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British Parliament voted against War on Syria

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Syria War: British Parliament voted against military actions.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that the UK will not take part in a military attack against Syria, after the defeat in the vote in the British Parliament on Thursday night. This is a huge defeat for the government, which had the loudest voice for an attack against Syria together with the U.S. and France.

The template of the British Government for the war against Syria was rejected with 285 to 272 votes. Although the vote is not binding, David Cameron has said that he respects the will of Parliament and that he knows now clearly that the British people do not want a military intervention against Syria. “I have understand,” he said.

The British government presented the “reasons” in its intelligence report why it believes that the Syrian government would be responsible for the use of chemical weapons. However, they only spoke of guesses and assumptions. David Cameron had to admit in direction of the MEPs that there is no real evidence of the guilt.

What is obviously still in the bones of the British politicians is the day ten years ago, when the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has “proven” by his infamous dossier that Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction and represents a huge threat to the world.

As it turned out after the invasion and occupation of Iraq, the alleged evidence was a pack of lies, forged and fabricated – and Tony Blair knew it.

This time, a majority of Parliament urge solid evidence for the claims that the Syrian President Assad has ordered the use of chemical weapons. They do not want to be again drawn into a war by lies.

The resistance in the British parliament was caused by the opposition leader of the Labour Party because Ed Miliband said that they have to wait for the report of the UN inspectors.

At the moment when David Cameron heard this statement, he almost bursted with anger. Because it has been his firm intention to let missiles and bombs rain down on Syria in the coming days.

Syria - Jobar - ANNA-news
Syria – Jobar – ANNA-news

In the case that Barack Obama now even commands the attack on Syria, then he is doing it without the support of the American people, without the consent of Congress, without resolution of the United Nations (UN) and without the participation of the British. In the case that the British poodle is not going to participate this time, then Obama is watered.

Now he is not able to form his “coalition of the willing”. Of course, this does not mean that the war against Syria is called off.

Either the U.S. President Barack Obama is doing it now on his own, or a new and even worse act under false-flag will be implemented.

The fiery speech by George Galloway in the House of Commons:

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  1. Canthama

    I strongly recommend the readers to watch George’s video, he is a voice of good sense and raises key aspects of double stadards. The UK parliament is, for now, acting wisely. Lets see what the US Congress will do without the American people’s support.


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