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BBC Defends Terrorists Posing as Refugees in Europe

BBC Defend Terrorists

The BBC defends terrorists fighting the Syrian state and posing as refugees in Europe, not a new one by the giant broadcaster, but taking warmongering to a new level.

BBC in their nasty role as propagandists for NATO trying to whitewash a new ‘refugee’ from his history as a terrorist in the ranks of the FSA as if this group is of any legitimacy. Fail and dangerous attempt.

BBC Defend Terrorists
British broadcaster defends terrorists


In the same post the BBC quotes the terrorist saying: “About 70 percent of the city is destroyed … In Syria, Al Qaeda want me, Daesh (Islamic State), the government – I fought them all. I don’t care. Some people are afraid. I’m not,”. So he did ‘fight them all’ including the Syrian government, the legitimate government represented in the United Nations and elected by the Syrian people against the will of western humanitarian interventionist bastards.

ISIS, a variation of US created alQaeda, fights with all other terrorist groups, just like each one of those terrorist groups fight with one another. FSA groups were always fighting each other and fighting the Syrian state unless the western propagandists think our memory is short.

As definition: Any individual or group of individuals carry arms against any sovereign state on its land is a Terrorist and they are Terrorists. If you disagree, tell us what would you call armed men attacking government facilities in your country, killing policemen and army officers, throwing post office employees off rooftops and even carving out the heart of a dead soldier and eating it before cameras? Check this for a memory refreshment: With Moderate Rebels Like These, Who Needs Terrorists?

Keep in mind that the US regime owns a stake in the British Empire mouthpiece BBC.

The United Kingdom has always been an asylum to and defender of anti-sovereign opposition groups, they flourish there and they vary from thinkers to actual fighters. But how many of them are against any other western NATO member state, if we would to belive they care for freedom of speech? The empire keeps using these tools against their governments for purposes of lobbying and extortion against its foes just like the United States different reports by its state department like the annual report on human rights, never calling for acts against abusers of human rights among its allies, or the Narcotics Control Strategy Report not mentioning any role of its own CIA in this ‘business’..

They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they’re smart, it’s because you’re foolable. -Arabi Souri

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  1. brian

    it was once said an English mans word was his bond. Not anymore cant believe a word they say= Government B.B.C. unfortunately we have to fund them. check n. Ireland out see terrorists in government courtesy of US British and EEC. Peace to the Syrian people


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