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Khanaser Liberated

SAA Unit Soldiers

Liberation of Aleppo is taking time, not due to unwillingness, lack of men or munition on the SAA side, but within a tight plan that would cut the routes of supply for the terrorists smuggled into Syria in thousands by NATO et al, and Khanaser is a main stop in cutting the supply routes.

A strategically positioned town south of al-Safeira in Aleppo’s southern countryside, Khanaser was infested by the Wahhabi Sex Cannibal Jihadists sent and protected by the Obama regime to promote ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ in Syria and to protect the Syrian people from their own sons by thousands of these cavemen brought from all sides of the world, the darkest sides.

Khanaser Liberated
Strategic Town of Khanaser Liberated by SAA from Obama’s Regime Thugs

Khanaser is now free again thanks to the brave men of the Syrian Arab Army, and one of the main reinforcement lines for the terrorists coming mainly from Iraq through the Syrian desert. Anti-Islamic radical Islamist Jihadists following the Wahhabi doctrine brought from Saudi, Qatar, the poorer Islamic countries like Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and wherever the CIA liberated and made prosperous, for Satan to enslave the people.

Report from Khanaser by Sama TV, a Syrian based TV channel banned by the ‘humanitarian bastards’ in order to have a monopoly on information coming from Syria in the following video clip (Click here to watch on YouTube):

The cleaning of Aleppo city and its northern countryside is a painful, lengthy and must be done operation. Men of the Syrian Arab Army and other Syrian armed forces are doing a tremendous huge job for humanity and the Syrian people are paying the heftiest tax from their blood and lives to clean the planet from Satan’s slaves, the Obama regime thugs.

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