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Despite Pandemic 4 Million Students Return to School in Syria


Miri Wood, RNc

The beleaguered international media has been overwhelmed by its moral imperative to report on the pandemic of Sudden Refugee Crisis Syndrome, and, as such, cannot be chastised for missing the miracle of biblical proportions, that occurred, today, 13 September 2015:  4 million students returned to 15,000 schools, in Syria.






So much for the western mythology of Syria as a “failed state,” despite all war criminal efforts to realize that wicked aspiration.

Attempts to extinguish intellectual growth in the Syrian population have been ongoing, since al Qaeda in Syria ran under only one name,  fsa.  On 28 March 2013, fsa terrorists bombed the College of Architecture, in Damascus, murdering 20 students, and injuring dozens of others.  On 18 June 2013, the car of Dr. Seham Dannoun, Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, was remotely detonated by a member of the fsa death squads, requiring double leg amputation.

Since 2013, the al Qaeda tree of fsa has branched out into multiple terrorist gangs, all of which have continued in perpetrating atrocities to make the devil blush, only one of which has been internationally condemned by the same US/Britain/France war criminals and their prostitute media with the blood of the victim on their very own hands: the beheading and crucifixion of Professor Khaled al Asaad, 18 August 2015.

Virtually unreported — except as psy ops attempts to demoralize the Syrian people, and demonize their president — were the August bombings of the sea port of Latakia, and the gutless detonation of a white van, filled with explosives, outside the Imad Ali School, on 2 September, which killed over ten people, and wounded dozens of others, many critically.


Sidra Ahmed was martyred outside the Imad Ali School, before being able to have attended her first day of kindergarten. Sidra’s name and face are omitted from the western media forced to focus on the “Sudden Refugee Crisis Syndrome” pandemic.


school bombed in haskalah
“School destroyed by ISIL in Hasakah neighbourhood now retaken by Syrian army and people who fled have returned.”


The start of the new school year emphasizes Syrian people’s will to face the terrorist war waged against their homeland, Minister of Education Hazwan al-Waz said in a letter posted at the Ministry of Education’s website.

Current challenges of the Syrian educational system has been “density” in the classrooms, caused by the destruction of dozens and dozens of schools bombed by the terrorists, and “the residence of displaced families,” caused to become refugees in their own country, escaping takfiri moderate terrorism.

Despite such unimaginable hurdles, the first day of school is reported to have been a happy one!



“Syria that resists; the first day of school”: 


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