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Genocide in Syria Ignored by Western Media

Archived photo, from 2014

Afraa Dagher

Hello, from the other side of the world. Oh sorry, I mean hello from the other side of Syria.

Here it is Deir Al Zour today, Deir AlZour is a Syrian province, it locates in the east of Syria, it has a long border with Iraq, where the terrorists come from, cross the border and control this province.(As Iraq turned into a hotbed of terrorism after the American invasion in 2003).

Deir AlZour is also under terrorist siege, exactly as Madaya, however, for Deir AlZour it is besieged for a long time, and no one word about it in the mainstream media, the blood of the Syrian people here, will not serve the western media’ propaganda machine is running more war against Syria.

In Deir Alzour, you don’t need false photos about starving people, you don’t need lies, but that is the last worries of the western media as well as some Arabic media. Furthermore, yesterday the western and Arab Gulf-backed terrorists, committed a horrible massacre against innocent civilians in this province, town called AL Bghilieh, slaughtered up to 300 civilians, including kids, women, and elderly people, Syrians who are Sunni Muslims [ed.: on 16 January]

The way to slaughter all those innocent people, started by about 30 suicide bombers, that helped the terrorists to enter this town easily and genocide its people, the guilt of those people to be slaughtered was their supporting to the Syrian Government, So the democracy seekers, the moderate terrorists as it is clear couldn’t accept any other view or opinion but their one.

This massacre is not the first of its kind, before it, the terrorists crucified some Christians in this province as well as in others, under the pretext of being infidels. Moreover, such crimes have been committed by the so-called moderate rebels, however now it is by the so-called Islamic State In Syria And Iraq.

Stop trading by Syrian blood for a neocolonialism agenda.

Afraa Dagher is a Syrian journalist who has been interviewed by Press TV and RT.  Her reports can be found at

Editor’s note:  Secular Syria is 90% Muslim, as secular Italy is 96% Roman Catholic.  A brief and essential history of Syria’s 10,000-year civilization was provided by Syria’s Envoy to the UN, Dr. Bashar al Ja’afari, at his first Town Hall Meeting, in Orlando, Florida, July 2013, via the Syrian American Forum.

NB Above, archived photo is from a 2014 massacre.

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  1. maki abukar from somalia

    sorry for what happened in Syria because of this genocide and I didn’t, liked it but the stupid president will take the responsibility .


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