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Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

Khan al-Assal: Massacre against civilians to sabotage an investigation?

Last weekend, a large number of heavily armed terrorists attacked Khan Al-Assal, a suburb in the south-west of Aleppo, and conquered it. The terrorists wore a significant portion of uniform “clothing signs” such as red headbands and grey uniforms.

This suggests that these terrorists were obviously freshly put together in advance and intentionally for the attack against Khan al-Assal, and that it were terrorist units, which were equipped by the NATO country Turkey.

Meanwhile, it has also been discussed quite broadly that the terrorists have apparently killed all over the 100 people, who have fallen into their hands there, after their conquest of Khan al-Assal, while it did not matter for them whether they were civilians or soldiers, because the terrorists have not yet presented alive prisoners from their invasion of Khan al-Assal till today.

Until now, it has been commonly believed that the reason why the terrorists have massacred the captured people in Khan al-Assal and thus, they have transformed a dearly bought tactical military victory into a defeat from the standpoint of public relations, that the terrorists would just act out of meaner murderous intentions and that this lust of murder was so overwhelming that the terrorists even would set at nought the potential benefits such as the use of the prisoners as human shields or the obtain of the release of terrorists captured by the Syrian army. In view of what kind of senseless crimes have been already perpetrated by the in Syria active terrorists so far, this assumption is even not implausible for itself.

However, what has so far has been virtually no discussed is the question, why the terrorists have at all attacked Khan Al-Assal so massively. When this aspect is used for considerations, a very different motive potential follows such a consideration – namely for both, for the conquest of Khan al-Assal and for the massacre of the prisoners.

In some notorious spreaders of lies, such as the Zionist AFP agency, uniformed readers had been suggested in terms of the motive of the attack that by the successful attack against Khan al-Assal the terrorist groups would have achieved an important strategically goal – namely the cut off of the supply route of the Syrian army over the highway from Hama to Aleppo.

However, this is utter nonsense, because the supply route of the Syrian army from Hama to Aleppo, as it is commonly known, does not proceed through Khan al-Assal, but through Salamiyah and Khanasser.

The same great nonsense is the in the circles of the terrorist supporters circulating idea that the attack on Khan al-Assal could have prepared a further attack on the heavily secured military bases in Hamadaniyyah. In order to be able to advance from Khan al-Assal through Rashidin to Hamadaniyyah, the terrorists would have to be more numerous and also better armed.

The Syrian army is superior against any terrorist formation in their heavily fortified positions and with the thousands of soldiers in Hamadaniyah with their heavy artillery and the Syrian Air Force, as well as by the supply routes through Salamiyah from Damascus – and especially, they are superior against those who are apparently not able to conquer a “stone factory” in Ariha or a helicopter base at Azaz for months.

From a military-strategic point of view, seen from the view of the terrorists, the conquest of Khan al-Assal was practically useless, and a maintenance of the depopulated suburban Khan Al-Assal is even counterproductive for the terrorists, and even more so by the massacre of the captured soldiers and civilians.

Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)
Massacre in Khan al-Assal (Source: SANA)

Without the protection of at least the in rudimentary parts still cooperating part of the civilians, which the terrorists partly still enjoy in the surrounding villages, they are in Khan al-Assal as well as in the neighbouring Rashideen easy meat (prey) for the heavy weapons of the Syrian army, such as long-range artillery and the air force.

This is exactly what is currently happening and it was foreseeable. The losses of the terrorists, which they have suffered at the capturing and holding of the military strategic irrelevant and indefensible position of Khan al-Assal, are much larger and heavier than any assumable military strategic benefit.

From a military strategic point of view, the large continents of the terrorists, which have been used as cannon-fodder by the terrorists due to their storm on Khan al-Assal, would have been much more promising in using them for attacking strategic targets such as the supply lines of the Syrian army to Aleppo and Idlib (Idleb), or in the narrow streets of the old city of Aleppo, where the Syrian army has no benefits with its heavy weapons. From a purely military strategic view, the attack on Khan al-Assal itself already only makes as little sense as the following massacre of their prisoners, from the perspective of the terrorists.

However, Syria’s UN Ambassador Bashar Jaafari has now, according to Ria Novosti, alerted about a completely different context, namely, that among the by the terrorists massacred prisoners in Khan al-Assal were numerous witnesses for the chemical weapons attack of the terrorists against Khan al-Assal in March this year.

Therefore, the motif for both, the alleged senseless assault on Khan al-Assal and for the massacre of the prisoners is it to finally muzzle (silence) the witnesses of the chemical weapons attack by the terrorist friends of the NATO-led “Western community of values” on Syrian civilians and soldiers in March 2013 and to remove forensic traces in the area of Khan al-Assal. The motif  is quite plausible, especially now, when the old patterns of the usual technical denial of the “Western community of values​​” is sabotaging an official investigation of the chemical weapons attack on Khan al-Assal by the United Nations (UN) are on the brink of a collapse.

Should the suppressing of the truth actually be the real motive for the recent terrorist attack on Khan Al-Assal and the massacre of all the prisoners, so this massacre is among a series of incidents that have already a long tradition in the US-Zionists-led “Western community of values”.

For example, Saddam Hussein was prevented to appear as a witness and to publicly testify what persons in the Western community of values have supported him in his chemical warfare by the execution following a time delayed TV-broadcast of a show trial. Thus, a wilfully censorship, which has prevented that the public learned what persons in the West have supported the chemical warfare of Saddam Hussein.

By using a similar technique of show trials behind a glass wall, where the censor is pressing a button so that the sound system only transmits a “beep” once a defendant intents to speak about the cooperation between the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and Al Qaeda, the knowledge of the detained people at Guantanamo is kept away from the public

And just recently, the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was massacred by his friends of the “Western community of values” in the same manner – before he was able to publicly testify who Western heads of states were on his payroll, and the same seems now imminent to also happen to his son, Saif Al Gaddafi.

Who knows too much and is suspected to have the intention to break the most important value of the code of honour, and thus, the Omertà („Cu è surdu, orbu e taci, campa cent’ anni ’mpaci“) muzzles (silences) the suspect by all means, which are available for NATO – cost what it may.

The Omertà is a fundamental principle in an organization such as the Mafia – just like it is the same with the US-led “Western community of values”. Of course, it is a similar kind of organization.

And that’s a very plausible motive for an otherwise seemingly senseless mass murder, as it recently happened in Khan Al-Assal.

Source: nocheinparteibuch

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  1. Arklight

    The killing of all available witnesses does provide a plausible answer as to why the massacre was committed. I very much doubt that the swine murdered everybody, so when SAA intel interviews the people, there will be witnesses who survived the gas attack. Any of the rats caught in the clearing operation, wounded or not, might be good subjects for enhanced interrogation – – the rats did it, and somebody knows they did it, and somebody knows who gave the orders to do it – – run ’em all to earth and kill them, is what I say.

  2. Giulio

    I thought the same thing the day after khan al Assal massacre…It’s a desperate attempt to rise terrorist morale and to take control over the town where the Obama admin lied about chemical weapon usage. Tehy try to slow down the investigation keeping control of the town as long as they can, but unfortunatly for them the elimination of human being is not enough to get read of their lies. The use of CW will be proved or denied through analysis of dirt and maybe water samples. So this is a desperate attempt to gain some times enough for the international community to forget about OblaBLama bullcrap. Even the UK after the initial support said that the rport on CW was not trustworthy…

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