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In Erdoganstan: Opposition Leader Kilicdaroglu Prosecuted for Insulting the Sultan

image- Opposition Leader Kilicdaroglu Prosecuted for Insulting the Sultan Erdogan

The same Muslim Brotherhood fanatic who facilitated the funneling of tens of thousands of anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists to ‘democratize Syria’ and oust its secular ruling, is not only non-stop bombing his own people in south east of Turkey, but also prosecuting the political opposition in his NATO-member state.

The Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu is now subject to a law suit by the country’s president for expressing his political opinion criticizing the lunatic president calling him rightfully a ‘dictator and criticizing the limits of freedom of speech in his country by the Erdogan ruling regime.

The legal case filed against Kilicdaroglu by Erdogan lawyers is not about the $32,000 claim for damage they seek, but for its symbolic gesture silencing any critics, especially it comes for the same remarks by Mr. Kilicdaroglu criticizing the arrests of 27 academic signatories of a declaration opposing Erdogan’s regime military actions against their own citizens in the mainly Kurdish populated areas in southeast Turkey.

Kilicdaroglu’s statement during his party’s 35th General Congress in the Turkish capital Ankara: “Academics who express their opinions have been detained one by one on instructions given by a so-called dictator. You may not agree with the content of the declaration. We also have issues with it, we also have our disagreements. But why limit freedom of speech?

Erdogan’s role in destabilizing the region by sponsoring terrorist groups including ISIS and al-Qaeda to the extent of buying stolen Syrian oil from them and selling it to the Zionists Israeli regime should be more widely investigated in international courts and this should include the killing of his own people and the oppression against Turkish citizens of Kurdish and Alavite roots, whom both combined comprise more than the majority of the country’s population.. ironically.

Erdogan jailer of journalists
Erdogan jailer of journalists

Sultan Erdogan as he’s more known in the region is infamous for his regime’s oppression against journalism and free speech, he’s widely suspected to be behind the assassination of a number of journos including American reporter Serena Shim who exposed his forces’ cooperation with ISIS across the borders with Syria, and Syrian Maya Nasser who was deeply involved in investigating Erdogan’s direct role in supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in the early days of the Syrian crisis, he was shot dead by a sniper in Damascus in September 2012, among others. was one of the very first news sites to be blocked in Turkey in October 2013 when the anti-Erodgan regime protests were spreading all over Turkey.

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  1. James Padgeet

    Dear Father in Heaven, Strengthen, enwisen and enable the good Turks to remove their evil maggot head – Erdogan. Do it quickly for the sake of Turks and Syrians and Kurds. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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