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Persuading the Multitudes: The Myth of the Syrian Refugee


Miri Wood, RNc

But can there be both a false and a true knowledge? Socrates asks his doltish student, who has just enough sanity to answer, By no means.

Just four pages later, though, when Socrates states, “Therefore when the rhetorician is more convincing that the doctor, the ignorant is more convincing among the ignorant, than the expert,” the student tilts his sophist hat, and answers, “This is the conclusion, in this instance.

In the Gorgias dialogue, Socrates humbly, and meticulously, demonstrates that the province of the conviction of manipulative rhetoric, is the production of  “gratification and pleasure.”

Not knowledge.

As the “gratification and pleasure” coming from Canada, from the media, and from individuals reaching out, to help the incoming Syrian refugees, is oozing all over the facts of the Syrian Arab Republic’s last five years, we must take a bulldozer, a bulldozer of reality, to prohibit such wrongful pleasure from sealing off the truth.   To be clear:  There is no joy in refugee status; such persons feel no choice but to flee their homes, and their countries, because of externally inflicted terrorism.   Therefore, no decent human being should receive neither “gratification,” nor “pleasure,” from extending a helping hand to them.

The Birth of Sudden Syrian Refugee Pandemic

Despite the fact that Syrians comprise less than 20% of all external refugees, despite the fact that both the Syrian government, and the United Nations report that most Syrian refugees are IDPs,  (7.6 million) “internally displaced persons,” forced to flee their homes and neighborhoods, to safer areas within their own country, almost overnight, Syrians became the face of the external refugee population.

How did this happen?

Earlier this year, both international mainstream media, and social media, were dominated by the plight of the Rohingya boat people.  Five hundred families were reported to be adrift, at sea, and then they abruptly fell off the planet, and from people’s minds, immediately after the Turkish Navy rescued them — and shortly after a native New Yorker, illegally squatting in the Syrian Arab Republic, invited them to join him, in illegally settling into the SAR.

On, or about, 31 August 2015, Qatar’s  aj+,  posted a photograph of a drowned baby, which  marinated (“went viral”) for about 30 hours, before a background story was offered.

aj+ is an offshoot of  al Jazeera, “the greatest psy op in history,” appropriately renamed “al Khanzeera” (“the pigsty”), by Libyan patriots, before their country was turned into a land mass — because of its rabid lies.  al Jazeera is owned by the absolute monarchy of Qatar (“pronounced ‘gutter'”), which has spent over three billion dollars in its attempt to destroy Syria (in June, the incarcerated in Egypt, former employee of a-J, Mohamed Fahmy, wrote an open letter, explaining why he is suing his former employer).

At the end of the 30 hour period, the thousands of people who had shared the dead baby’s defiled body — which had been moved, re-positioned to maximize his  emoticon use-value, were primed for the heart- and gut-wrenching story; in this baby’s terrible death,  was born the myth of the Syrian refugee, ablating all memory of the Rohingya refugees — who could have fallen off the edge of the world.

His grieving father’s colossal story of heroism, was as poignant as the baby’s drowning.  He was courted by international media, none of which questioned his absurd story of being a “Syrian refugee” on a boat, who was forced into the act of heroically taking the helm, when the dastardly and cowardly captain, terrified of the very big waves, decided to assuage his fears, by jumping into them.

Fullscreen capture 12142015 54908 PM.bmp

Though some sporadic reports, from mostly sporadically unknown bloggers surfaced, stories that claimed the baby was actually born in Turkey, that his father wanted to leave Turkey, where he had been, for three years, to get a better job, and some dental work, for his bad teeth, the damage was already done; the baby’s photo was fused into the minds of those who had wept over it.

The harshest, independent report, “Mind Control and Gaining Support for the Invasion of Syria:  Aylan’s Life Story is False, and His Body Was Moved for Maximum Emotional Support,” went so far as to suggest that the re-positioning was made to look like the drowned  Pinocchio, from the Walt Disney cartoon adaption.

The stunning similarity in the side-by-side photos, chills the soul that imagines the malignant cynicism necessary to so degrade, so defile, this precious child, in order to create the myth.

Fullscreen capture 12142015 55051 PM.bmp

The “fix” was so darkly embedded into the collective psyche, that not only did the baby-cum-emoticon’s also drowned brother, Galip, receive little attention, Iraqi mom, Zainab Abbas — two of whose three children also drowned — gave an interview that Aylan’s father  was the human trafficker, to whom she had paid $10,000 for a safe arrival into Europe  was largely ignored.

Fullscreen capture 12142015 55636 PM.bmp
Abbas family. Children Zainab and Haider, also drowned in the overcrowded boat. But they were Iraqi, and their deaths do not potentiate the myth of the Syrian refugee. They were not made famous.

Oh, Canada!

On 21 October, Justin Trudeau, was elected Prime Minister of Canada. His Liberal Party “ended 10 years of conservative rule,” as he replaced Conservative PM, Stephen Harper.  Neo-liberals of Canada swooned, when he announced his cabinet would contain 50% women (plus one or two Sikhs).  Neo-libs, south of the border, particularly women who appear to be closest readers of “Harlequin romance novels,” swooned the most, some actually unabashedly dubbing him “PMILF” (too coarse to spell out).  A video of the self-enamored Trudeau, doing a partial strip tease at the Canadian Liver Foundation’s “What a Girl Wants” auction, from 17 November 2011, suddenly spread throughout social media, upon his election, cementing the collective love affair.

On the same day, Trudeau announced an end to “Operation Compact,” Canada’s cute name for its war criminal bombings of Syria, which began on 8 April 2015 (despite no Canadian mercenaries in the SAR, having become  orangettes, as had those of  the US, UK, and Japan ;  strictly speaking, Canada had no ‘cover story,’ for breaching International Law treaties, in it murderous aggression against a country which had not attacked it).  No one cared that the new PM stated that his plan was to invest more Canadian tax dollars in the illegal funding and training of takfiri “moderate” terrorists, on the ground, against the SAR.

Fullscreen capture 12142015 52000 PM.bmp

No matter that the PM almost immediately, smarmily, reversed himself, stating:  “I made it very clear that it is Canada’s intention to withdrawal from the [illegal, war criminal] bombing mission but to do it in a way that is responsible with our allies [also war criminals who have also never been attacked by Syria].”

Fullscreen capture 12142015 52156 PM.bmp
Fullscreen capture 12142015 52226 PM.bmp

What right does Trudeau have, to self-aggrandize his fraudulent concern for Syrians?  As he welcomes the refugees, why does no one ask, “How many Syrians, in their homeland, has the Canadian Air Force massacred?

No matter, for he has a full head of hair, and takes off his shirt, in public (and there is that weird attempt to superimpose the nostalgia of the Camelot that never existed, in the Kennedy White House, onto him and his first lady). Also no matter, for he looks so gosh darn PMILFishy  in the photo op with the cute Syrian toddler, all  pinkified, as he coucou‘s her.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau welcomed the first planeload of Syrians
Trudeau coucou’s child dressed in pink, with flowers in her hair (“flowers everywhere”?), for this photo op.

[A not insignificant ‘aside,’ here, is warranted:  How is it that the same folk who are titillated by a Trudeau, Trudeau prime ministry, ecstatic over the idea of Clinton, Clinton — and even a future Chelsea Clinton — presidencies, who can tolerate Bush I, Bush II, and possible Bush III presidencies, are apoplectic about Assad, Assad presidencies?]

The Canadian stories, instruments of self-pleasuring for its Canadian audience, were picked up, internationally.  Canada’s southern neighbors, of the neolib ilk, were condemned to be voyeurs, like some hungry, dickensonian creatures, with noses pressed against restaurant windows; our US citizenry has been degraded into an amorphous, malleable populace, whose anemic potency extends only to choosing teams, teams which are permitted to decide which flavor of scam to pick.   One of our teams does not want refugees, and so the other team is forced to drool, and fantasize.

Neither of our teams retains the capacity to  think, though.  To be fair, also though, it seems the entire Western world has lost this ability, lost its collective marbles.

When UK’s  Independent Propagandist, ran it headline,  Canadian Children Sang Ancient Arabic Song of Welcome to Syrian Refugees, on 11 December (“Tala al Badru Alayna,” song sung to Prophet Mohammed, when he sought refugee in Medina, according to hadith), no one dared to molest the moment of self-pleasuring, via a simple question of the impossibility of the logistics.

Is it possible that the first batch of Syrian refugees arrived in Canada, 10 December, without jet lag, without the need to be moved into some kind of housing, the need to unpack, sleep, and have a good meal, before being rounded up into a concert hall, to be musically welcomed by approximately 100 singing Canadian children, less than 24 hours later?

Fullscreen capture 12142015 50604 PM.bmp
“The first plane of Syrian refugees landed in Toronto late on Thursday and Canada has wasted no time in welcoming them.”

Why should such a simple question have remained unasked?

The YouTube video of these sweet singing kids, of Ecole Secondaire Publique de la Salle, has reached over one million views, by persons refusing to ask this question, whose answer is readily understood, though it deviates from the pleasure-formation of the fraudulent story:

Every year we try to touch different cultures, and a year ago  we started planning to do a Muslim-inspired piece. — Robert Filion, Choral Director.

Fullscreen capture 12152015 94806 AM.bmp

Sensations are the great things after all.  Should you ever be drowned or hung, be sure and make a note of your sensations — they will be worth to you ten guineas a sheet.  If you wish to write forcibly, Miss Zenobia, pay minute attention to the sensations.  — E.A. Poe

Were the dead — including the fictionally  dead — able to feel such things as  jealousy, Poe’s  Suky Snobbs, protagonist-in-cheek of “How to Write a Blackwood Article,” would probably have burst several essential blood vessels, envying the coverage of the father-sons airport reunion, which contained a 55-second hugging and crying video, mysterious incarceration, and even a broken couch!

On 10 December, two sons of a Mamon al Homsi  were among the first shipment of refugees who landed in Vancouver.  Reportedly, they had not seen each other in 10 years (once again, the unacknowledged absence of women — mothers and wives — is reminiscent of Hollywood t.v. shows of the 50s and 60s.  Reporters never ask about them.  The man who was kicked by the Hungarian journalist, was carrying his son.  The drowned baby had no mother, either. To be fair, though, one article did mention half-siblings which the sons had never met, because of the  fleeing thing — minus mention of any of them having a mother.).

Fullscreen capture 12152015 13305 PM.bmp

al Homsi self-reports as having been an “independent Syrian MP,” which no reporter has corroborated.  al Homsi self-reports of having been incarcerated, in Syria, without mentioning what his conviction was.   He claims to have “fled,” upon release from jail, but does not mention that prior to his arrival in Canada, he attended the Prague Security Conference, in early 2012, with rightwing Italo-Israeli settler, Fiamma Nirenstein, who was singing his praises in her blog, all the way back in 2007.  

Fullscreen capture 12142015 50527 PM.bmp

Yet again, we fall into that most strange anomaly, of the relationship between the fraud “Syrian opposition,” and the most rightwing of the Zionist organizations, the anomaly that most Palestinian and Israeli activists, refuse to acknowledge.   This journalist, by the way, continues to  stand amazed by the Gazan man that Israel would not permit to travel to the US, on a speaking tour, who has suddenly appeared in Germany, caring for “Syrian refugees” in that country, and also by the Palestinian activist whose Jewish husband was not permitted into Israel, to be with his wife, during the birth of their first child, and how she, and he, are now on a Greek island, also caring for “Syrian refugees,” there.   Even the talented, polemic street artist,  Banksy (previously revered by this author, before he turned his paintings into “State Department light” lies against the SAR), jumped into the “Syrian refugee” mythology, with a subversive, dishonest blurring of “refugee” and “migrant,” in his recent painting of Apple’s CEO and founder, Steve Jobs.  Jobs’s biological father was a Syrian immigrant, never married to his non-Syrian biological mother, who was forced to give him up for adoption.  Though Banksy‘s  caption states, “The Son of a Migrant from Syria,” Jobs is painted as a  refugee, carrying a computer in one hand, and a stuffed sack — not a suitcase — weighting down his shoulder.  Curiously, the painting suddenly appeared in the  Calais, France, refugee camp known as “the jungle,” which had been immediately reported as burnt to the ground, shortly after the  wetworks  atrocities, in Paris, a torching immediately reported as having required all the inhabitants to be moved, to other shelter (a new report has The Jungle inhabitants as having hijacked the painting, keeping it covered, and charging a fee to tourists who wish to view it).

One of the photographs in the  happy, tearful, reunion with broken couch article, shows al Homsi seated in front of the flag of French Mandate occupation of Syria, the flag of treason, the flag used by the original terrorist group, in Syria, the FSA:

Fullscreen capture 12152015 92530 AM.bmp

The  cockles-warmer — which  pleasured,  also, international media — made no mention of al Homsi’s sectarian, violent threats against a minority population, in Syria, on 20 December 2011:

from this day on, you despicable Alawites, either you renounce al Assad or else Syria will become your graveyard…we will wipe you from the land of Syria…we will turn Syria into the graveyard of the Alawites…

Reunion dad, al Homsi, threatening atrocities

Of note:   The Alawite minority population, in Syria, has always been a target of the most rabidly racist-types.  In June 2012, British born and reared Helen Dayem — mommy of the now defunct “Syrian activist Danny” (also born and reared in the UK), who was frequently interviewed by Anderson Cooper (who seemed to be “mad crushing on him”) — wrote a venomous attack against them, calling them lazy, stupid, cheaters, sounding like a US Ku Klux Klansman maligning black folk, during the Civil Rights era.

In early May, Qatar’s al Jazeera aired a “dialogue,” calling for genocide against the Alawi, adults and children, and also calling for torture, before slaughter:

This is the monstrous soul of Mamon al Homsi, whose emoticon reunion produced pleasure and gratification.

Though Trudeau’s initial statement of his plans to import 25,000 refugees into Canada said they would be culled from the tent camps of Jordan (where thousands of Syrians in those tent inhabitants, women and children, have been made victims of international sex tourism), no explanation was offered, by Canada’s PM, nor suggested by Canadian media, as to why the first shipment of “refugees” came from Beirut.

An interesting account, though, was offered by two Syrians, living in Syria:  The “refugees” were actually “middle-upper class [Syrian] professionals,” who had already “applied for normal immigration visas…the second plane had refugees sent to quarantine.”

Justin Trudeau Hates Syrians

The short reports by two actual Syrians, does make much sense, as it would appear unlikely that Mr. Trudeau would ever let his luxurious head of hair get anywhere near the head of anyone directly from a tent camp, whose head might have those jumping  lice critters?

As both Socrates and Gorgias have agreed that there can not be “both a false and a true knowledge,” are those who have been smitten by the emotionally manipulative rhetoric of Trudeau, Canadian media, and international media running these fictions, willing to release themselves of the bondage of derived “pleasure and gratification,” and admit to the  “true knowledge“:  That Justin cannot simultaneously care about Syrians, while  engaging in the war criminal bombings of Syria, and in the illegal training, arming and funding of takfiri “moderates” against the Syrian people,  and “care” about them?

While the geysers of self-aggrandizing  pustulant mythology  of “Syrian refugees” were splattered all over us, from Thursday through Monday, particularly, none of those unwittingly, servilely enmeshed in the Trudeau orgy, noticed the weekend’s round of slaughter against Syrians, in Homs, and Damascus.

Homs explosion
Homs, 12 December.
Syria: SAA soldier with his mother
Syrian woman, and her soldier son, were among those martyred, in Homs.

On 12 December, three days after an arrangement was agreed to, by the Syrian government, and the “moderate” takfiri, for them to leave Homs, the cowards remotely detonated 150kg of explosives that had been placed in a car, near to the al Ahli Hospital, and near to Om Alkhair and Om AlKhair Almohdatha primary schools.  Many hospitals and schools have frequently been the targets of “moderate opposition” killers, since the early days, when the “rebels” were all under one al Qaeda umbrella gang, the FSA

On 12 December, while the Canadian love-fest of the blubbering reunion of the man who threatened slaughter of Syrians, and his sons, were entering the international media magic show, 16 Syrians, in Homs, were blown to bits (one new widow was only able to identify her husband, by his new shoes, which she had recently bought for him), and dozens were wounded, some critically.

Syrian analyst, Afraa Dagher, reported this heinous news (while also reporting in the upcoming meeting of terrorists, in Riyadh, to discuss her country:

On Sunday, 13 December, 50 missiles were fired on Damascus, murdering 6, injuring 43, many critically.

Does “true knowledge” have a chance, when lies are made to feel so good?

Let Us Unleash the Phagocytes* to Devour the Pustulant Lie of the Myth of the Syrian Refugee

On 13 September, while the world grieved over the drowned baby — whose father was the human trafficker, responsible for all the drownings that occurred, during that horrific capsize — 4 million Syrian students returned to the 15,000 Syrian schools, in their countrytrue knowledge that was intentionally concealed by international media.

Syria — and the non-Syrian world’s gawker-bystanders — are being submerged in the myth of the external “Syrian refugee.”  To the Syrian, the purpose is demoralization, demoralization that has the potential to create such refugees.   To the gawker-bystander, the purpose is to mold into acceptance of neo-colonialist destruction of the SAR, under the orwellian auspice of killing the same terrorists that UK, US, France (and assorted Gulfie and Levantine underlings) have created, funded, and armed.

Aforementioned analyst, Ms. Dagher, was the first to suggest the campaign to “empty” her country — via external terrorism, illegal sanctions, and the derivative demoralization campaign — in her interview with  PressTV, in early September, the beginning days of “sudden Syrian refugee pandemic crisis”:

She followed up her claim, with documentation, of the  emptying of the indigenous, Syrian population of Idlib governate, and the replacement of Syrians, with foreign, takfiri settlers:  Chechens, Turkmen, Uyghurs (to which, this writer might add the mysteriously disappeared Rohingyas).   Wikileaks whistle-blower, Julian Assange, has taken Dagher’s analysis seriously, and has called it “strategic depopulation.”

The purpose of the myth of the “Syrian refugee” is the destruction of the Syrian Arab Republic.

This fascist intention is powerfully described, in a report on a refugee camp, for Syrians, built-in Arsal, Lebanon (possibly the  only Syrian camp, in that country, as most Syrian refugees in Lebanon, have been absorbed into existing  Palestinian camps — which, again, begs the question:  From where did Trudeau cull the actual refugees, flown from Beirut, into Canada?).

Arsal is a small Lebanese village.  It was just a tiny farming town.  When the Syrian crisis began, someone (probably in SNC) decided to build a Syrian refugee camp there.  As you know these refugee camps are powerful political tools for the west, the MSM, and the various enemies of Syria.

It was important to have a refugee camp in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.  To show the world that there are civilians who are fearful for their lives inside Syria.  The MSM does not like to show the Syrian internally displaced people living inside Syria.  That is not so interesting.  They prefer to support the propaganda that people are leaving Syria because it is unsafe for them.  Another case in question is Gazientap refugee camp in Turkey where the inmates (whose passports have been confiscated) wish to return to Idlib but are being kept in Turkey to add to the fuel to the Interventionist propaganda.

Notice that no Syrian refugee camp has been established in Iraq, even though they are our neighbor.  Why?  Because Iraq did not participate in the plan to destroy Syria, unlike Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan….

Right away I saw Arsal as a very big problem, because they were all FSA and the women and children and old folks of the FSA fighters. MSF (Doctors without borders) opened a clinic in Arsal for the exclusive purpose of treating FSA fighters and sending them back to the battle fields…

Then, as the years went by, Arsal came to be infiltrated with other terrorists, not only FSA. Over time the FSA had pledged allegiance to Jibhat al Nusra, Al Qaeda and finally ISIS. The names and allegiances became diffused and murky…

Some of the other groups started sexually abusing the FSA women and girls, and quite possibly boys as well.  The FSA couldn’t do much to defend their families, because the other groups outnumbered them and were heavily armed.  In my opinion, the refugee camp in Arsal could end up in a blood bath as the FSA and their fellow terrorists battle over women, sex and property.  I am sure the people who have lived through these years there have a terrible story to tell.

“For the questions in dispute are by no means trivial, but are, one might say, matters wherein knowledge is noblest and ignorance most shameful…”.

Shall “shameful ignorance” be permitted to prevail over  true knowledge, because the product of shameful ignorance is pleasure and gratification?

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