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Syria: UN Investigation of Chemical Weapons Use in Khan al-Assal Prevented

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

Khan al-Assal, Syria: UN investigation of chemical weapons terrorism in Khan al-Assal again successfully prevented.

By the presumably Saudi-Israeli-orchestrated false flag attacks in the area of Damascus with chemical weapons in the last week and the subsequent war threats and lies of Western and Israeli officials an official UN investigation of chemical weapons terrorism in Khan al-Assal (Khan al-Asal) in Aleppo in March this year was once again successfully prevented.

How the UN spokesman Farhan Haq said on Thursday, the UN Chemical Weapons investigators will leave Syria already on Saturday.

An examination of a chemical weapons attack committed by the terrorists, as even CBS admits, and about Russia has submitted the results to the UN Security Council (UNSC) after their investigation of the chemical weapons attack in Khan al-Assal, which was also the reason why the Syrian government had requested the UN Chemical Weapons investigators, will now not be performed, although it was agreed before the arrival of the UN inspectors in Damascus.

The premature departure of the UN investigators before the planned investigation of the poison gas attack by the terrorists in Khan Al-Assal (Khan al-Asal) is already the third time that the UN investigation, which has been demanded by the Syrian government, was sabotaged.

Initially, the Israeli puppet regimes over Britain and France had in particular prevented the investigation of the poison gas attack in Khan al-Assal in manner of the Iraqi model for months, by calling for the condition under the pretext of no further concretized poison gas accusations against the Syrian government that the inspectors of the UN (United Nations) should at the same time investigate all Syrian military installations across Syria and that the UN inspectors are allowed to disturb all anti-terrorism operations by the Syrian army – under the pretext of investigating alleged chemical weapons operations.

When they were no longer able to maintain this kind of procedure, and the UN has agreed to a compromise with Syria on the investigation of the chemical weapons attack in Khan al-Assal and two other specific accusations in Adra and Homs, thousands of terrorists, supported by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other states affiliated with the Israel Lobby, have raided Khan al-Assal with a surprise attack, which otherwise brought no  strategic military advantages for the terrorist gangs, and they have then murdered numerous witnesses for the poison gas attack by the terrorists that had been supported by the Western community of values.

The poison gas attacks under false-flag in the vicinity of Damascus, which has provided the change in the tasks of the UN investigators in Syria in conjunction with American, British and French threats of war, are now already the third attempt by which an official investigation of the poison gas attack in Khan al-Assal by the United Nations (UN) was successfully prevented.

The poison gas attack under false-flag in the vicinity of Damascus happened just at the right time for the sabotage of the UN investigation in Khan Al-Assal (Khan al-Asal): if the poison gas attacks in Damascus would have been carried out before the arrival of the UN investigators in Syria, so Syria would have had the time to make it a condition of entry that the poison gas attacks in Khan al-Assal will also be investigated; if they would have been carried out just a few days later, after the departure of the UN investigators in Syria, then the taking of evidence  in Khan al-Assal would have been finished and an official UN report would have been no longer to prevent.

In other words: in case that the poison gas attacks in Damascus would have been carried out just a few days earlier or later, it would now likely to be already certain and UN officially proven that the terrorists in Syria, supported by the Western community of values, have used poison gas in their attack in Khan al-Assal.

While it were now made impossible by the official announcement of the departure date of the UN investigators from Syria that the use of poison gas by the terrorists in Khan al-Assal could have been confirmed, the justification of the regimes in Britain and the United States for their intentions of war against Syria changes quite surprisingly, which was the reason for the change of the program of the UN investigators.

The initial war-lies were already busted even before the U.S. attack on Syria has begun. First, the Zionist British Foreign Secretary William Hague had claimed that the traces for the poison gas may have already vanished four days after the attack, could have been destroyed, and thus, they are no longer detectable, and that the Syrian government would be therefore guilty of the accused crime, regardless of whether the inspectors of the UN (United Nations) find traces of poison gas or not.

Similarly, the Zionist U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had then claimed that the traces of the toxic gas (poison gas) can disappear after a few days, and that the Syrian government has delayed a UN investigation for five days because the traces of the poison gas were then no more detectable, and if the UN investigators will not find traces of poison gas near Damascus, then this happens only because the Syrian government would have – in the middle of an area that is under full control of the terrorists – in the meantime removed the traces of the toxic gas.

The allegation by John Kerry that Syria has delayed an investigation of the poison gas-accusations by the UN inspectors near Damascus for five days has been (meanwhile) publicly refuted by the UN.

Syria has approved the amendment of the program of the UN investigators the day after the request, said the UN spokesman Farhan Haq. The American and British claim that the traces of poison gas could not be detected after a short time contradicts now a published statement published by the British intelligence agency, which should actually underline the guilt of the Syrian government. However, the published statement by the British intelligence agency says that there is no time limit for the detection of traces of poison gas and this is contrary to the claim of the British Foreign Minister.

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)
Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

Initially, the regimes of Britain and the United States had also stated that the use of poison gas by the Syrian government in Damascus is clearly proven – confirmed by intelligence information, which apparently come from Israeli counterfeiter kitchens – and that the UN investigators should only clear out some last doubts.

The newly delivered justification by the U.S. Foreign Ministry for the prove of the guilt of the Syrian government in terms of the poison gas attack near Damascus says now that in Syria, ultimately no one else but the Syrian government is in possess of poison gas.

The same argument is also used in the opinion from the British intelligence, which was published by the Chief of the British regime: the Syrian government is guilty of the use of poison gas because no one else except the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has the access to toxic gas in Syria.

The not taken place investigation of the use of poison gas by terrorists in Khan al-Assal (Khan al-Asal) by the UN, which were the reaction of their own threats of war against Syria, is thus used by the United States and Britain as an evidence that the terrorists in Syria have no access to poison gas and therefore, the Syrian government must have used the poison gas and Syria has to be bombarded now as a punishment by Britain and America.

The obvious lies of warmongers is meanwhile already able to make the parliaments of France and Britain nervous because they fear that another war, again based on obvious lies, could trigger negative blow-back effects, and therefore, they demand more information before the formality of a consent for war and the British and French participation in the war against Syria is at least delayed by this short hesitance until next week.

An unplanned delay happened in the United States, too. The problems of the U.S. to forge the announced public report about the alleged crimes of the use of poison gas by the Syrian government, at least, halfway plausible, have led in America to the situation that the already announced public report has not yet been published, and the initially planned launch of the bombardment of Syria by the U.S. military from the night from Thursday to Friday had to be suspended by the United States for some day.

Meanwhile, Russia urges that the investigators of the UN (United Nations) as it has been agreed also examine the poison gas attack in Khan al-Assal (Khan al-Asal), and a Russian investigation of the chemical weapons use in Khan al-Assal, where more than two dozen people, including many Syrian soldiers, were killed, has also to become a part of the official report of their current trip to Syria. There has as yet been no response, but it can be expected that the Israeli-led NATO war criminals will try to strive against it with all their might.


The British parliament has just rejected military action against Syria after a long debate with 285 to 272 votes; David Cameron has publicly stated that he understands it that Parliament does not want British military actions against Syria and that he will act accordingly.

In case that David Cameron will not try a second attempt in the British parliament after the submission of the report of the UN investigators, then Britain will not be able to wage the war, justified by the poison gas attack under false-flag, against Syria.

This could potentially also have an impact on the U.S. plans of war against Syria, and even could mean the failure of the Zionist plans for war even before it has begun – although that is rejected anonymously by Zionists.

Anyway, without the participation of Britain, the United States miss an important ally, with whom they had counted on. The questions about the missing and dubious evidence for the accusations against Syria become thus not less, and the loss of David Cameron’s vote of war is a serious defeat for the Zionist war lobby, which has the potential to be an historic defeat of the Zionist war lobby if they are also not able to implement the Israeli wishes for war against Syria in the United States.

Source: nocheinparteibuch

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  1. Scott

    If the good people don’t want us to protect them, that’s ok. Ask the peace loving people of Syria if they want protected! As for Russia, Iran and China being friends of Syria, it’s ridiculous, all they want to do is keep selling them arms. If Russia and China don’t see anything wrong happening as far as kids being killed by chemical weapons is concerned, they should be kicked out of the UN, or the UN disbanded. It’s simple, chemical weapons are being used and are killing innocents, it doesn’t matter who used them. The good people of this world need to get between the 2 fighting sides to stop the innocents being killed. Islam think we are against them, ok, let the Islamic nations sort this mess out. Good Luck Syria, Yours Sincerley, Scotland

    • Canthama

      Scott, I am sorry but I have to disagree with you. The US has shown the world very good things in the past 200 years including how WWII was dealt with, but after that, self interest of power and military domination have totally wiped out the “good” out of any intentions form the US. CW was widely used by the US in Vietnam, Iraq and other places in the form of agent orange, depleted uranium etc.. that left milions of children with the very same effect as CW. I not here to blame or difame the US, a country that has principles that I respect and value, but I am here to say enough of double standards and biased view. There in no more “good countries” around the world but only selfish “national security” interests moved by greed and people’s ignorance. Syria is not and can not be a scape goalt for the US Government to play with. Should an attack to Syria by the US happen, then I guarantee you the US will pay dearly, not by military forces against it or fanciful terrorists, but by an unprecedented shift in global opinion and the acceleration of the US Dollar collapse as global reserve currency…then my friend buckle up for a rough ride as poverty explodes in the US and all the fantasy island you know collapse. The game in ME is about Petrodollar (US Dollar backed by global oil trade vs backed by gold), it always was since early 70’s and still is, Dollar as reserve currency is what keeps the US afloat. I sincerely hope the US public realize what is on stake here, this is not about “US National Security-who buys that ?”, an attack is a clear violation of the UNSC (the only rule that holds this freaking planet together since WWII), an aggression fabricated on lies and arrogance as Iraq’s invasion This attitude must stop and maybe there is a need for a total mess like this event to the US Government to have a chance to go back to its original good aspects of the founding fathers that illuminated so many countries and people around the world. By now the US is bringing only hell to earth, from leading an Ally force in WWII for leading a axis of evil in KSA, Qatar, Brahain, Al Qaeda, Chechen terrorists etc…a sad shift isn’t it ?

  2. Miri

    This was published 30 April, 2013, the day that Dr. Jaafari conducted a press conference at the UN, describing the sabotage of his country’s request for an OPCW investigation — 40 days after the terror attack.

    The ambassador’s full statement is included in this report, written 21 April 2021, the day that the criminally corrupt OPCW stripped the SAR of its voting rights…for al Qaeda:


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