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Syrian Seaside City Latakia Bombed by Obama’s “Moderate Rebels”


Syrian Seaside City Latakia Bombed by Obama’s “Moderate Rebels

by Miri Wood, RNc

[This article has been updated to include an RT interview with Syrian activist Afraa, in Latakia.]

On 17 August, as Americans were flocking to US beaches, to delight in the final month of summertime, Syrians of Latakia were delighting in their gifts of 9 missiles, from the benevolent Obama regime, via his “moderate rebels.”

Latakia, principal port city of the Mediterranean, has been inhabited since the second millennium BCE, and founded as a modern city, in the 4th century BCE.  Its 2004 census was almost 400,000 persons, and — with the exception of Turkish bombings as the OPCW-UN were completing the removal of all of Syria’s chemical weapons, in December 2013 — has been considered a city free of the terrorist actions of the barbarian takfiri.

The relative freedom of the people of Latakia — vis-à-vis the daily horrors of Aleppo, in hideous example — to enjoy a morsel of normal life, ended on 13 August, when a car was exploded near the al Assad Hospital, with the intention of destroying it.

Because, as the State Department and CNN seem to continuously suggest, while oblivious to all reality-based evidence, destroying hospitals may be considered among  the highest forms of “freedom-fighting” altruism.


Near al Assad Hospital

the terrorists launched about 9 missiles today on the city.  Some of it landed on the transfer station…all the city is under big threat…It is nightmare true.  We ask our government to send jet to bomb those terrorists…even if the MSM will bark accusing us of barrel bombs.  a friend, in Latakia

Normal seaside enjoyment in Latakia.



What right have the genocidal US, France, and Britain, to turn happiness to despair?   Why do Americans look the other way?

The two following short clips show bombings of Latakia, by US-funded and trained killers, on 17 August:



I try to imagine taking the bus to the sea town Wildwood, New Jersey, and requiring emergency surgery, after my bus was bombed, ad at the terminal (while the world calls the bombers ”freedom fighters”):


Latakia bus terminal
Latakia bus terminal


Injured from Obama regime terrorist thugs
Injured from “Obama regime” terrorist thugs
Latakia Shelling by Moderate Rebels
Latakia Shelling by Moderate Rebels


Latakia Shelling by Moderate Rebels
Latakia Shelling by Moderate Rebels


Latakia Shelling by Moderate Rebels
Latakia Shelling by Moderate Rebels


US and allied Vichyite ‘journalists’ will not show you this selfie of the monsters who video their every atrocity.  Some of these bombs landed on Latakia.

No reports from the western war criminal media on these atrocities.

Nonetheless, these dogs of perpetual war  — the same criminal media complicit in depraved politiicians leveling Iraq,  who cheered when Libya was transformed into a landmass, and have been cheering these terrorist monsters in Syria —  are braying fraud grief over the horrific murder of Professor Khaled al Asaad.

As though their war propaganda efforts were innocents.


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