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Syria- Precise Language: The Separatists Are ZioKurds

by Miri Wood, RNc

In the best of all possible worlds, each country is physically defined by its national borders, over which it has complete sovereignty.  No other country may invade it, except in self-defense.  No other country may send its elite mercenary troops to illegally enter, to train and arm terrorists against another country; such things are breaches in international law, per the agreements of Geneva 1949 treaties.

Each country also has one flag, and one military.

Such simple fundamentals are self-evident in western countries — and in their underling-allies.  These western countries, however, have been shamelessly successful in convincing their populations that that such fundamentals in countries they wish to destroy, to colonize, is anomalous, aberrant.

Those who are besieged are all the Syrians. We are talking about Syria being besieged by enemies, by criminals, by murderers, by hostile governments targeting the whole Syrian people. — H.E. Bashar al Ja’afari, Permanent Representative to the UN.

What French citizen would consider it valid, were it invaded by foreign military, there to incite insurrection against the French state?

What US American would tolerate French and German special forces to invade US, to train an army to attack the US Marine Corps?

No one.

So, why, then, do we collectively cheer, especially, the minority populace of the separatist Kurds?

The western populations are long overdue for an unbrainwashing.  Therefore, let us begin with a map of the Syrian Arab Republic (SAR):

Map of the Syrian Arab Republic

This is the Syrian flag, held by a Syrian soldier of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). The SAA is Syria’s military, which incorporates a marine corps, a navy, an air force — just as the US has one military. Syria also has one ancillary, a volunteer militia of Syrian patriots, the National Defense Forces [NDF] who work under the direction of the SAA:

Syrian soldier with Syrian flag
The flag of the SAR is red, white, and black, with two green stars.

This is the Syrian flag, held by Syrian soldiers:

Soldiers with Syrian flag
This is a painting of a Syrian soldier, wrapped in a Syrian flag, saluting his people, his leader, his watan (nation):

Syrian soldier wrapped in flag

This is the national emblem of Syria (if we can readily grasp the non-complex concept of the eagle being the US emblem, we should not be surprised that Syria has one. As the expression goes, this is not brain surgery). Besides, Syria’s emblem is known to be the Syrian Eagle since ancient times, see the below two:

emblem Syria
Syrian Arab Republic Eagle Emblem
Syrian Palmyra Eagle with an Olive Branch in his Beak: 'No Peace Without Power'
Syrian Palmyra Eagle with an Olive Branch in his Beak:
‘No Peace Without Power’

This is a group of Syrians, in Syria, in a parade in support of their country, against foreign invaders. They carry their flag, a painting of Mariam (Virgin Mary), a Quran:

Demonstration in Syria

It’s about 23 million Syrians besieged, by economic sanctions, by terrorists crossing from Turkey, from Jordan, from Lebanon, from Iraq.  This is the reality.  The whole Syrian people are besieged.  — H.E. al Ja’afari

Any flag that is not the Syrian flag, is not the Syrian flag.  This is also not brain surgery. Any confusion suffered by western populations, has been caused by intensive colonialist propaganda.

The first gang of terrorists against Syria orwellianly named itself the Free Syrian Army (FSA-takfiri).  They were originally culled from approximately 60,000 criminals scattered around the country — criminals at large, because of a lax, corrupt, law enforcement agency.  They were the original beheaders, the cannibals, the demons who baked Syrians in ovens, the savages who bombed hospitals, blew up university students, threw mailmen from rooftops, who remotely detonated a professor’s vehicle, causing her to require bilateral above the knee amputations.  There is no such thing as a moderate terroristnot in the US, nor France, nor Germany, nor Syria.

The FSA-takfiri carry the terrorist flag of French Mandate occupation. The French Mandate was ‘mandated’ by the colonialist Sykes-Picot Treaty between the UK and France, carving up the Levant, and Iraq, colonizing these regions.

The FSA-takfiri took direction from the Caenorhabditis elegans worm, and quickly self-procreated into a seemingly endless number of other terrorist gangs — bolstered in numbers, by the upwards of 500,000 invading foreigners, the human garbage of more than 100 countries of the world.  On some occasions, these barbarians have engaged in sweet fratricide, but most of the time they are unified in being the wetworkers of NATO member states.

On Valentine’s Day — sadistic cynicism — the FSA-takfiri created the umbrella group of 57 different terror gangs, and called the alliance the Southern Front.  Intriguingly, there is a website of the same name, minus three letters, which spends much time cleaning up the FSA-takfiri’s brutal image.

FSA, holding the flag of French Mandate occupation, next to terrorist holding the flag of Jabhat al Nusra (JaN), which is on the US terrorist list.

isis and french mandate

NATO’s beloved FSA General Idriss has apologized to JaN:

FSA Idress loves JaN

This photograph is from the New Brunswick, Canada, Airport:

Canadian airport

The Canadian government is not so stupid as to accidentally have the French Mandate flag on this airport wall; this is completely intentional, as Justin Trudeau is a war criminal — as is his ‘50% minority cabinet’ — committed to the balkanization of the SAR.

This is a photo of one of Canada’s dear Syrian refugees, Mamon al Homsi, calling for the slaughter of Syrians; note the French occupiers flag, behind him:

image-Mamon al Homsi
Mamon al Homsi

Here, can be seen the video, in which he singles out the Alawite minority, for extermination.

The terrorist FSA flag is here, also, behind this Turkmen calling for a Turkmenestan within Syria:

Turkmen with many maps

In this multicultural terrorist group photo, we see the already identified moderate-FSA-terrorists with the French occupation flag, and the terrorist flag of JaN, with the terrorist/moderate-terrorist, Ahrar al Sham, enjoying the afternoon in occupied Idlib, Syria.

Ahrar al Sham, FSA, Nusra, Idlib
Flags of Ahrar al Sham, FSA, Nusra terrorist groups in Idlib

Ahrar al Sham, one of the many incestuous, illegitimate children/allies of the moderate terrorist FSA, claimed responsibility for the coordinated bombings of Jableh and Tartous, 0n 23 May, martyring more than 78 Syrians, injuring dozens more, and destroying homes and other infrastructure.

Here is required a short deviation from identifying separatist flags, and the terrorist gangs who carry them, in order to disseminate significant background information.

Approximately one week ago, the Syrian Arab Air Force issued the following statement:

The goal of the US invading for a backed Kurdish ethnic separatists from Iraq and Turkey that are mostly comprised of Peshmerger militiamen and [YPG — ‘Kurdish People’s Protection Unit’] terrorists, is to secure both Raqqa and the surrounding platforms to their use as a permanent foot hold to divide Syria across the Euphrates.  Securing the Tabqa air base will defeat this goal through the placement of point air defenses followed by medium range (50 km) and long range (150 km) air defense assets that Syria is prepared to use in case of violations of sovereignty.  The details of the components will be revealed once thee battle is over.  …We hope everyone has the thoughts of the Syrian soldiers and associated self-defense forces in their minds as this battle will determine the very future of the Syrian state.

…and began the ground move toward al Raqqa.

FSA and YPG terrorist portrait

On 20 April, the terrorist YPG slaughtered 8 Syrian soldiers, kidnapped one dozen Syrian soldiers, and occupied a government building, in Qamishlu, Syria.  On 22 April, the US State Department’s press liaison, Elizabeth Trudeau, cheered “the Kurds [as having] some of the most effective fighters on the ground against ISIL.”

This may be considered the extent of the State Department’s diplomacy — refraining from cheering the slaughter and kidnapping of Syrian soldiers, by a separatist terrorist gang.  Let us be mindful that around the time that the US closed the Syrian Embassy, in Washington, DC (early 2014), the State Department demo[n]cratically censored Syria’s UN ambassador, by limiting his mobility to a 25 mi/40km radius from the UN. Diplomat al Ja’afari had been engaged in successful Town Hall Meetings across the US, to educate the populace on the truth about Syria.  When asked about this, then press liaison Jen Psaki said this was ok, because the US had also restricted diplomats of Iran and N. Korea.

Most westerners did not hear of Raqqa until after US President Obama addressed his nation, live, to announce that he had authorized war criminal bombings of the SAR, in response to the triple header deaths of three American mercenaries illegally in Syria.  These orangettes were special operatives masquerading as “humanitarian” workers and “journalists,” despite having had no previous backgrounds.

Raqqa is a Syrian city of 800,000 civilians, held hostage by 3,000 takfiri of various denominations.  Because of this large civilian population, the SAR has been very cautious in trying to eradicate the occupiers — unlike the NATO imperialists, and their rabid underlings, all of whom bomb this city with impunity and abandon.  Jordan’s criminal bomber cum orangette, al Kasabeh was shot down by the friendly fire of the UAE war criminal bomber, Mansouri. Reputedly [illegally] in Syrian airspace to  bomb takfiri, both jets were equipped with air-to-air missiles, intending to bomb SAAF jets (see previous hyperlink of the “Armageddon” opus, for details).  After the Paris terror attack — by a French national, Hollande, instead of bombing France, bombed Raqqa.

The US doesn’t want any advance by the SAA against ‘ISIS,’ especially in Raqqa, as it will not work toward dividing the country plans they are having. That’s why you’ll see they’ll [YPG/SDF] advance against ISIS while ISIS will concentrate their attacks against the SAA. — a Syrian analyst, in Syria

On 24 April, the western world breathed a collective sigh of relief to know that three British mercenaries had been released from a jail, after having been arrested for illegal entry into Iraq.  No msm had any problem with the fact that the three had also been illegally in Syria, fighting with the terrorist YPG, reputedly against the terrorist ISIL (again: how would a Brit feel about French mercs fighting with a terror gang, in the UK?).

RT doesn't complain about UK mercs in Syria
RT doesn’t complain about UK mercs in Syria

To recap:

  • The US continues to push for the final solution against Syria
  • The US supports the terrorist-separatist YPG against Syria
  • The US supports the FSA-moderate-terrorists
  • The US does not support the terrorist JaN
  • The FSA-terrorists supports JaN, YPG, Ahrar al Sham

Please refer to  the map at the beginning of this article, to have a proper sense of the geography of the following photographs.

This portrait, taken in al Hasakah, Syria, is also of foreign mercenaries, illegally in the SAR.  This gang holds three different flags, yet is considered part of the US-named Syrian Demo[n]cratic Forces (SDF).  Trained in Jordan (Castretto King Abdullah was the secret that John Kerry had in his briefcase, when he met with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in Moscow, in March), the orwellianly named SDF are mostly comprised of separatist Kurds and separatist Turkmen.  It is unknown if any actual Syrian traitors are members.

Multicultural terrorist flags
Multicultural terrorist flags

The flag on the left is the Assyrian flag.

Assyria no longer exists, and to re-construct it would require the separation of NNW Iraq, SE Turkey, and E. Syria.

The flag on the right is of the Guardians of Khabour [valley] — an Assyrian faction —  with writing in Kurdish.

Hezen Suriya Demokratik, the US – sponsored SDF, is not Arabic.

Azerbaijan offspring flag
Azerbaijan offspring flag

Syria is a country so filled with minorities that it has been stated there are no minorities, in Syria:  There are only Syrians. has only acknowledged specific Syrian minorities only on the occasions during which they have been targeted by the takfiri, for slaughter, and when mouthpieces for the west, call for their extermination, as when Walid Jumblatt called for the killing of the Syrian Druze, because they audaciously consider themselves Syrians first, and Druze, second; because they are patriots of their country. exposed Qatar’s al Jazeera Arabic holding a discussion on genocide of the Syrian Alawite minority, last May — which was not reported in western media, nor in al Jazeera English.

Since the early days of the Syrian crisis, the same NATO msm that has engaged in massive criminal propaganda against the SAR, has also staunchly, and almost consistently, supported the separatist Kurds, of Syria, against Syria?

In August 2011, Anderson Cooper interviewed Syria’s UN diplomat.  Ambassador al Ja’afari emphatically stated that his country was under attack by foreign terrorists. Cooper called the diplomat a liar.

How, then, does Cooper cheer these separatist Kurds fighting against the same terrorists that Cooper told Syria’s ambassador did not exist?

Additionally, how does Cooper — paid a reported 10 million USD per year, really not know that there is no such place as Kobane, Syria, that “Kobane” was the name of the German company that built the station in Ain al Arab, in 1912, when Syria was still under Ottoman occupation?

This author previously followed these separatist Kurds YPG social media page.  Its administrators bragged equally about slaughtering Syrian soldiers, as it did about killing takfiri.  It shared the reports of every kiss blown to these separatists, by the US State Department.

The administrators, though, kept Israel’s support, on the down-low; but the secret has long been known, as evidenced by these — just a few — joint rallies around the world.  Naming these separatists ZioKurds is an important polemic, to grab the attention of those who support them as new secretions of Sykes-Picot, while considering themselves to be anti-imperialists.

How does one support both the Palestinian cause, and those geo-romantically involved with Israel?

How does one proclaim the wish for Palestinians to not live under occupation, while supporting the attempted final solution against the SAR?

ZioKurd rally Tel Aviv 13 Aug 2014
ZioKurd rally Tel Aviv 13 August 2014


16 june 2016
ZioKurd rally, Germany


ZioKurd rally Washington, DC

Syria has presented the UN with binders filled with foreign terrorists killed, or arrested, in the SAR.  That many prominent foreign mercs have illegally entered the SAR, has been documented, and ignored — except when these mercs are newsworthy, after beheadings, and such.

More recent, though, have been the rumors that western elite forces have invaded the SAR, and are training and fighting with the ZioKurds.

On 15 June, SANA reported the Syrian government’s condemnation of the illegal breach of its national sovereignty, by French and German special operatives having been deployed to Ain al Arab and Manbij.

Commenting on news circulated regarding the presence of groups of French and German special forces in Ain al Arab and Manbij areas on the Syrian territories, the Syrian Arab Republic vehemently condemns this blatant interference that constitutes a flagrant violation of UN Charter’s principles and an overt unjustified aggression on the sovereignty and independence of Syria.

US media has been too busy engaged in, first, its massacre porn reporting of the slaughter in the Orlando club, and now busy in passing gas from both ends of their digestive tracts over the silly sit-in by Democrats, to pay this illegal invasion any mention.  Perhaps, though, it is just as well, considering the bipartisan cheering that occurred after illegal alien John McCain returned from having met with terrorists, in May 2013, in Syria; considering their war propaganda surrounding the various orangettesin the SAR.


SAA only armed moderates
The only moderate fighters on the ground in Syria are the soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army who are legitimately fighting for the freedom and sovereignty of their country

If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about  in helpless confusion.  Hence there must  be no arbitrariness in what is said.  This matters above everything. — Confucius

Do not stand about, in helpless confusion.  Know, instead, that there is one country called Syria, that this country has one military, that if the west and underlings were to cease their malignant actions, this military could clean up the terrorist mess dumped into it, in three days.

Do not stand about, in helpless confusion.  Know that Syria is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world.


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  1. larsqwe

    Syria and their extremist-killing allies will definitively cleanse the country of its US/Saudi-paid wahhabi invaders.

  2. John Hirtle

    Thank you for this extremely well written piece, which details vital information in an exceptional manner. Truth has been sadly lacking in the mainstream media.

  3. miri

    “The idea struck me while following the rabid campaign launched in western media and echoed elsewhere to grant the Kurds in the Levant the right to establish and never-before existing separate country carving it out of what’s currently known as Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. They want to call it Kurdistan and want it to resemble a pure ethnic identity similar to what the Zionists want to establish on occupied Palestine, a religious identity which in turn is very similar to what ISIS represents: a pure anti-Islamic Wahhabi religion entity.

    “Kurds, or speakers of Kurdish language have lived ever happily in their communities and never felt being isolated or marginalized until the United States and its minis started destroying Iraq. Kurds, for those who insist on ignoring history, have reached leading posts over their neighbors in their history. I can easily name Saladin, the great Islamic caliph who fought the Crusaders and of Kurdish origins. How would he become the leader of a vast empire of mostly Arabs and other ethnic groups if his ‘people’ were marginalized or isolated? I will leave this answer to the western media gurus inciting this narrative

    .”On my profile on Facebook, I kept a cover photo showing the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad with top Muslim clerics including Syria’s own grand mufti sheikh Badreddin Hassoun standing to the left of Dr. Assad and Mr. Mohammad Abdulsattar al-Sayyed, the Syrian Minister of Islamic Endowment and Affairs to Dr. Assad’s right, and the prayer was led by the late martyr sheikh Mohammad Saeed Ramadan Bouti, who was assassinated with 51 of his Syrian Muslim Sunni students inside a Syrian Muslim Sunni Mosque called Iman Mosque (Faith Mosque) in the heart of the Syrian capital Damascus by an anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Suicide Jihadist.

    “Again, how are Kurds marginalized or oppressed or isolated if one of their clerics leading all other Muslim clerics in the Levant in a prayer attended by the Syrian president? The answer is with the same Zionist propagandists.

    “Some might refer to the few hundred thousands Syrian Kurds who didn’t get the Syrian national ID card, well you can ask the same Kurds what was the main reason for them not to obtain the Syrian full citizenship? If those asked are sincere, they’ll tell you: To avoid serving in the Syrian Arab Army and remain as non-full citizens in Syria. Similar to 1.2 million Iraqi refugees who escaped the US led invasion of Iraq and similar to 600,000 Palestinian refugees who escaped the ongoing massacres against them on their own land by the ‘entity of Zionist radical foreign settlers’ who use religion to occupy land and oppress its people, just like the same tactics of ISIS, by the way. All come from the same source.”

  4. miri

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  5. Nima

    i completely agree with you about syria and the despicable western media and NATO intervention. But, one point of clarification is not clear….why are you calling the Kurds Zionist? I know Kurds who are fighting terrorists, they are fighting AGAINST the US-backed Al Nusra and Al Qaeda forces. They owe no allegiance to Israel so far as I can tell. They just want a secular government where they can freely exercise their traditions and celebrate their culture without fear. I would say that as long as the countries they are surrounded by will not respect their human rights and will force Wahhabism upon them, they deserve to fight for a separate country. I know they are also resisting Assad now but I pretty much can’t blame them for wanting a separate country when all the political turmoil in the governments of the middle east, not promising any safety or security for the children to live in peace and carry on the traditions of their ancestors.


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