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Obama Regime Al Qaeda Thugs Shell Homs Oil Refinery

Homs oil refinery

Obama Regime’s Wahhabi Sex Cannibal Jihadists aka FSA or Free Syrian Army attack Syria’s largest of two oil refineries at the beginning of the coldest season expected in a century to force suffering on the Syrian people.

In a video clip uploaded and shared on social media by the same terrorists bragging about their ‘achievement’ in ‘democratizing’ the oil refinery NATO-style, plumes of flame and smoke are seen rising from the refinery’s oil tanks and a voice of a terrorist thanking and praising his God for the attack and the direct hit.

The video uploaded by the terrorists after we added English subtitles to it and uploaded again on our channel for the westerns to see where their money is going (Watch on YouTube):

It’s not the first time the terrorists targeted the oil refinery, they did so during the siege of Baba Amro and at that time western politicians and their mouthpieces, the western mainstream media immediately accused the Syrian Arab Army for the shelling that led to wide cuts of electricity power throughout the country and shortages in fuel, petrol and other derivatives, even causing bakeries to stop producing bread.

The 2011 incident of attacking the refinery, a crew from the US based CNN news company were aiding the terrorists in the attack and the explosions. Syrian state TV managed to obtain the transmission feed and shows the real media terrorists from the CNN placing the camera at site and aiming at the refinery 16 hours before the explosion, then moving directly to the site and coming back. Details can be found in the following blog post and the video clip embedded in it, click here.

The Zionist foreign settlements cantons known as Israel in the west targeted the same refinery in the 1973 war, 40 years ago, the terrorists attack it now to commemorate their sponsor’s aggression.

Obama’s regime meanwhile shuts down the US federal government but continues to finance and aid Al Qaeda death squads in Syria and elsewhere worldwide.

Homs oil refinery
Homs oil refinery

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