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2 Young Saudi Brothers Die Fleeing Wahhabi Sharia

Picture released of Saud Quos, the victim of the Mutaween chase in Riyadh

Reports coming from the Saudi capital Riyadh confirm that Mr. Saud Ghazai Al-Quos was pronounced dead having succumbed to head wounds he sustained after his car fell off a bridge in Riyadh while fleeing the Saudi King’s religious thugs known as ‘Mutaween’.

Mr. Saud died one day after his brother Nasser Al-Quos was buried. Both brothers were in the car during the chase.

The ‘Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice’ aka the ‘Mutaween’ in the Wahhabi ruled country of Saudi Arabia are groups composed mostly of ex-cons and unemployed men who undergo a series of training courses to turn them into protectors of the extremist anti-Islamic Wahhabi ideology. Ironically, they are brainwashed to believe they’re protecting Islam..!

Picture released by activists of Saud Quos, the victim of the Mutaween chase in Riyadh

The committee chases people for their appearance, including dress and hair style, forcing them into prayer rooms while they continue crawling the empty streets of the Saudi Fiefdom or Kingdom like so many roaches. The committee is also responsible for preventing the consumption of alcohol and non-Islamic prayer or worship of all kinds. Crackdowns on churches are known to be one of their main fields of interest.

The family of the two victims insist on getting revenge with the chasers, while the very reason for the chase itself remains unknown. It could be the young men simply looked handsome, enough reason to entice the ex-cons. No clue yet, we’re only speculating. In the case a judge rules with the victims’ family’s penalty request, the culprits would be put in a car and driven off the same bridge the victims’ car fell from until they die: a strict application of the ‘eye for eye and tooth for tooth’ law.

Adult males seen outside of prayer houses during the prayer times in the Saudi Fiefdom are sentenced to a number of lashes and all-night prayer lessons and practices, even if those adult males are non-Muslim. An undertaking will be also obtained from those not praying. Women with no head scarves spotted in malls usually get a stick in their butts by a member of the ‘Mutaween’ group. Such stories are infamous in Saudi Arabia.

Young Saudis from the middle and lower classes, the majority of Saudis, who are capable of fleeing and in need of socializing, usually cross the King Fahd bridge into neighboring Bahrain or join Jihadists in countries targeted by the US regime’s imperialistic desires for ‘democratization’.

In case you missed it, it is worth noting that one of the victims reported above, Saud Quos, was a member of the Saudi police patrol force, responsible for securing the streets of the Saudi capital..!

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