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Obama Regime Thugs Fire Mortar Shells on Churches in Damascus

Obama Regime"s Generosity

A new group of Obama Regime thugs calling itself ‘Damascene Rightful Sword Battalion’ confessed in a video clip they posted on their sites of firing a series of mortar shells into the Syrian capital Damascus. The mortar cannons are seen in the video, embedded below, and how it’s firing.

The terrorist group on the US regime and stooges payroll claim in their video they were targeting Syrian state security quarters, namely the air-force security branch near Abbasid square in the heart of the Syrian Capital Damascus, while reports coming from the city confirm the killing of at least 7 civilians and tens were injured as the result of these shelling.

On Sundays, Syrian Christians head to churches all over the country for their prayers and masses, and this was an obvious targeting of churches in the Christian dominated quarter of the eastern side of Damascus. The Holy Cross Church, Carlos Church were directly hit by these mortar shells, other rounds fell near the French Hospital and Lord School and other residential buildings in the neighborhood.

Systematic targeting of Christians is a long process followed by NATO to serve creating ethnic-based enclaves in the region to serve as a justification for a ‘pure Jewish state of Israel‘ on land stolen from Palestinians and other Arabs. Such religion based entity cannot survive if surrounded by secular states like Syria and to some extent Lebanon and to much lesser extent Jordan.

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy once responded to the request of a Christian delegation complaining about the targeting of NATO backed terrorists to Christians in Syria after the emptying of Iraq from Christians, he asked the delegation to move the 1.2 million Christians into Europe and leave the land their ancestors lived on and protected since the early days of civilization. Even the blind could see how clear the plot is, but of course the Sheeple in the west cannot.

Financial shutdown in the USA doesn't affect financing terror abroad
Financial shutdown in the USA doesn’t affect financing terror abroad

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