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Hama: A Thousand Residents Bitten By Dogs

stray dog

As if terrorists sent by the Obama regime and its regional stooges wrecking havoc in Syria and killing civilians is not enough, even dogs are now biting locals where Hama city and its countryside alone reported 1,090 incidents of dogs biting people since beginning of year till date.

Loose rabid dogs are on the increase becoming envy of the increase of terrorist numbers both after infesting their victims with rabies and Wahhabism, the anti-Islamic doctrine followed by the radical minority of impoverished countries which fell prey to ‘democracy’ NATO-style.

There are 4 centers equipped to treat bitten people in Hama, Salamiyeh, Missyaf and Sqeilbieh’s National Hospitals. Trained specialized doctors and nurses are available 24 hours a day to treat bitten dogs. Hama National Hospital has a special rabies laboratory, one of 3 spread all over Syria, but not working due to lack of analyzing materials.

Head of Chronic Diseases in Hama’s Health Directorate Mr. Tarif Awwad in an interview with Al Watan Daily emphasized the need to increase the number of rabid and stray dogs control units.

2,244 were bitten by stray dogs all over Syria in the first quarter in 2013 and thousands more bitten by the Wahhabi Sex Cannibal Jihadists sponsored by the Obama Regime and stooges. The ‘humanitarian bastards’ continue meanwhile to impose more sanctions against the Syrian government for fighting these rabid mammals.

stray dog
Stray Dog

Syrians are bitten by stray dogs, Wahhabi Cannibal Jihadists, sanctions by Obama & stooges and by betrayal of other humans on the planet.

Saudi Exports
Saudi Exports

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