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Abu Anas el-Liby Captured by Obama

FBI Libi

After killing Osama, Obama regime death squads managed to ‘capture’ a leading figure in al-Qaeda, this time not in Tora Bora or in Qandahar, but in the Libyan capital Tripoli.

In a Hollywood style scenario, a death squad from the CIA commandos operating freely in post-NATO invaded Libya ‘ending a 15-year manhunt by seizing him in broad daylight near the Libyan capital’ as The New York Times put it quoting American officials.

The man, Nazih Abd al-Hamid al-Ruqhay with the code name Abu Anas el-Liby (el-Liby means ‘from Libya’), is the suspect believed to be behind the bombing of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. Another US mainstream propaganda outlet, the Huffington Post said quoting the chief spokesman George Little of the US war headquarters aka Pentagon: ‘al-Libi is currently lawfully detained by the U.S. military in a secure location outside of Libya.’!

abu anas al-libi
Screenshot of  website posting the Reward posted by US Regime

The manipulating of words is the best the US propaganda machines can do: sending death squads from the CIA & FBI to arrest a man in another country which was invaded earlier by other death squads led by allies and old colonial powers UK, France and Italy, is ‘lawful’ as long as the target is wanted by the US for whatever reason.

Would such manipulating work if say Iraq after it continues its liberation from the US hegemony would send special forces to arrest George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, both wanted for investigations in war crimes and crimes against humanity en mass, from their houses in the United States?

The suspect kidnapped as reported by the US media is a 49 years old, studied electronic and nuclear engineering, and a graduate from Tripoli University. He returned to Libya during the NATO led invasion and was an anti-Gaddafi figure.

What US propaganda doesn’t tell is the man was an enemy of US enemies; the invasion of Libya allowed his come back to the massive desert huge country; was living a comfortable life with his wife and family members in the Libyan capital when the US anti-Islamic Islamist buddies were installed in power; and of course doesn’t tell the significance of the timing of abducting him?!

What was the role of al-Liby in recruiting Jihadists and sending them to Syria? Did he have any role in the Benghazi attack that killed the US ambassador Stevens who was also recruiting Jihadists and sending them to Syria? Who would explain the state the post-invaded Libya is in now, which is far worse than imaginable before the alleged ‘Gaddafi wanting to kill his people’? Who would be held responsible for failing that once secure country and the Jewel of Africa? How terrorists move freely in countries with US troops or intelligence presence? And would the chief of the Pentagon explain what is lawful in this entire operation and produce legal documents that allowed foreign operatives to work in a supposed to be sovereign country they helped ‘liberate’?

Worth noting that the CNN, another US propaganda outlet and main contributor hand-in-hand with the US different killing agencies worldwide, had reported over a year ago that the suspect al-Libi was alive and living well in Tripoli..! So did his role end now or he’s wanted for operations in another place due to his expertise in blowing up embassies, the perfect pretext for false-flag operations by NATO? We’ll wait and see.

One of the most wanted Al-Qaeda suspects living well in Tripoli, Libya
One of the most wanted Al-Qaeda suspects living well in Tripoli, Libya – note how they lowered the tone of his importance due to special situation in the post-invaded Libya (Source)

While al-Libi is under custody, so many other top and ‘bottom’ al-Qaeda members are running loose recruiting others from all over the planet, traveling freely on the account of NATO, and even volunteering in aid flotillas like the case of Mahdi Harati, another Libyan who was on the Mavi Marmara that witnessed the killing of nine of Turkish activists by an ‘Israeli’ commandos while Mr. Harati with other former US Marines turned ‘activists’ were aside watching..

On a side note: obviously The Pentagon’s core activities weren’t affected by the ‘shutdown’ and the $5 million bounty on al-Liby’s head would be paid, because the ‘war on terror’ must continue just like the continuing of financing the ‘good’ al-Qaeda ‘rebels’ in Syria and financing the ‘Jewish state of Israel’ with over $8.2 million each single day in cash from US hard earned taxpayers’ money.

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