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War on Syria: UK Vote Doesn’t Change France’s Will to Act

Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia

French President Francois Hollande still willing to attack Syria.

The French President Francois Hollande confirmed the will of the government in France to still act against Syria although the British parliament has voted against a military action on Syria by the British military recently and all this while Russia stated yet again that it will certainly oppose any UN resolution at the UN Security Council (UNSC) that will pave a way for the use of military force against Damascus.

According to the recent statements by the French President Francois Hollande, the military attack on Syria could happen by Wednesday. The Zionist President of France further stated that his country still wants “firm and proportionate action against the Syrian regime,” although there is yet no convincing evidence for the accusations by the United States, France and Britain against the Syrian government in Damascus that it has used chemical weapons in suburbs of the capital against Syrian civilians and the armed terrorists. Some more details are explained here.

However, one knows, at least since the US-led war against Iraq ten year ago, which was based on lies, propaganda and faked documents, that these governments in the West do not really need evidence to attack another sovereign state in the Middle East when they feel the need to finally carry out their partly violent agendas in the region.

The French President Francois Hollande also said in a new interview with the Le Monde daily that was published today, that the parliament in France will meet on Wednesday for an emergency session in terms of Syria and the questions on a potential military attack on Damascus.

Francois Hollande also confirmed in his new interview with the French newspaper that the recent vote of the British Parliament against military actions on Syria will not influence the course of action in France. However, without real evidence and without the presence of convincing facts behind the certainly baseless accusations by Paris, London and Washington against the Syrian government in Damascus, every military attack on Syria certainly violates international law. Not to mention that a war against Syria will only increase the violence in the Arab country and would have dire consequences for the Syrian people and even the entire Middle East.

The French President Francois Hollande explained, a bit hypocritical, that every country is free to choose whether it will participate in such an operation (he means the war on Syria) or not. However, the vote by the British Parliament against a British military action against Damascus will certainly influence the political situation as well as the war plans by the United States and France.

Francois Hollande finally said in his new interview that “there was a body of indicators pointing to the responsibility of the Damascus regime.” However, when indicators lead to a war against a sovereign country, there is something wrong. Indicators are by far no convincing evidence for the allegations by these Western governments against the Syrian governance in Damascus.

Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia
Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia

Meanwhile, Moscow has yet again stated that Russia will oppose any resolution at the UN Security Council (UNSC) that would pave the way for military actions against Syria. The Russian Deputy Foreign Minsiter, Gennady Gatilov, said today, that Moscow will oppose “any UN Security Council resolution making the use of force (against Damascus) likely.”

Probably not only because of the Russian interests in terms of Syria, but also because of the situation that there is no real evidence for the claims of the U.S. administration in Washington that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians.

In addition, the Russian administration has repeatedly explained that there is no evidence in recent days. According to some reports, Moscow also has radar images and records that confirm that the foreign-backed terrorists have used chemical weapons near Damascus and have yet again fired rockets, filled with Sarin nerve gas, on several suburbs of the Syrian capital, Damascus.

The same kind of attack has been carried out (a rocket filled with Sarin nerve gas) by terrorists in Khan al-Assal against Syrian civilians and soldiers in March, 2013.

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  1. Canthama

    Have to admit that France puzzles me, why in hell France is reacting like that ? France was quite different related to Iraq in 2003, so why Syria is different for Hollande’s administration ? I valeu inputs on this one from the views.

    On the other hand, for all this hysteria to calm down, we simply needed news and actions related to more warships from Russia and finally form China, there are Chinese warships in the Gold Adem (red sea) right now doing anti piracy exercises with US arships, just a simple Chinese Government announcement that those warships would move to the Suez canal would mean a lot and the US Government would understand that this is bigger than “we now need to protect Mr. Presindent’s credibility since he expoused himself to much and can not back down”. China, move up those warships to the Med.

  2. Arklight

    Hi, Canthalma; the French are the French, with logic rarely figuring into its politics. China? China is very good at dissembling, and may have one or two of their super stealth submarines on patrol in the Med right now. So far as I know, nobody has asked China whether or not they have any naval assets in the Med. Russia is, reportedly, reinforcing their squadron in the Med. One interesting aspect of possible ground forces is the fact that SAA does not seem to be particularly concerned with the high ground overlooking Damascus and the Damascus-Hims Road. Some time ago it was reported that 4,000 Iranian troops would be deployed to that mountain area to secure it against the rats; sometime later, Iran demurred and said, ‘Well, no, we didn’t deploy 4,000 troops to the Damascus area’, but I don’t recall any denial that any troops at all had been deployed to Syria. The Russian 42nd Motor Rifle Division was reported to have deployed to Syria, but the Russians have neither confirmed nor denied the deployment, so far as I know, and the 42nd has just dropped out of sight.

    There is a noticeable lack of enthusiasm for The Big B.O’s big adventure. Poland, of all countries, was asked to join in and refused the request. If Poland was asked for assets, NATO must be desperate, particularly since the Germans decided that they want no part of it, either. So – – who knows the mind of the French? I don’t. As to China’s Red Sea exercises, well, an enemy ship is an enemy ship and no matter where one is sunk, it’s one less in the enemy inventory, right? If BO talked himself into a corner that’s not a good thing, but he should be used to the taste of crow by now. Maybe the White House chef has a super-duper recipe, who knows?


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