retaliation for the Tunisian who used his truck to run over French pedestrians in Nice, 14 July.

The news of the beheading of this young boy halted reports on the recent war crimes of the US and France.

al Khanzeera, medium owned by the Gulfie gas station, Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter”’) white-washed the child’s brutal slaying by reporting that the FSA sub-contractor issued a statement calling the awful murder “individual error,” and claiming that the FSA was pulling together an investigative committee to understand how the child came to be beheaded.

Qatar, back in 2013, reported having spent over 3 billion USD for its part in the attempted final solution against Syria.  More recently, Qatar funded the fraudulent Caesar photo exhibitions, outrageously hung in the lobby of the UN, before making an appearance on Capitol [Whore] Hill, before moving to the Holocaust Museum, also in Washington, DC.

In November 2012, Qatar paid the FSA to dismantle and send to Turkey, more than 1,000 Aleppo factories:

In May 2015, al Khanzeera Arabic television ran a discussion on the need to commit genocide against the Syrian minority population of Alawites, including children, and the need to torture them, before murdering them.

Most msm, online journals, and various blogs have reported that the young Abdullah was a Palestinian boy (some conservative media being the exception, as they tend not to want to mention any  form of the word, “Palestine.”).  As the Naqba ( النكبة‎‎ ) occurred in 1948, it is unlikely that this child and his family had recently sought refuge in Syria.

To focus attention on Abdullah’s ethnic background subtly moves the occupation of Palestine, from Israel, into Syria — the country which absorbed more than 100,000 fleeing Palestinians, in 1948.  It also assists in diverting attention from the recent increase in killings of Palestinian children, by Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).  Coincidentally, on 19 July, 12 year old Palestinian Mohiyeh el Tabakhi was killed by an IDF rubber ball bullet, at a demonstration in al Ram, in the occupied West Bank.

Body-of-12-year-old-Mohiyeh-el-Tabakhi-martyred-in-al-Ram Blurred – View Original (GRAPHIC)

This geopolitical restructuring was done — rather blatantly — in April 2015, when Palestine’s Voyeur to the UN, Dr. Riyah H. Mansour gained his 15 minutes of fame at a UN stake-out, in which he bragged of his weekend of conspiratorial secret meetings with Syria’s self-appointed enemies in the UN, to discuss takfiri killings in Yarmouk, Syria.  In his short press briefing, he acknowledged having no discussion with Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN,  blamed the Syrian government for the problems of takfiri in Yarmouk, and ignored the fact that the SAA already had safely evacuated much of the neighborhood.

Dr. Riyad H. Mansour, addressing the media after weekend of secret meetings.
Dr. Riyad H. Mansour, addressing the media after weekend of secret meetings.

Dr. Mansour’s briefing was followed by a barrage of international media reports, and statements of various NGOs, all of which sounded scripted by the US State Department (documented details, here, under “On 6 April”), in propagandizing against the Syrian Arab Republic.

Most media have reported that Abdullah was from the “Palestinian refugee camp Handarat.”  The words “refugee camp” reinforce the imagery of over-crowded tent dumps, with shortages of potable water, abundances of international sex tourists, and — specifically, in Turkey — organ harvesting. [1]

Describing Syria’s hosting of refugees, one Syrian stated:

We don’t have refugee camps where essentials are not provided where they are times better than many US cities.

This is not an exaggeration; here is a photograph of the “Yarmouk refugee camp,” prior to the Syrian crisis:

Yarmouk 'camp,' before the crisis, was a neighborhood.
Yarmouk ‘camp,’ before the crisis, was a neighborhood.

This is Yarmouk after the world dumped its human garbage into Syria, to commit their atrocities:

Yarmouk, post takfiri
Yarmouk, after foreign “freedom fighters” invaded the SAR.


This whitewash rumor appears to have been spawned by headlines from three independent websites, at least two of which have histories of accuracy in reporting.  One merely need take a moment of one’s precious time to check the facts, via the State Department’s 19 July press briefing:

scum press bfg on beheading

A reporter had cornered Deputy Spokesperson, Mark C. Toner, about US continuing to fund our friends, against the SAR, after this recent act of barbarity, after which Toner tap-danced a bit, stating:  “…if we can prove that this [decapitation by knife, of the young child] was indeed what happened and this group was involved in it, I think it would certainly give us pause.

UPDATES: The State Department never ‘paused’ on funding to its first al Qaeda ‘moderates,’ the FSA (and its derivatives, including al Zinki). State Department asset and American illegal in Syria, Bilal Abdul Kareem interviewed the leader of al Zinki and shared a ridiculously photo-shopped image of the atrociously murdered child to bolter the lie that he was a ‘fighter.’ Among the savages on the truck was a killer with him Channel 4 was once embedded, who had called for bombing a bakery. Keen eyes discovered that these child-beheaders were supported by Mahmoud Raslin, who photographed Omar. Another killer was found to be a friend of “Bana” and her terrorist father. The most callously arrogant photo is of the alleged physician Hamza al Kateab embracing one of Abdullah’s butchers. Al Kateab – who reportedly flunked out of med school – is the husband of State Department asset/filmmaker, Waada al Kateab, hailed by members of Congress, whose fraudumentary, For Sama was nominated for an Oscar.

Note that Toner’s only ‘dissociation’ in his remark is that of suggesting the horrifying video may be fake, and that considering the remote possibility of being on the receiving end of “pause,” is not ‘stopping aid’ to US funded terror against the SAR (on 22 July, this previously little-known terror offspring of the terrorist FSA gathered more independent coverage, claiming responsibility for the bombings of five playgrounds in Aleppo, injuring and killing mostly children and their mothers).


After more than five years of unfathomable atrocities committed against the people of Syria, and against their country’s national sovereignty, it is doubtful that respectable msm have had a sudden geopolitical epiphany, have abruptly decided to cease being mouthpieces for their various governments’ crimes against humanity?

More accurately, their expeditious concern is fraught with malevolent intentions of fear-mongering, propagandizing for increased war crimes against the SAR (and future countries), for increased, domestic, police state-ism (consider that there are no longer reports of “spree killings” to which are not affixed the word “terrorism,” during the recent period).

In a very real sense, it is the resurrection of the neo-conservative, imperialist world outlook of the perpetual war think tank, Project for the New American Century (which ‘ceased operations’ in 2006), Richard Perle’s Clean Break doctrine — written for Benjamin Netanyahu, in 1996 — which called for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the orwellian “containment” of the SAR.  It is also the charming genocidal world view of creative chaos called for by former US Secretary of State, Condolezza Rice.

The US 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama did not put an end to the atrocities of the Bush/Cheneyac regime (let us allow Libya and Iraq, to distinguish between Republican and Democratic genocide).

It expanded them.

In July 2014, al Maydeen TV did an extensive interview with former al Qaeda [2] commander, Nabeel Naim.  In it, Naim explains that Obama has always known he was funding terrorism in Syria.

Nabeel Naim (6)

He notes that takfiri al Baghdadi was released from an Iraqi jail, in 2006, funding this “ISIS group” with 20-30 million USD.

the first camps were established in Jordan, and Jordan doesn’t allow camps for charity…these camps were supervised by the Marines, and the arming of ISIS is all America…they smuggled into Syria from Jordan.

As we stand aghast by the brutal murder of 12 year old Abdullah Issa, in Syria, let us not be duped into supporting further atrocities against that country.

Let us, instead, acknowledge that terrorism in Syria did not exist before the US, UK, France, et al., hand delivered it.

Update 10 March 2018:  Having just discovered that American illegal in Syria, New Yorker Bilal Abdul Kareem interviewed the head of FSA al Zinki terrorists to legitimize the kidnapping of Abdullah from a hospital — IV tubing is still hanging from his arm —  and his sadistic beheading after he asked to be shot instead, the author has decided to publish the grizzly video.

[1] An April 2013 SyriaNews report on “organ harvesting” can be found, here.  This article does not contain the gruesome video of the horrific human chop shop discovered by the SAA, also in 2013.

[2] Clinton states the US created al Qaeda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan:

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