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Citrus Fruits Production in Syria Increases


More than 50,000 Syrian families depend on farming citrus in the country as an earning source, added to them more hundreds of thousands of helpers, collectors, transporters, marketers and others.

1.135 million tons is the expected produce of citrus in Syria this season with an increase of 130,000 tons than the previous year. Most of Syria’s produce of Citrus is in Latakia 887,000 tons, Tartous 205,000 tons and 12,000 tons in other areas like Homs, Idleb, Hama, Der Ezzor and Damascus.

Citrus trees

Syria has managed to reach its self-efficiency in many fields especially essentials and food just before NATO decided to ‘democratize’ the country using suicide bombers and cannibal anti-Islamic Wahhabi Sex Jihadists.

One of the main targets for NATO-backed terrorists in destroying Syria’s infrastructure was its agriculture sector and food supplies in order to fail the country and make it dependent on GMOs (Genetically modified food) produced by western corporations.

Syria’s parliament issued a law approved and signed by the Syrian president Dr. Bashar Assad last year under the number Law 24/ 2012 which bans the import, produce and distribution of GMOs to ‘preserve the health of human beings, animals, vegetables and the environment.’

Western leaders, especially the US regime head Obama, accuses the Syrian government and the Syrian president of ‘killing own people’ with no proof except video clips on social media produced by their own ‘activists’ who are always present at the time of each massacre to film it, while they themselves kill their own people, literally, in slow motion and by such unhealthy food.

Worth noting that Syria’s government buys all of the produce that farmers are not able to market through local markets and it subsidizes seeds, pesticides, manure fertilizers, transportation of products and fuel to an amount up to 4/5th of prices in neighboring countries, allowing Syrians to live at 1/5th of the cost of living their neighbors live by.

Also worth noting that Iran accepted to exchange Syria’s citrus and cotton produce with wheat after Turkish prime minister Erdogan stole through his organized criminal thugs the wheat silos in Aleppo, Ragga, Der Ezzor and everywhere they managed to reach.

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