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SAA Operations for Friday October 4th

SAA Soldier

We try to gather for you the main and credible news about the Syrian Arab Army operations all over the country, the lack of official information about SAA operations is due to the silent mode the Syrian Armed forces operate with, making work for us more difficult in gathering news and cross checking it before sharing it.

SAA Soldiers
SAA Soldiers

Damascus Countryside: An SAA unit addressed a terrorist group in Zabadani valley, norht west of the capital, and killed one of its members called Ayham Nasser Aldin, others dumped their buddy and fled the site with 2 injured.

A unit from borders troops traced a terrorist group from Obama Regime’s Nusra Front in Rima Orchids in Yabroud area, killed the members and only one was identified as Muhammad Kreiker.

SAA units carried out a series of surprise and accuarte operations killing and injuring scores of terrorists in Arbin, Der Salman, Qassimiyeh orchids and in Mleha.

Aleppo: Contrary to the news that the city is under the control of terrorist groups, some quarters of the city are while most of the city is clean. The suffering Aleppan face is due to terrorists attacking main roads in the countryside, mainly in the northern one. SAA retrieving Khanaser opened a main passage in the blockade.

Our sources predict the northern countryside will witness breakthroughs on a number of fronts and news will come through within this coming week.

Meanwhile, a terrorist group tried to sneak into two clean areas of the city and were repelled by the armed forces there. The armed forces contain SAA, NDF, Baath Brigades and some other local militia forces of citizens volunteering to defend their families from Obama regime backed thugs.

Terrorists tried to sneak into Saladdin neighborhood from the side of Khodr street, 7 terrorists were eliminated, others injured and managed to flee the scene.

The other area where terrorists tried to sneak into was the vegetable market in Ashrafieh neighborhood and the entire sneaking group was terminated by an SAA unit.

In a separate incident, an SAA unit spotted a number of vehicles used by terrorists near the old Transportation Department and destroyed those vehicles. Search is still on for the terrorists who parked the vehicles there.

An SAA special forces unit targeted a warehouse used by Obama regime thugs to store stolen fuel and munition in Bani Zaid neighborhood. All terrorists inside were barbequed.

Idleb: The city is under the state control, parts of the countryside are still highly infested with terrorists smuggled by the Turkish fanatic Muslim Brotherhood government of embattled prime Turkish prime minister Erdogan.

An SAA unit carried out a qualitative operation in the outskirts of the city of Saraqeb resulted in destroying large caches of weapons and munition loaded on 4×4 cars. Number of killed terrorists in those cars is unknown.

Also on the road from Saraqeb towards Maratmasrin, a convoy of vehicles used by terrorists were destroyed by a special SAA unit, terrorists using them were rendered useless.

Daraa: In Daraa Balad a unit from the Syrian Armed Forces chased groups of terrorists in Tafas and Teira and eliminated them. The killed terrorists were mostly non-Syrian.

Latakia countryside: Where most of the strategic and game changing clashes occur each hour, SAA units are engaging with terrorist in the northern countryside near the posts of Erdogan forces. Salma and other smaller villages are the scenes of battles between the members of the Popular Resistance in the area supported with heavy fire by the SAA and the terrorist groups.

Exclusive and Top Secret Leaked: An operation was carried out by the Syrian Navy special forces against an enemy target in the Syrian territorial waters north of Latakia. The target, a boat loaded with highly trained terrorists ‘commandos’ from different nationalities. The fate of the terrorists is yet to be known. Our sources confirm that the early dawn operation was swift, precise and was of utmost strategic importance. We’re pressuring for additional information, however, we do understand that less information especially in the regards of the casualties among the invaders is of higher importance, but we’ll continue pressuring for further information any way. We want to share our joy and pride of the Syrian Armed Forces with the remaining humane humans on the planet.

Please note that all the above information are scrutinized and we are responsible for each part of it.



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