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US UK French Death Squads Bomb Homs

Moderate Rebels Bomb Homs Residents

Miri Wood, RNc

On 12 December, gutless “moderate” takfiri “rebels” remotely detonated 15o kg of explosives, in a parked car, in the al Zahraa neighborhood of Homs, Syria.    Sixteen people were slaughtered, dozens of other wounded, many critically, and massive infrastructural damage was caused.  Moments later, a gas cylinder was exploded, inside a nearby shop, injuring First Responders of the Internal Security and Civil Defense Forces.

One new widow was forced to identify the headless body of her husband, by his new shoes, which she had recently bought for him.

explosion Al Zahra neighborhood in Homs

The car was parked near the al Ahli Hospital, and near to two primary schools, Om Alkhair and Om Alkhair Almohdatha.


The moderate death squads — funded in large part, by US tax dollars — against Syria have a significant history of blowing up hospitals and schools.  In December 2013, the FSA “rebels” destroyed the al Kindi University and Cancer Hospital, in Aleppo. On 15 January 2013, 82 students were slaughtered in Aleppo University bombings, and on 28 March 2013, more than 20 architecture students were martyred at Damascus University.  On 13 August, the takfiri remotely detonated a vehicle near the al Assad Hospital, in Latakia, as a prelude to bombing the seaside city on 17 August.  On 3 September, a van parked outside the Imad Ali school was also remotely detonated, killing 16, and injuring more than 25.   On 10 November, “moderate missiles were launched against Tishreen University, a children’s school, and the Sbiro bus terminal, also in Latakia, martyring 23, and wounding more than 65, some critically.

This latest in atrocities against Homs, dating back to 2011, comes three days after an agreement for cessation of fighting, and evacuation of the takfiri, between them, and the Syrian government, reputedly brokered by the UN (this author cannot recall a single agreement which was not subsequently, bloodily, and heinously, breached by the “opposition forces.”).

Of curious note, on 3 December, a site called SouthFront News — previously unknown to this author — reported that “On December 1, the Free Syrian Army’s central command agree to a permanent ceasefire and evacuation for the remaining rebels inside of Al-Wa’er with the Governor of Homs – Talal Al-Barazi.”  It claimed that 600 “FSA rebels [sic]” were to be transported to Idlib, the governate which has seen massive depopulation of indigenous Syrians, replaced with international settler terrorists, including Chechens, Turkmen, Uyghurs — and possibly the missing 500 Rohingya families, rescued at sea, by the Turkish Navy, after New York city born and reared Bilal Abdul Kareem, invited them to join him in his illegal settler-ing, in Syria.

SouthFront‘s “about us” section divulges little about who runs the site, and nothing about its inception.

Wiki search offers nothing, except a very odd coincidence:  There is a alliance of more than 58 takfiri opposition gangs, coordinated under the FSA, founded on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2014.  Its name is Southern Front.

car bomb
The vehicle in which 150kg of explosives were remotely detonated

As of two hours ago, only one western source reported this war crime, Yahoo! News, which used the opportunity to yet again bray criminal lies against the Syrian Arab Republic (all other specifically US sources, perhaps, are still quite busy developing derivative tales about the recent wetworks operation, in San Bernadino, which transformed “three tall white men” in military garb, into an average size Muslim man, and his petite Muslim wife).  Yahoo stated that “ISIS” had assumed credit for the slaughter.

RT , medium of the Russian government, which has been diligently at work, erasing the FSA’s mass-murdering history, since Putin and Hollande began their devil’s waltz, in Syria, also blamed “ISIS,” for this latest barbaric slaughter.  Is it conceivable that RT needs reminding that the FSA was the original gang of takfiri savages, before branching off into countless subsects of terrorists?  Would not a cannibal, by any other name, still be a cannibal?  Did not an al Qaeda insider — in July 2014 — give an interview in which he claimed that Obama (and his cohorts in war crimes against Syria) always knew he was funding terror, that any astonishment regarding the sudden appearance of “ISIS,” was feigned?

It was the FSA takfiri who bombed the largest refinery, in Homs, October 2013, prior to the advent of winter.  It was the FSA on a beheading spree, in 2012-2013.  It was the FSA who threatened to slaughter the Alawite population of Homs, in March 2013.

It was the FSA terrorists who bombed much of Central Homs into rubble, in 2011:

central homs

The part of al Zahraa which suffered today’s carnage, is between 4-5km (2.5-3mi) from the Homs new clock, unveiled on 10 May 2015, the day that — at the time — marked the anniversary of restored peace to the neighborhood….

Homs Clock roundabout
SAA soldier with his mother - Homs

Syrian analyst, Afraa Dagher, reports on the atrocity against Homs, and the atrocious meetings by terrorists, in Riyadh and Amman, to “discuss” her country:

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  1. Dan McGraw

    Does Russia not support the government and people of Syria. I thought he was trying to stop ISIS in the region and protect the borders of Syria.

    • Miri Wood

      Syria did invite its ‘ally,’ Russia, to help in ridding the country of the takfiri savages, primarily to afford superior air coverage to the ground troops of the Syrian Arab Army. By all accounts, the RuAF covering the ground troops has resulted in much success. Regarding Saturday’s atrocities against the people of Homs, Russia could have done nothing to prevent the cowards from remotely detonating a vehicle filled with explosives.

      Russia’s recent relationship with enemy Hollande, in Syria, seems to suggest bad repercussions for the SAR:

      This report, published in August, delves into an unpleasant history of friendship, under the section, “Russia’s Three-Plus Years of Picarism Metastasizes into Frontal Assault Against the SAR,” will be further explored, within the context of Russia’s help, in a future analysis:

  2. rogelio

    El terrorista #1 esta en Cuba,el az puesto el mundo como esta,y estedes que lo apoyaron ahora na saven que hacerel unico que lo puede parar es dios.

  3. Lyle Courtsal

    I am so sorry to hear of your losses. People are making blocks of c4 explosives to look like EV car batteries to trick inspectors. Car bombs are popular with the west as people are also learning in ukraine. Dam was bombed with a car bomb. Also many Afghani women have been abused and murdered as well so buddy up with a group of up to 4+ people that you trust and stay in touch with them.,, on gaza, etc.. Theodore Herzl was an originator of the zionist heresy as well. Many jews do not recognize IHRA misdefinition of anti-semitism as legitimate.

  4. Lyle Courtsal

    Car bombing is popular with criminal elements of the west as you probably already know. C4 explosives disguised as EV car batteries to trick inspectors. Dam in ukraine was hit with a carbomb Many women have been abused and murdered in Afganistan as well. Buddy up with up to 4 people+and stay in touch for your safety., you can also publish there.


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