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2000 lashes 10 years prison dancing naked saudi arabia


A Qasseem court, one of the most conservative provinces in Saudi Arabia, have sentenced four young men with the total of 23 years in prison, 4200 lashes and a fine. The case is known as “Dancing Naked”. Footage have spread on social media showing young men dancing, one of them in the nude in front of others.

Saudi newspapers have confirmed on Thursday that the first suspect was sentenced to 10 years and 2000 lashes that he’s to receive publicly. He’s also to pay the equivalent of $13,500. The second suspect was sentenced to seven years and 1200 lashes, and his car, the one they danced on is to be confiscated.

The other two suspects were each sentenced to 500 lashes & three years in prison.

The sentence was for “Dancing in public over cars and sharing the footage on social media, which spread across the Islamic world. Engaging in & encouraging obscene behavior (homosexuality). Defying the traditions & standards of the society.”

Two of the convicted are of the Saudi Security Forces.

Scenes of public lashing or even beheading are approved, even advised in Saudi Arabia while dancing is to be punished brutally.

This is the Sharia of those calling for “freedom” in Syria. Jihadists brainwashed by Saudi Sheikhs are implementing their outdated Wahhabi practices on Syrians, to the extent that recently a Syrian Christian was lashed into converting to Islam in Raqqa. Beheading, previously unheard of in Syria had become a common punishment by the “rebels” as well.

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