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France, US, Massacre over 200 Syrian Civilians


by Miri Wood, RNc

Because no western country that has engaged in war crimes has ever been held accountable to the Geneva 1949 treaties, on 19 July, France breached the national sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic — yet again — and the French Air Force bombed the village of Toukhan al Kubra, north of Manbij, slaughtering entire families, demolishing their homes, and martyring upwards of 206 Syrian civilians.

On 18 July, the US bombed Manbij, murdering more than 20 Syrian persons, and injuring dozens of others.

These heinous actions are war crimes.

Possibly worse than these actual atrocities is that western msm remains mute over them.  Certainly, it must not be imagined that CNN‘s ten million dollar a year ‘journalist’ is paid that amount to report the truth, to not engage in criminal war propaganda.

Vichy France was the first EU country to recognize the terrorist “opposition” against the SAR, in 2012, around the time that it undiplomatically shut down the Syrian Embassy, in Paris.

In January 2013, then Foreign Minister Laurent “Fetid” Fabius complained that “the solution that we had hoped for, and by that I mean the fall of Bashar and the arrival of the (opposition) coalition to power, has not happened.”  Little urchin, Francois Hollande stated in 2013 that he was willing to reign bombs upon Syria, without an alliance with the UK; note that in 2013, the takfiri savages of the FSA had not branched off into dozens of other terror gangs, including the western-funded “isis” that the west uses as excuse for its war crimes.  Vichy France has been dumping its human garbage into the SAR since at least 2013.  In July 2013, the takfiri in suits — “external foreign opposition” — called upon France to increase its funding to the moderate serial killers.  Scant months later, Vichy France did increase funding to those attempting to destroy the SAR, as did the UK and US.

Dr. Ja'afari on France

War criminal US — which has bombed 30 countries since those Geneva 1949 treaties — admitted it had spent almost one billion USD in funding the attempted final solution against Syria, at the time Clinton was still Secretary of State (see footnote 40, here).  POTUS Barack Nerobomba launched the beginning of US Air Force bombings of the Syrian country, its people, and its infrastructure, in September 2014, in fraudulent response to the killings of US and UK mercenaries illegally in the SAR, by the very terrorists the US has been funding since the beginning of the Syrian crisis.

Upon Obama’s Bush-like announcement, the Syrian government stated it would be willing to work with any country committed to helping it combat terrorism…under Syrian authority.  The US State Department immediately stated that the US would consider any attempt by Syria’s military to shoot down any US plane bombing it, as an act of war.

The previous sentence is not a typographical error.

The Syria Arab Republic has issued letters to the UN calling for this diplomatic body to condemn the [fascist] “aggression” against it.  Considering previous requests to the UN being ignored, it is unlikely the degenerates will even bleat a denunciation (the UN did not even call upon the State Department to release the mobility restrictions against Syria’s Permanent Representative to its body).

On 15 June, there was no condemnation for the breach of Syria’s national sovereignty when it was discovered that French and German special operatives  in Ain al Arab and Manbij.

Commenting on news circulated regarding the presence of groups of French and German special forces in Ain al-Arab and Manbij areas on the Syrian territories, the Syrian Arab Republic vehemently condemns this blatant interference that constitutes a flagrant violation of UN Charter’s principles and an overt unjustified aggression on the sovereignty and independence of Syria.  — SANA

It is not unlikely that the French and German criminals had come to further train foreign terrorists as the “new” Syrian military, to bolster the separatists wishing to have Syria balkanized, and to move the terrorists to areas free of bombings from both the sky and the ground.

For more than five years, Syria has been fighting the most vicious international conspiracy against one country, in human history.  Syria remains standing because of its leader, President Bashar al Assad, and because of its people’s unwavering support of its military, the truly only moral military in the world, the Syrian Arab Army (fighting within its own boundaries).

Millions of Syrians demonstrating in support of their armed forces
Millions of Syrians supporting their troops

Certainly, some S-300 defense systems would help; perhaps Iran might consider sending a few.

Update:  International msm are now reporting on the carnage against the Syrian people, diminishing the numbers of those massacred, kafkaesquely suggesting that France’s barbarianism was ‘retaliation’ for the French national who managed to escape French security to use his truck to run over dozens of French persons enjoying their holiday, suggesting that some bombings of civilians were accidental, and/or lying that Manbij is a “terrorist stronghold.”

All “msm” give  legitimacy to the most recent round of war crimes against the Syrian people.

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  1. James

    There are always casualties in war and if this is what it takes to RID the world of islamic terrorist so be it!!!
    Kick ass France!!!!!

  2. David Upton

    I’ve come to the conclusion that both sides, that is the 2 dominant sides in this bloody conflict are as bad as each other. Obvious to me how terrible the U.S. has been in many conflicts and they seem to be supporting groups affiliated with terrorist groups in this Syrian war. They enact indiscriminate bombing and their arms suppliers make huge money out of innocent victims tragedy and suffering.
    On the other side I was tempted to feel like Assad and co were the victims and not the real perpetrators of indiscriminate killings. However 3 things emerged in my mind to revise this notion.
    1. In so many photos that are circulated on the net and elsewhere, Assad’s portraits are displayed everywhere. That tells me he is an ego-centric dictator. not the one who I would like to support. In fact there is a parallel there with another Arab dictator by the name of Sadam Hussein! His large portraits and sculptures were also prominent all over Iraq. Maybe this is the way with all Arab leaders, but to me it spells “look at me, I’m the superior guy here”. Also with Sadam, he was the dictator, a minority Sunni ruling a Shiite majority republic and Assad is a minority Alawite ruling a Sunni majority.
    2. The Assad regime is supported by Russia, who are guilty of many an injustice against countries and hold an aggressive geopolitical agenda.
    3. Iran who oppress and suppress their people terribly with an extreme islamic ideologoy are also supporters of the SAR.

  3. Dangal Torrent

    Nice work with good ideas and concepts, lots of great information which we all need, helpful information. I would like to thank you for the efforts you shown remarkable writing skill in this article


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